Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 9

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter Nine

They were having breakfast at the diner. Sam was watching Jennifer as she took the order for the couple seated a few tables away. He didn't even realize he was smiling.

Dean was watching his brother the kid had not been paying any attention to anything he had said in the past ten minutes. He was getting very worried about his little brothers obsession with this Jessica look alike. They needed to finish this job and leave or someone was going to get hurt.

"Hey Sammy?" Dean asked his brother. "Am I boring you with this hunting evil stuff?"

"Huh, What?" Sam asked swinging his gaze to his brother.

Dean rolled his eyes and said, "Are just being stupid, or are you possessed by a retarded person?"

"What?" Sam asked confused. "What are you talking about?

"You can not let this thing you have with this girl go any further. You know that don't you?"

"What thing? We went to dinner last night Dean, that doesn't classify as a thing."

"Sam," his brother said. "It's not her. This girl is not Jessica. Jessica is gone."

Sam sighed, "I know Dean and I get that you're concerned, but you don't need to worry."

"Yeah," he replied, "This time, I think I do."

Sam looked at his brother. He could tell Dean was really worried about this, but Sam didn't have any answers to give him. He was treading murky water on this and didn't want to discussit with Dean until he figured it out himself. He smiled, knowing just how to avoid it. He raised his hand to stop any further conversation and said, "No chick flick moments!"

Dean raised his eyebrows at his brother and was silent for half a second, smirked and said, "Bitch." He knew this was not good. Sam did not avoid chick flick moments, but he wasn't going to push him yet.

"Jerk," his brother replied.

They were spared the awkward silence that surely would havefollowedwhen Jennifer came to the table, "Can I get you fellows anything else?"

"Just the check please Jennifer," Dean said before his brother could speak. "We have to go."

"We do?" Sam asked him.

Dean shook his head. "Have you heard a thing I've said to you since we got here?" he asked.

Sam looked at him sheepishly. He really hadn't been paying much attention to his brother. He was too distracted by Jennifer. He pulled out his wallet and reached in to get the money to pay for the meal.

Jennifer was putting the check on the table in front of Sam. She glanced at him smiling and was about to remind him to call her when she saw the picture that was prominently displayed in the center piece of his wallet. "Jessica," she said quietly, her eyes meeting Sam's, "Oh, God, you're Jessica's Sam. I didn't realize…"

Sam stared at Jennifer in stunned silence. She knew Jessica. He wanted to say something, wanted to ask something, but the words wouldn't come out.

Dean heard Jennifer's whispered comment. Sam sat across from him looking at Jennifer, not saying anything. "You knew Jessica?" he asked her.

Jennifer turned to Dean and he could see the sadness on her face. "She was my cousin," she replied. "I'm sorry, I didn't know, he never said. I though he was from Kansas, not California."

Sam took a deep breath then said, "I didn't… I'm sorry. She had so many relatives, so many cousins, we've never met."

Jennifer smiled at him. "I know Sam. I hadn't seen Jessica for seven years before she died. I spoke to her every few months though."

"You look so much like her," he said quietly. "She said she had a cousin that looked a lot like her, she probably even told me your name, but she had so much family I couldn't keep track of them."

Jennifer smiled at him. "I can't keep track of them either. We used to joke about it sometimes. Our mothers were identical twins and somehow we just ended up looking a lot alike." She looked around several tables were trying to get her attention. "Sam, can we talk later? I have to take care of my customers."

"Sure." Sam said.

"Sam, you okay?" Dean asked.

Sam looked at his brother, "Yeah," he said. "I am," and he realized that this time, he really meant it. "Okay," He told his brother, "We need to find Duncan and get rid of the demon."

Dean sighed, Sam really hadn't paid any attention to their conversation over breakfast. "He's not home. Jessica's uncle is looking for him he'll let us know when he finds him. Meanwhile, we're going to explore those caves."

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