Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 12

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter Twelve

Sam was sleeping soundly when Dean got back to the motel. Dean was sorely tempted to wake him just to pick on him. But even in his inebriated state he knew that Sam needed the sleep.

He got undressed as quietly as possible, put his knife in its customary place under his pillow, and sank gratefully down onto the bed for a few hours of much needed sleep. He just didn't understand how Sam was able to function with as little sleep as he got. Sometimes he envied his kid brother for that.

The next morning found the brothers cruising the streets of the small town a picture of Duncan taped to the dashboard. They were hoping to find him before the demon took its final revenge.

"How sure are you that this exorcism is going to work?" asked Sam. He'd been memorizing the ritual so that when the time came he would encounter as few problems as possible.

"I'm positive. It'll work," his brother replied.

"But how do you know?" Sam persisted.

"I just do."

"Come on Dean, you're going to have to give me a little more than that."

"What?" his brother asked a look of complete innocence on his face. "You don't trust me?"

"I trust you, but how do you know?" Sam knew that look. Dean was hiding something.

Dean knew that he'd been busted, so meekly he admitted it. "Because Bobby said it would."

Sam burst out laughing. "I though you said you didn't call him?" he asked.

"I didn't. I e-mailed him."

"Did the e-mail also happen to say how we are supposed to keep the demon from going nova on us before we can exorcise it?"

Dean grinned and pulled a roll of duct tape from his jacket pocket. "Yeah, he said it has to perform a ritual chant before it can burn its victim and free itself."

"Free it's self?" Sam asked. You mean it's trapped in the body until it combusts?"

"Yep, the combustion releases it to enter its next victim who remains unwary because the demon mixes with the smoke its first victim."

"Damn Bobby is good." Sam said.

"I know, but I did have it narrowed down to four options before I e-mailed him. I just didn't want to take the chance of using the wrong ritual."

Dean's phone rang ending further conversation on the matter.

"Hello," he answered it, listened to the reply and said, "Where?"

Dean turned the car around and headed for the exit as his flipped the phone closed.

"Deveraux," Sam asked.

"Yeah, Duncan's been spotted near the theater."

"Great, how much you want to bet a show will be letting out soon."

Dean pushed the gas pedal down, the impala practically jumped with the action.

The movie was already letting out when the brothers pulled up. "Shit." Dean said jumping out of the car. "This is going to be fun."

They walked into the small crowd exiting the theater looking for Duncan. Sam spotted him first. "Dean!" he called going after the possessed man.

Dean heard his brother looked in the direction he was headed and spotted Duncan. He rushed to catch up to his brother. This was going to be very messy. There were too many people around. They were going to have to take him down gag him, and get him out of the area as fast as possible. He wasn't looking forward to performing an exorcism with so many witnesses.

Sam reached Duncan first he to distract him until Dean could catch up. He called to the man, "Hey, Duncan. How are you doing? It's been a long time."

Duncan/demon looked at Sam, puzzlement plain on his face. "Hello," it said.

Sam reached out his hand offering to shake but when the demon took his hand he tugged catching it by surprise. He stepped to the side pulling the demons arm and twisting it up into an arm bar behind its back. Using his other hand he reached around and covered its mouth.

Dean saw his brother move. He watched as Sam got the demon into an arm lock holding it from behind. He also saw when the demons eyes went solid black and it head butted Sam hitting him in the face. Sam went flying into the wall of the theater as the crowd backed away.

Dean caught up to the demon. Without preamble he punched it with all the power of his upper body. It barely fazed the creature. He was set to strike again when the creature started to scream and turned to face his brother who was spraying it with holy water.

Dean tried again to put the creature down, this time by kicking its legs out from under it. He succeeded and pulled the duct tape out his jacket pocket sat on the demon and was about to tape the creature's mouth when he found himself flying through the air to slam hard into the wall of the theater the breath knocked out of him. The tape went flying away from him towards the crowd of people who stood watching.

Seeing no choice Sam was about to begin the exorcism ritual when he heard it begin to speak. Not understanding the words of the demon he knew it must have begun the chant to free it from its victim. Sam looked for the tape and, not seeing it tried coving the demons mouth with his hands again in hope of stopping it from completing the chant. It didn't work Sam was looking in the demons eyes when they turned from solid black to solid red. He felt the heat gathering in the stomach and chest of the creature.

Suddenly something struck him from the side sending him shooting off the man just as he burst into flames. He rolled away his momentum taking him almost to the feet of the people in the small crowd closest to the action. He knelt looking around. Where the man had fallen there was only a pile of ashes. Dean was getting to his feet a few feet away and Sam did likewise.

"Where did it go Dean?" he asked his brother.

Dean turned to Sam a look of confusion and sadness passed fleetingly across his face, "Sam," he said quietly just before his eyes turned solid black and Sam was sent sailing through the crowd.

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