Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 2

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter Two

"What'd you find?" Dean asked pulling on a t-shirt.

"There's a small town in Oregon where three men have burned to death in the past month."

"So they've had more than their share of fires maybe they have an arsonist loose in the area."

"No there weren't any fires."

"But you just said they all burned to death."

"They did, but they weren't in a fire. They burst into flames and were almost completely incinerated," Sam told him.

"Wait, you're talking about spontaneous combustion. That's a myth. Didn't they prove that was impossible on that show, what was it called… um, QED about five or six years ago?"

Sam looked at his brother, "You watched QED?"

Dean looked slightly abashed, "Shut up!"

Sam shook his head, occasionally his brother surprised him. "Well, this couldn't really be called spontaneous human combustion anyway. In almost all documented cases of spontaneous combustion the victim was a female."

"Why only women?"

"Nobody knows for sure, but some scientists believe it's because of the higher percentage of body fat women carry naturally."

Dean got up and fixed himself a cup of coffee from the pot that Sam had made earlier.

"There's more," Sam told him. "There have been eleven women who died of unknown causes in the same town."

"How are they connected to the guys?" Dean asked sitting in the chair opposite his brother.

Sam turned the laptop so Dean could read the article he'd been scanning. "I'm not sure. I don't even know if they are. The local sheriff doesn't seem to think so. But, I don't know, it just seems likely that if this is our kind of job they're connected."

"Yeah our kind of playmates don't share well. One weird creature in the area is much more likely than two." Dean took a sip of coffee then asked, "So what do you think it is?"

"I don't know. It could be any number of creatures, or a witch, or just someone with pyrokinesis. But, I'd say it's more likely a demon."

Dean's eyes shot up to make contact with Sam's, "Wait, Sam, you don't think it's the Demon, the one that killed mom and Jessica."

Sam sighed, "I'm not sure, but I don't think so. This is different. Mom and… Well, they were killed inside. These guys, all of them died outside in a public area with witnesses. All eyewitness accounts agree there was nothing that could have started the fires. None of them smoked and they weren't around any sources of combustion."

"And these were all men."

"Yeah, and one more thing, they were all between the ages of twenty five and thirty and in good health."

"So something is using spontaneous combustion to kill."

"That about sums it up."

"Okay, sounds like our kind of thing, but Sammy," Dean asked closing the laptop.


"Can we leave in the morning; it's like the middle of the night."

"Dean it's nearly five in the morning already, besides, you've been sleeping for over six hours."

"I wasn't worried about me, you haven't slept yet."

Sam got up and started to pack, "I'll sleep in the car," he told his brother.

"You better or I'm going to knock your ass out just to make sure you do."

Sam grinned at his brother. "Yeah, right," he told him rolling his eyes. He knew Dean was worried about him, but lack of sleep was something he had learned to deal with at Stanford. Occasionally he'd go thee or four days with less than an hours sleep each night, especially during finals.

"Hey Sam," Dean asked as he began packing his things, "What's the name of this town anyway?"

"Oakridge. It's about thirty five miles south east of Eugene."

"You know Sam you could have tried finding us a gig that's a bit closer. This one's nearly two thousand miles away."

"Well, then you'll get around twenty five hours of relaxation before we get there."

Twenty minutes later they were roaring down the road with Led Zeppelin's greatest hits blaring from the speakers. Sam laid his head back on the seat, smiled and closed his eyes. He wasn't sure why, but he'd rather chance sleep in the car then in a bed. Sam knew that was kind of screwed up, but the fact was he had nightmares less often if he was in the car with his brother's insane choice of music screaming from the speakers.

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