Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 8

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter eight

Sam and Dean were each sitting on their beds, Jennifer's uncle had pulled up one of the chairs from the table. Sam pulled out all the notes he had made at the library hiding the picture Dean had some how gotten his hands on. Sam gave Dean a questioning. Dean nodded letting Sam tell it.

"How much did Jennifer tell you about our theory?" Sam asked.

"She said that you found a pattern when you connected the deaths of the men with the deaths of the ladies."

"We did."

"I'm sure you are aware that the first woman and the first woman to die were in a relationship."

"Yes, they were engaged to be married. They came for a weekend trip to do some spelunking in the caves not far from here. In fact they'd done only one day of exploring before she died."

"They were exploring a cave system?" Dean asked.

"Yes it was discovered a few months ago after an earthquake caused a landslide on the cliffs."

"Can you show us where that cave is?"

"Maybe, but first tell me what else you have."

"Well, if what you say is true, the cave is the most likely starting point." Sam shuffles through the newspaper articles that have been cut out and are now laid out on the bed. He picks up the first one hand it to Deveraux and continues. "Okay, your first victim isn't Marissa Robinson it's her fiancé Steve Burrows. When they were down in the cave system Burrows must have become pos…" Sam caught himself before saying possessed. "Ill," he said instead. "This illness caused him to kill his fiancé the following day."

"Wait, your saying this is an illness?"

"Um, yeah, sort of." Sam replied and before Deveraux could say anything else Sam continued. "This illness caused him to kill Janet Peters and Audry Hughs before it literally consumed him." He handed the officer the news clippings for those two girls.

"Then we have William Reeves who became ill when he witnessed the death of Steve Burrows."

"Wait, Reeves was a witness to Burrows death? How do you know that?"

"Jennifer told me she said he was a regular at the diner."

"Okay I'll talk to her later, go on."

"Reeves kills his wife, Sherry Hill, and Annette Anderson."

"Then he burns up in the park and we already know Henderson was a witness. We have his statement."

"Yeah, the next day he kills his wife, and then before he dies on the sidewalk outside the courthouse he kills Peggy Brown and Lacy Newman."

"So following your pattern then Henry Duncan killed his wife Lacy, then Suzy Mayfield." Deveraux said.

"And he is going to kill another woman sometime tomorrow then the day after he is going to get extra crispy. Unless we can find a way to stop him," Dean concluded for him.

"And you think all this is caused by some strange illness Burrows picked up in the cave?"

Deveraux finished his beer and Dean reached over and got him another from the fridge. Dean had been watching and listening to the deputy as Sam explained their theory to him. The man spoke with the barest of accents. An accent that Dean happened to recognized, "Officer Deveraux," he asked, "You're not from around here are you?"

"Not originally, though I've been here for about a year now. Why?"

"You're from Louisiana, maybe New Orleans."

"Yes, seven years as a police officer for the city. I left after Katrina pretty much wiped out the city. I moved up here to be close to my brother and his family."

"Seven years." Dean shook his head, "I bet in those seven years in New Orleans you saw some very strange things."

Sam was wondering where Dean was going with this line of questioning.

"What's your point?" asked Deveraux apparently wondering the same thing.

"My point is this not really an illness. It's a possession. These men are being possessed and used to kill the women."

Sam's eyes about popped out of his head when he heard what Dean had just told Officer Deveraux. But the officer's reply started Sam even more.

"Possessed by what?" he asked very quietly.

"We're not sure, but we think it's a demon."

"A what?" Disbelief was plain on the officer's face.

"Oh come on, some of the things they do with that Voodoo Crap in New Orleans can't be much worse." Dean said. He smiled and continued, "There is one way to find out. You need to check the bodies of the women. If it's a demon he will leave a mark on them somewhere. Like a tattoo or a brand, its way of claiming the soul of the person."

"You really expect me to believe there is a demon possessing and killing people?"

Dean laughed, "Not really, but hey that's your problem not ours. We told you we think. Now you get to decide what to do about it."

"But don't take to long to decide." Sam said, "We want to send this demon back to hell before it kills again."

"How; how do you kill a demon?" Deveraux asked.

"You don't," Dean told him. "You send it's sorry ass straight back to hell."

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