Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 3

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter Three

They'd been driving almost non stop for the past twenty seven hours and had just checked in to the Oakridge Motel. For a mom and pop place it was surprisingly nice. It had the normal two queen sized beds, small table and pair of chairs. All of which were in good shape, no rickety chairs or an unbalanced table. However, it also came equipped with a kitchenette, a rocking chair, and a jet tub in the bathroom that Sam knew Dean was going to enjoy. There was even a freshly baked cookie wrapped with a small bow on the pillow of each bed.

The town is located in a valley of the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains and has some of the best hunting and fishing in the area. It's also supposed to be one of the best places for mountain biking in the North West. Sam suspected in the winter this would be an awesome place for skiing.

"Dean, I'm starving what say we go check out that diner the lady at the front desk was telling us about and get some breakfast?"

"Okay, maybe we can talk to some of the locals and see what they can tell us about what's been going on around here."

The diner was busy. The brothers took a seat at a table in the middle of the room so they could catch as much of the conversation in the room as possible. The waitress walked up with a smile and two cups of steaming hot coffee. "I know you fellow's haven't ordered yet, but how about starting with out famous coffee and we'll go from there."

Sam looked up to thank her, but nothing came out. She was beautiful, she looked so much like Jessica he was shocked. "I… um…" He couldn't even remember what he had been about to say to her.

Dean saw the problem immediately and answered the waitress himself. "That sounds great, thank you," he told her. "Can you give us a few minutes though before we order?"

The waitress, Jennifer, according to her name tag, replied, "Sure sweetie, I'll be back in a few minutes."

Dean looked at Sam. He was pale and breathing heavily. "Sam you okay?"

Sam didn't say anything he just looked at his brother, eyes wide.

Dean reached across the table and put a hand on his brothers' shoulder and gave a little shake. "Sam, come on little brother it wasn't her, you know it wasn't her."

Sam took a deep breath closed his eyes for a second then replied, "Yeah, I know, but she…"

"I know she could have been Jessica's twin. Hey, we can go somewhere else if you want."

"No." Sam practically snapped, "It's… I'll be okay. It was just kind of a shock."

Dean shook his head. Sam had a way with understatements sometimes. He considered it kind of a shock to look up and see your dead girlfriend speaking to you. Then again, this was Sammy they were talking about. There's no telling what he sees sometimes.

Jennifer came back to the table, "Are you fellow's ready now?"

Before Dean could answer her,Sam did. Glancing at her nametag said, "Hey, Jennifer, can we have just a few more minutes please."

"You sure can honey," she said then paused, "Are you okay, darling, you look a little pale."

Sam gave her one of his famous lopsided grins, "Yeah, I'll be okay. Thank you for asking."

Jennifer topped off their coffee cups, then left to give them a few minutes to look at the menus.

They looked over their menu's and were ready the next time Jennifer came back to get their orders. As she was writing down the orders Sam once again surprised Dean by asking, "Have you lived here long Jennifer?"

"Since I was two, my parents moved here in 86. They were looking for a quieter life."

"Where'd they move from?"

"Some place in California, I'm not sure really. I love it here it's so quiet and peaceful. Well, it was until about a month ago."

"What happened to change things?" Dean asked. He knew where Sam was going with his line of questioning and he did not want to go there just yet.

Jennifer looked around then lowered her voice before she replied. "Well, several people have died, and no one seems to be able to figure out why. Heck they can't even figure out how."

"Really, it seems like such a nice little town," he said.

"It is, well, it was until those girls started dying. Nobody knows why they died either. They said there wasn't anything wrong with them. The sheriff told my uncle Tommy, he's a deputy, that if it weren't for the mark all of them had on the back of their necks he would have thought they all died from natural causes."

"Really," Sam said, "What does the mark look like?"

"No one knows the sheriff is keeping that secret."

"Didn't I read in the paper about a guy burning to death here too?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, that was really weird. He was standingon the sidewalk near the courthouse and he just burst into flames. They only thing left was a pile of ashes and scorch mark on the ground. He wasn't the only one either two other guys died the same way. Ya know people are getting really scared."

"I would think so." Dean said.

Jennifer noticed another customer waving her to his table and said, "I'll be back with your order in just a bit"

"We need to find out what that mark is." Sam told Dean.

"Yeah, when we leave here I'll go poke around the sheriff's office," Dean said. He paused a second before asking, "Sam, you know that's not Jessica right."

A quizzical look passed over Sam's face before he replied. "Um, yeah, Dean, I know."

"Just make sure you remember." Dean told him. Dean was a worried, this was either going to be a good thing for Sam or it was going to blow up in his face and make things a whole lot worse for his little brother.

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