Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 13

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter Thirteen

Having knocked his brother from the dying man Dean got to his feet. Pain assaulted his mind a flash of darkness blinding him, consuming him. He turned to warn his brother when a burning pain filled his entire being. He felt himself being pushed away. He tried to fight the thing that consumed him, but he didn't know how. It locked him in. A voice suddenly reverberated loudly within his mind. "You are mine now."

"Oh shit." He thought. Dark laughter followed his unspoken comment.

He was running, he could feel himself running. He tried to stop, but couldn't. He was able to see, feel, and hear, but he had no control over any of it. It was… weird.

He/it stopped in front of his car. "No he told it, not my car! You can't do that. You're like, ancient, they didn't eve have cars back then! You probably can't even drive!"

Laughter filled his mind followed by burning fingers and he felt something ripped from his mind.

"Mortal you have no idea what I can do. But you will learn and I will enjoy teaching you."

The pain subsided and Dean was able to think again. They were driving. Somehow the demon had taken the information from his mind. How the hell was he going to stop it?

"You can not stop me."

"You can hear my thoughts?"

"Of course I can, I am in your mind.

"Well get the hell out! No one invited you, and there's only room for one in here!"

The dark laughter filled his mind again.

"That's it. I've really got to find a way to get your sorry ass out of here. I am not going to keep listening to that laugh it's annoying."

Dean had no idea where they were going, but wherever it was it couldn't be good. He had to figure out a way to regain control.

"You can try, but you will not succeed."

"Watch me."

"Ah, you are a true warrior. I am going to enjoy our coming battles."

"Not nearly as much as I am asshole."

"Your torment will fill me like none other. Perhaps I will be able to sustain your body longer then the others. It would give me great pleasure."

"It would give me great pleasure to send you back to hell where you belong."

The only reply was laughter.

"Jeez." Dean though. He had to figure out a way to keep this thing from his thoughts and how to block out that insane laugh. The laugh alone was going to make him crazy.

"Where are we going?" Dean asked.

"To find someone to heighten you torment."

"I don't have a woman in this town."

"I know, but don't worry. I have chosen one who will still cause you great torment. Perhaps I will even use her in the way of humans. Yes, that would increase your pain. "

"You are one sick bastard you know that."

Oakridge is a small town and Dean soon realized where they were heading. "Oh God, no, please don't do this." he begged "Sammy…"

The demon released a great sigh of pleasure as Dean's mental torment filled him. "It begins already. You will be one like I have never had before."

The demon got out of the car and walked into the diner. It was quiet at the diner. Only a few tables had any customers. Jennifer was sitting at a corner table rolling silverware into napkins. She looked up as Dean approached her.

"Dean," Jennifer asked. "Where's Sam?"

"He's hurt, he needs you. Will you come?"

"What happened?" She asked getting her purse and motioning to the woman behind the counter that she was leaving.

"We were chasing the killer. He hurt Sam. Come on, we need to hurry."

As Jennifer walked up to the passenger side door the demon came up behind her. It opened the door to allow her entrance. When she tried to move past him into the car he placed his hand on the back of her neck. Dean felt the power flow from his hand and he felt Jennifer sag into unconsciousness.

"You son of bitch. I'm going to destroy you."

The laugh came again. He wished he could turn on the radio and drown out the sound with a bit of music. Mentally he reached for a little AC/DC. Highway to Hell seemed like the right thing for the moment.

"What is that noise?" the demon asked

"A little piece of Heaven." Dean replied and turned up the music in his mind to block out any further comment from the demon. He needed to think without the intrusion of the demon.

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