Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 15

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter fifteen

Dean was astonished when he realized that the music he had playing in his head was actually working to keep the Demon from his thoughts. In fact he was trying hard not to think about it too much because he suspected it would give him a headache if he were to try and figure out exactly how he had accomplished the small victory.

He needed to try and find out what he was capable of doing that might slow the damn demon down long enough for Sam to find him and exorcise it's ass right back to hell. He also needed to be sure the demon had no chance to cause him any more torment. It seemed to grow stronger when Dean had allowed it to distress him earlier. That meant he needed to get Jennifer away from him as fast as possible.

The Demon stopped the Impala at what appeared to be an abandoned mill just outside of town. It got out of the car, opened the trunk and the hidden weapons compartment. After a few minutes it of searching it pulled out a rope, a gun, and one of Dean's favorite knives.

As the Demon was searching an idea popped into Dean's head and he decided to give it a try. Lowering the volume of the musical shield he had created he allowed a thought to escape. "Stupid demon doesn't even know duct tape is better than rope!" he thought while picturing the tape in his mind.

The demon, hearing what he said, lifted the tape and asked "Why?"

As soon as the demon had the tape Dean slammed the volume of the music back up and mentally backed away from the demons presence.

The demon shrugged as Dean hid his presence behind the shield he had built. It pocketed the tape unsure what it was to be used for, but determined to find out once it broke through the mortal's very annoying and loud shield. This human was certainly different from most of the others he had taken. It was going to have fun destroying him.

"Okay, Dean," he said to himself, "So you were able to fool it into picking up some tape. Too bad you can't trick it into taping its mouth and tying itself up!"

Dean watched through his own eyes as it lifted Jennifer easily from the car and entered the mill. He needed to find a way to wake her before the demon tied her up. That meant he had to find a way to take back control of his own body.

Dean had an idea. Experimentally he turned off the music.

"So you have decided to come out of your hiding place." The demon said to him.

"Not exactly," he told it. Then as quickly and as loudly as he could he wrapped the music around the demon as though it was surrounded with speakers. He wasn't sure how he did it, but it worked. He suddenly had control back. He stopped, set Jennifer down and tried to wake her.

"Jennifer," he said patting her face. "Wake up honey. I'm not sure how long I can hold it." When that didn't work Dean slapped her face, not too hard, but hard enough to leave a red mark. "WAKE UP!" he shouted at her.

The demon was struggling to regain control. Dean could feel its raw power as it pushed against his musical barrier. He struck Jennifer again. This time he was rewarded with a slight groan as she shook her head to clear it.

"Jennifer, listen to me. You have to get out of here as quickly as you can."

Jennifer sat up suddenly, "Dean what's going on?"

"I can't explain, just leave now! No matter what I tell you don't come back. Find Sam, tell him what happened. Only he can fix this." He was starting to sweat from the mental exertion of keeping the barrier up around the demon.

"But you said he was hurt? What the hell is going on Dean?" She asked standing up.

"Sweetheart I don't have time for twenty questions, just trust me on this. You do not want to be here if I loose control. In fact it might be best if you were to tie me up now so you can go get Sam." Dean was getting worried. He could feel cracks, like blank spots in the musical barrier he had erected around the demon. It was beginning to break free.

"What are you talking about?" She asked backing away from him.

He was running out of time. "Jennifer, I know this is confusing. But try and stay with me here. TIE ME UP NOW!" he shouted at her throwing the rope at her.

A sudden excruciating pain burned into his mind and the demon wrestled control back from him. It pushed him back away from it shoving with a massive amount of power, holding him with its burning touch, torturing his mind with pain.

Jennifer had stepped back away from Dean, but for a second he looked as though he was in such terrible pain. She dropped the rope he had thrown at her and stepped closer, intending to help him. She had no idea what was going on, but she knew he needed help.

"Dean, what's wrong?" she asked looking in his eyes. What she saw scared her more than anything had ever done before. With a look of pure pain, Dean's eyes when from the beautiful hazel green to solid black, including the white parts.

She tried to take a step back, but before she could he reached out and grabbed her left wrist. "No. You will not get away so easily," said Dean. But it wasn't really Dean anymore, she wasn't sure how, but it wasn't him.

Dean slammed his musical barrier up around him as quickly as he could cutting off further attempts by the demon to hurt him. He screamed at Jennifer to run, leave, get the hell out there, but it was useless the demon was back in control. Exhausted, all he could do for the moment was watch.

Jennifer decided she should have listened to him earlier when he told her to leave. Now it was going to be a bit more difficult to get away. She knew what was going to happen next… and she was totally prepared for it.

When he began to pull her closer she used the momentum from the pull to add speed and power to her attack. Using a palm heel strike she smashed him in the nose as hard as she could. She felt the cartilage break under the impact and felt blood splatter onto her face, but didn't stop there. Twisting her left hand slightly within his grasp she grabbed his wrist so he couldn't back away, then she followed up her with a knee to the groin and when he bent over in pain she used her elbow to smash the back of his neck as hard as she could.

Shocked, at the realization of what Jennifer was about to do Dean, tired as he was could not just sit back and watch. Instead, he acted. He lowered his barrier and attacked the demon from within.

"CRISTO" he shouted over and over again and as Jennifer began her attack he took a page out of the demons own book and pushed with all his might. He felt every blow that Jennifer struck, but so did the demon and Dean shoved all of his pain and all of his anger at the demon until Jennifer's final blow to the back of his neck sent him reeling into unconsciousness.

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