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Love can reduce anyone to anything.


Story about a business tycoon who refused to accept his wife after marriage but later accepts her once he realizes his love for her .

Romance / Drama
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Arnav Singh Raizada

Arrogant business man with no time for family and wife, married to khushi Kumari for 6months now , haven't seen his wife's face or knows how she looks , married her with veil on did not bother to look at her face on marriage night And stayed out whole night working. Only person he listens to is his Nani but only regarding business matter. Has a sister Anjali whom he protects a lot and brother akash married to payal his wife's sister and cousin Nand Kishor .

Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada

Very cute and chirpy .:.Married to Arnav by fate . Chosen one for him since birth their marriage was arranged . Wants to be loved by Arnav but he never gets time for her or has seen her face , she still has hope that he will start paying attention to her one day . Also works in AR designs as Arnavs Personal assistant but never gets to talk to him or see him because he deals only with Aman and akash . Only talks to her via emails.

Devi yani (Nani)

Meternal Grandmother to Arnav . Very nice and supportive . Loves his daughter in laws . Always pushing Arnav to love and appreciate his family but only deal he knows is business.

Anjali jha

Married to Shyam jha lawyer by professsion . Stays with Arnav since Arnav dint want her to live on her own . He is very protective towards her after his parents death. Love her sister in laws a lot. Mad at Arnav for not showing care for his wife.

Shyam jha

Married to Anjali . Has a huge house but doesn't get to stay in it since Arnav made him sign a paper that he and Anjali will remain in Raizada mansion after marriage . So since he loves her so much he is staying at RM with them but remains out most of there time due to court case. Love his wife and family.

Akash Singh Raizada

Smaller brother to Arnav .Very subtle and calm . Obeys arnav every-word married to khushi sister Payal . Loves his wife and supports Khushi a lot.

Payal singh Raizada

Very calm and filled with innocence . She is very sweet and shy. Loves her husband and family. Sad that Khushi doesn't get the love she deserves by her husband .

Nand kishor

Cousin to Arnav and akash. The one who makes everyone laugh and stay alive In the house . Very protective towards his bhabhis . Gets along with Khushi a lot . Calls Arnav nannav to irk him. But loves everyone a lot.

Aman Mathor

Arnav friend and manager for AR designs . Very professional and understanding . Calls Arnav ASR but when not at work or meeting they are buddies since school.

Lavanya khasyup

Amans girlfriend works in AR as a head designer and organizer. Very pretty and Cupid for Arnav and khsuhi together with Aman.

Garima gupta And Sushi Gupta

khushi and Payals mom and dad. Old friends with Raizada . Made a promise to last wish of rathna and Arvind Raizada that they will marry there daughter s to Arnav and akash when they grow up .

Mami and mama .

Stay in RM. Very funny way of talking and always fighting with each other but love each other a lot. Married for 30 years .


Khushi and Payals bua very concerned for both girls raised them as her own. Before they got married they lived with bua In Her house.

I hope you all will love the story I will keep it short and simple but very romantic .

Please vote and comment if you want me to move forward with this story. 🤞🤞

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