Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 4

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter Four

Dean was grinning at his brother as they got into the car. Dean had gone to take a leak and when he came back Sam was stuffing something in his pocket. It wasn't until they been walking out and Jennifer came up to Sam and reminded him to call her that Dean figured out it was her phone number he'd been hiding.

"Sammy, you got that girls phone number. You hound dog you!"

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother. Sometimes his big brother could be a real pain in the ass. "Don't start Dean, not this time."

Dean put his hands up smirked and replied, "Okay, Okay. I won't push it, but if you need any advice, suggestions or maybe a few condoms, you just let me know."


"What? I'm just offering a bit of help. I know it's been a while for you and I figured you may need some ideas."

"Drive the car Dean!" Sam yelled irritated at his brother's childish behavior.

Laughing at his brother Dean pulled away from the restaurant and headed for the local library. Sam was going to do some digging while he went to the sheriff's office to find out what he could from them. He briefly wondered if they had any good looking lady cops in this town.

"So what did you find out from the sheriff's office?" Sam asked as he got in the car later that evening.

"I got this." Dean said giving Sam a picture.

The picture was labeled "Evidence". The picture showed a woman lying face down on a steel table. It was a close up of the back of her neck. Burned into the skin was a very intricate design.

"What is it?"

"I don't know yet, but I think you're right about this being a demon. I went down to the court house where Jennifer said the last guy scorched the sidewalk. The EMF was reading off the charts and I scraped some of the residue from the ground. Guess what I got?"



"That's going to narrow it down. We need to see if we can find out anything from the sigil in the picture. If we can find out which demon it is we can send it back to hell."

Nodding Dean asked Sam, "So, what'd you find out?"

"Plenty," he replied. "I checked out all the victims and the timeline. I can see a pattern, but something is off."

"Well, tell me what you've got so far."

"The first person to die was Marissa Robinson. She was just a tourist who came here with her boyfriend. Then two women, Janet Peters and Audry Hughs died both locals. These there women have nothing in common. I couldn't find anything to connect them to each other. The first was a tourist, the second a waitress from an uptown restaurant and the third worked for a resort out of town. None of them lived anywhere near each other."

"Okay, so where's the pattern?"

"Well, this is where it gets interesting. The day after Audry died Steve Burrows is killed. He was the boyfriend of Marissa Robinson the first victim. He was standing in the parking lot of a restaurant when he suddenly burst into a ball of flame and was incinerated almost to ashes in front of almost a dozen witnesses."

"The next morning, Theresa Reeves is killed. Sherry Hill and Annette Anderson die over the next few days. Then the following day William Reeves, Theresa's husband, burns to death at a local ball park."

"Then the pattern starts again. Margaret Henderson dies the following morning. Then Peggy Brown and Lacy Newman are killed. Paul Henderson goes up in smoke next and the pattern started again the following day with the death of Lane Duncan and the last person to die was Suzy Mayfield."

"We need to find the connection between the girls so we can stop the next one from getting killed." Sam told Dean.

"No we don't Sammy."

"Dean," Sam said, "If this pattern holds true the next girl is going to die tomorrow. We need to find a way to stop it."

"Yeah, but we don't need to find the connection. We already have it."

"What are you talking about?" Sam was getting frustrated.

Dean laughed and said, "And you're supposed to be the smart one?"

"Spit it out Dean. What am I missing that you are being so smug about."

"The connection isLane Duncan's husband or boyfriend. We need to find him. If what you're saying is true then he's the one possessed by the demon. We need to find him and perform an exorcism."

"First you need to find out more about the demon. Things could get ugly if we used the wrong ritual."

"Me?" Dean asked, "That's your job Sammy."

"Not this time. This time it's all you Dean. I'm picking up Jennifer in about an hour."

Dean smiled and was about to say something when Sam spoke up, "If you so much as utter one word about my plans for tonight I am going to smack you."

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