Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 16

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter Sixteen

Officer Devearux parked the car behind the Impala ensuring it would be unable to leave the mill. "Now what?" he asked Sam.

"We have to find Dean hold him down and gag him so I can perform the exorcism."

"Okay, sounds easy enough." Devearux replied.

"Yeah," Sam sighed, "But somehow it's never that easy."

"Why not?"

"Because demons are notoriously strong and this one has telekinesis abilities."

"So how do we stop it?"

Sam handed the deputy a flask. "We can slow it down with this."

"Uh huh," Devearux said, "What are we going to do offer it a drink?"

"Nope, that's holy water. It burns them and takes away their power, but it's only temporary. It will help us overpower it and gag it though."

"Why gag it? Devearux asked.

"Because the only way for this demon to release itself from its host is to perform a ritual chant. Once it does that its host bursts into flames the demon is free to choose another victim."

"Okay, so we can't let it talk. What else?"

"That's it really, but it would be best if we could tie him up, or cuff him to something strong enough to hold him."

"Sam, you do realize just how crazy this whole thing sounds don't you?"

Sam looked at him and smiled "Welcome to our life," he said.

As they exited the car Sam slung his backpack over his arm. He had everything he could think of that he might need packed in it and ready to go. They made their way to the entrance as quickly and quietly as possible. Once there Sam slowly opened the door and looking left and right he entered, followed swiftly by Jennifer's uncle.

Moving as silently as possible they made their way into the depths of the building. As they neared the center they heard Jennifer talking. "Dean, I'm sorry, I' m doing what you asked."

Sam looked around another corner of the building and was surprised by what he saw.

Dean was lying on his back. Duct tape secured his legs from his ankles all the way up to his knees. He had the same stuff wrapped around his wrists and Jennifer was sitting on his chest putting on the finishing touches as she taped his mouth shut.

Sam stepped around the corner motioning Devearux to do the same. When he saw what Sam was looking at he turned to the young hunter and said, "Well it might be just a tad bit easier then you thought."

Jennifer, hearing her uncles voice turned around saw them standing across the room. "Thank God," she said. "I wasn't sure what I should be doing, but he said he wanted me to tie him up and get you Sam. He was acting very strange, then his eyes went all weird and he attacked me. I had to hurt him. I'm sorry Sam, but I couldn't let him hurt me."

Sam looked at Jennifer, then at Dean who lay unconscious on the ground. Blood soaked the top of his shirt where it had run from his obviously broken nose.

"You did this?" Sam asked her in total disbelief that his brother could be taken down by a girl over a hundred pounds lighter then he was.

"Don't look so shocked Sam," she replied with a grin. "I've had eleven years of martial arts training, plus having this big lunk for an uncle. He made sure I could take care of myself."

"And you did a bang up job of it too honey," Devearux said with pride.

Jennifer laughed, then looked down at Dean, "I don't think he's going to be very happy when he wakes up and finds out I broke his nose," she said seriously.

Sam knelt down next to his brother and felt for a pulse, he found it, strong as ever. Dean was going to be so upset about his nose, but he would be fine once they got rid of the demon. It was then that something Jennifer had said clicked and he asked, "Hey Jen, you said he told you to tie him up?"

"Yeah, he was acting all strange, he wanted me to go find you, but I didn't listen to him. Then he kind of lost it and I didn't have a choice. I had to put him down."

"He was fighting it," Sam said. "He found a way to fight the damn thing from inside."

"What thing?" Jennifer asked confused. "Sam, what is going on here?"

It was Devearux who answered her, "Well, sweet heart, it seems that Dean may have been possessed by a demon."

Jennifer turned and stared at her uncle, disbelief plain on her face. "Excuse me?"

"Yeah," he said with a chuckle, "that was my reaction too the first time I heard it. But I think we are about to find out how true it is."

"How?" Jennifer asked.

"Sam is going to perform an exorcism."

She turned to Sam who was silently removing the things he was going to need from his backpack and setting them next to his brother who was just beginning to regain consciousness.

"An exorcism?" she asked looking from Sam to her uncle, "This just gets better and better. I think I've stepped onto planet weird all of sudden. You actually believe this Uncle Tommy?"

"I don't know ask me again when he's done."

"Okay," Sam said, "Now let's send this demon back to hell where it belongs." Sam reached over and shook his brother. "Dean, wake up. I'm sorry but you are going to have to be awake for this."

Dean's eyes fluttered, but refused to open completely. "Come on Dean a little help here, you gotta wake up." When that didn't work Sam resorted to the flask of holy water. "Dean, I'm sorry," Sam said, "But this is going to hurt like hell." He stood and sprinkled the contents from the flask onto his brothers' chest.

The reaction was immediate and violent. Steam rose from each spot the holy water had touched his chest. Solid black eyes popped open to stare at fiercely at Sam who quickly picked up the journal from beside him and began speaking the Latin ritual that would free his brother.

The flask was knocked from Sam's hand by an unseen force sending it clear across the room. A fierce wind came out of nowhere attempting to push Sam away from his brother. Unfazed by the events, Sam kept reading. Dean's head snapped back and forth, his body arched and began to rise from the ground.

"Hold him down." Sam told Devearux who immediately complied. "Jennifer the flask. Get the flask."

Devearux was trying to hold Dean down, but he was still being lifted into the air. Sam sat on his brothers legs and continued the incantation. Dean's whole body began to shake with the demons effort to stop the procedure.

Jennifer returned with the flask and began to sprinkle it on Dean's chest like Sam had done earlier. Steam rose once again from his burning flesh, the smell of sulfur filled the air. The air was suddenly alive with flying objects as the demon picked up anything it could find and threw it at the three of them.

Sam was knocked from his Dean's legs when a sizable piece of wood slammed with some force into his head. Blood poured freely from where it struck his temple. Sam simply picked up the journal and continued with barely a pause.

Dean's body was lifted a few feet higher into the air taking Sam and Devearux with him.

Jennifer poured the last of the contents of the flask onto Dean's chest, tossed it aside and helped hold him down.

Sam snapped the journal closed tossed it aside and prepared to remove the tape from his brother's mouth to allow the demons release from his body. Looking directly into the deep dark eyes of the demon Sam completed the incantation and pulled off the tape.

The wind stopped suddenly and Dean dropped to the floor. Devearux and Jennifer backed up as his head snapped back and a vile black smoke poured from his mouth, nose, and eyes. It swirled violently above their heads for a few seconds before it was drawn down and sucked into the ground beneath them.

Sam sat next to his brother lifted his head into his own lap, "Dean," he said urgently, "Dean." His brother's eyes fluttered open for a second then they rolled up into his head and closed again. "No, Dean. Come on wake up."

"Sam," his brother replied weakly opening his eyes.

"I'm right here Dean." Sam told him hugging his brother to his chest.



"Can you untie me now?"

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