Secret War: Warhammer 40,000

Chapter 10

It must have been a good minute that I knelt and held her close, the world; everything was but a blur, my attention fixated down, down to the only girl I had ever really loved. I never loved Glaitis, no it was some form of sick, idiotic infatuation developed from her oppression, that both Taryst and I had mistaken for love.

I felt nothing, not the tears flowing down my face or even Elandria’s blood soaking through my clothes; it was unreal nothing was real.

But no matter how long I held and looked down at her she was still dead; there was no miraculous opening of eyes, no sharp gasp for air. I would’ve attempted genuine resuscitation if I wasn’t so brain dead. Or perhaps deep down I truly knew that it would be all for nought.

Feuilt was the one who brought me back to reality, the medicae actually having to grab me by the shoulders and physically shake me to do it.

“She’s dead,” I said, never hearing Feuilt’s yelling even though he was right in my face, “the bitch is dead.”

Feuilt’s sudden backhand connected with my face, sending agony through my cheek.

“If you loved her then don’t you dare talk about her like that!” He yelled while flicking his hand to cope with the pain.

I clutched my jaw, staring to the floor then sudden anger welled within me and my attention snapped straight up at the medicae.

“Why the hell not!” I roared, “she was a bitch to die on me, how could she do this to me, how could she!”

“Do you actually think that this death was by her choice?” Snapped Feuilt with extreme exasperation, “are you so damned selfish and arrogant that you believe that she died on purpose to spite you? To make your life more miserable? What? To add more stupid melodrama to this retarded story of yours? Grow up!”

“B-but she-!”

“It was a bullet in the back!” He interrupted, “she never saw it coming, Attelus! Even I could tell that she wanted more than anything to be with you! That she wanted to live! Get the hell over yourself!”

He was right I was being idiotic, had my paranoia got so rampant that I would believe that she would do this on purpose? I felt physically sick at the very thought.

Feuilt approached me and leaned down to take Elandria from my arms.

“W-what do I do now?” I asked Feuilt.

“Take Elandria, take her back to my clinic you are in no condition to do much else right now.”

I wordlessly nodded, looking away ashamed of my pathetic performance.

“W-what about you?”

“I am staying,” said Feuilt, “Olinthre ran into Taryst’s den someone needs to help him.”

“I-I loved her.”

“I know Attelus, I know you did,” said Feuilt, “now go.”

Nodding again I began to get to my feet but hesitated midway.

“No,” I said.

“Excuse me?”

“I said no, Taryst did this; I need to know why and I need to make him pay.”


“This isn’t up for argument medicae,” I interrupted while giving him Elandria, “you’re a good person Feuilt you deserve to live, I won’t allow you to throw your life away, not for this.”

Feuilt looked like he was about to argue but stopped, nodded understanding and made for the elevator.

“Don’t die Attelus Kaltos,” he said, “life is tough, but you must live on, or let me reiterate, don’t let yourself die.”

I looked over my shoulder, “I won’t Feuilt, I swear it,” I said and meant every word, I was a coward but not that much so.

Then I went to collect my weapons.

Cautiously with auto pistol raised I approached the curtains leading into Taryst’s den.

I was angry, I was more than angry, as white-hot rage welled at the pit of my guts rage that I could barely hold it at bay.

But I held back the urge to rush in blind, in all likelihood Taryst had heard my conversation with Feuilt so he must know very well that I was coming.

Also, I had learnt my lesson of the potential consequences of letting anger rule you after what happened with Vex.

Near the curtains, I stopped, clenched my teeth then in the blink of an eye my sword was drawn while holding up my pistol and with one clean arc the monomolecular enhanced edge sliced cleanly through the think fabric.

Quickly I covered the room with my pistol sweeping the gun professionally from left to right.

From what I could see the room was empty, nothing had changed since my last time here, still with that marble fountain, the couches set around it, the small tables at each couches end and that huge adamantium steel door on the opposite wall.

Sheathing my sword I stepped inside, in a double-handed grip my pistol still swayed back and forth, my gaze still searching for some semblance of life somewhere anywhere, there were a few places to hide I could see behind one of the couches or the fountain.

My heart leapt in my chest as my anger overtaken by fear, I didn’t like this at all something was wrong.

The sudden crash behind me almost made me almost jump out of my skin, and I spun to see.

A shield had been turned on, a force shield that Taryst had installed in case of a firefight in the corridor as obviously the red curtains wouldn’t provide much cover for the rogue trader. It was impossible for me to get through unless I destroy the power source which I couldn’t help believe to be at the bottom of that elevator behind that adamantium door.

There would be no going back now.

I turned back around.

“Taryst I know you’re there!” I yelled at the top of my lungs my patience already worn away, “come out and show yourself!”

No answer.

“Get out here now or I’ll-!”

“Or you will what Attelus?”

Without hesitation, my aim snapped straight to the voice’s source, on my right side an area I could have sworn to be empty the last time I looked a mere second ago.

My eyes widened as I saw who it was, “Olinthre!”

The major stood his hands raised and empty and looking nervously at my raised pistol, “uhh yes it’s me, kid. Now could you lower that gun of yours.”

I didn’t I kept it firmly trained on him, “What the hell happened Tolon? Where the hell’s Taryst?”

Olinthre shrugged, “when I came in the place was empty, my guess is that he already went down the elevator to safety.”

“Did you turn on the shield?”

“No Taryst must have, I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it now could you please put down the gun Attelus.”

“No, and how the hell did you just suddenly appear there? I could have sworn that no one was there a second ago.”

Olinthre smiled, “maybe it’s your mind playing tricks on you Attelus, you’ve been through so much today why don’t you just go home and rest.”

“I can’t exactly do that as I am trapped in here,” I smiled back, “now who the hell are you?”

Olinthre’s smile abruptly disappeared, “it’s me, Olinthre, who else could I be?”

I shook my head, feeling pride well within my chest as it all just suddenly came together, as all the evidence just seemed to suddenly fall into place, “now it all makes sense, yess. This explains why Taryst changed his ideals, why it was Barhurst’s retinal scan in the records instead of Taryst’s. Why Taryst ordered his prized psyker to be in a drug induced coma the answer is obvious. I’m just ashamed that I didn’t think of it sooner, it’s because Taryst isn’t really Taryst just like you aren’t really Olinthre.”

The smile was just suddenly back on Olinthre’s face, “oh you think you have it all figured out now do you?”

Ignoring the sarcasm I grinned, “indeed, so what are you exactly? Who are you working for?”

I swallowed back the lump in my throat before I asked the last question, “and most importantly why the hell, did you kill Elandria?”

Olinthre grinned evilly and shook his head, “foolish child, you think that you are so smart don’t you?”

Suddenly the major was no longer the major seemingly fading from existence, and Olinthre was replaced by...Me a perfect mirror image of me everything copied down from my flak jacket and thin build my pale skin and long brown hair.

“Is this appearance more pleasing for you?” the new Attelus Kaltos asked me.

I barely kept my composure, barely kept my pistol aimed, “w-what the hell are you?”

Attelus grinned back at me and said in a voice also my own, “why anyone you want me to be, so who do you want me to be? Oh, I know!”

My image fazed away and was replaced by the tall long-limbed form of Glaitis, “hmmm young one now is this more pleasing now?”

“I assume that you can turn invisible as well? That is how you appeared so suddenly, how long have you been masquerading as Taryst?”

Glaitis shrugged, “I do not see any harm in telling you child it was since the night of the Twilight bar incident.”

“And before that you were Barhurst, were you always Barhurst?”

The Glaitis thing smiled, “I was indeed Barhurst but only for the past half of a year.”

My heart thumped in my throat, “you could have killed me,” I managed.

“Excuse me young one you mutter I cannot quite understand what you said.”

“I-I said that you could’ve easily killed me before, why didn’t you?”

“Orders,” answered not-Glaitis simply.

“From who?”

“Why she is standing right in front of you young Attelus Kaltos.”

“Glaitis? Glaitis is your boss?”

“Got it in one!” Said not-Glaitis, “did you not ever wonder why Glaitis had engineered the Twilight bar incident? And no it was not to plant listening devices, it was not even to capture that throne agent-”

Then it hit me, “it was so we would draw out Taryst’s psyker!”

“Yes, so I could get a clear opening to Taryst without the psyker filth being there to get in my way, my mind may be unreadable for her, but she still could have stopped me.”

“And Taryst?”

Not-Glaitis grinned, “dead; his corpse is rotting down in the bunker as we speak, he never saw me coming.”

I blinked my mouth agape, all this information; this revelation was almost too much I never imagined that all of this had happened behind the scenes, that Glaitis could outplay Taryst so easily.

“So you now understand, young one we are indeed on the same side?”

With those arrogant words my confusion was suddenly back into anger, “so if we are on the same side why, why the hell then did you kill Elandria!” I roared.

“Again orders,” answered not-Glaitis simply, “she was losing her edge she was no longer worthy of working for Glaitis so her life was forfeit.”

“What? So her finding her humanity made her expendable?” I yelled, “is that why?”

“Essentially, yes.”

The rage was almost all-consuming, my breaths were ragged gasps which hissed as air inhaled and exhaled through clenched teeth.

“Tell me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you right now,” I snarled.

The not-Glaitis shrugged still with that snide smile, “why young Attelus it would take a lot less time to tell you the reasons why you should kill me.”

My gun still on the not-Glaitis I glanced at the adamantium door.

“I presume you have access to that door?”

For a second a bemused expression crossed not-Glaitis’ face, “Of course I do, why do you care?”

“Because I need you to take me down there.”


“Because...Just because! Damn it!” I snarled as a plan was already forming in my mind, “now you should really be asking yourself do you or don’t you want a bullet in your brain!”

The Glaitis thing shook its head, “you really do believe that you have the upper hand, don’t you?”

I grimaced about to reply when suddenly my pistol was gone from my grasp and flying across the room then the not-Glaitis punched me in the chest or what I believed to be a punch it was so fast I couldn’t tell.

Raw pain erupted through my torso as the blow sent me head over heels, face first into the red carpet. Running on instinct, I suddenly rolled into a crouch my sword suddenly drawn and searching the room for my enemy.

It was gone the living quarters was once more empty.

I sighed, now this was going to be one hard fight.

After I climbed to full height, my ragged gasps echoed through the room my chest hurt like all hell, and I could not help but suspect one of my ribs may be broken.

It could have been a killing punch if the thing had aimed at my centre, at my solar-plexus so perhaps this proved that It was under orders not to kill me but I didn’t want to kill It either It being the only one with access to the bunker where my objective still lay.

Again I glanced around, this time in search for my lost pistol and I found it! Lain on the floor next to the door but I had to immediately restrain myself from lunging for it knowing the Thing would be lying in wait using it as bait.

“So!” I said, thinking that if I could make It talk, that It would give away Its position, “what did you do with Olinthre, kill him too?”

“You will see,” came Its reply immediately but the Things words seemed to echo from every corner which made me curse aloud, of course, it’d know how to throw its voice, frig it!

The thing laughed an unsettling halting sound that sent shivers up my spine.

My brow furrowed my teeth clenched, and I spun, slashing out my sword in a sudden 180-degree arc.

Nothing and I heard it laugh just a millisecond before the blow smashed into my back, sending waves of pain through me and crashing me back to the floor.

“Sure keep that up,” it said as I blindly attempted to attack in the general direction of the blow, “keep slashing into the air, wear yourself out, allowing me an easier target and I thought you were meant to be smart.”

In all honesty, I was worn out, my general lack of any apparent fitness and my brief but brutal fight with Elandria making sure of that.

The thought of Elandria made the rage all of a sudden rush back, and with the pain temporarily forgotten I began to get up slowly. But then the vicious kick connected with my side sending more waves of agony through me and forcing me onto my side as I gasped for breath and coughed.

“I may be under orders not to kill you Attelus,” it said, “but I am quite fond of loopholes-”

It paused to kick me again, this time in the guts making me bend forwards.

“-But mistress Glaitis never said that you could not be “half alive,” did she?” another kick came this right in my crotch, complete agony tore through me, tears abruptly blurred my vision, and I saw stars I would have screamed out if not so winded.

I rolled over, clutching myself and weeping openly, “I, don’t know,” I whimpered, “but, there’s, one, thing, I, do, know.”

“And what is that you pathetic little wretch?”

I managed a shaky grin, “you, will see.”

Again the things laughter echoed, “I truly doubt it, child, but before I knock you unconscious, there is one thing I would like to know.”

I didn’t reply; I couldn’t the agony was too horrid, sickness welled in my guts so much I was afraid that I would puke in any second and I could barely keep my eyes open.

“Why do you want to go through that door so badly?”

“Don’t, you, know?”

“Of course I don’t know you stupid boy!” it snarled, “why would I be asking if I did?”

“I, Don’t, Know.”

“Tell me, if you do I will knock you out now and spear you any more pain.”

Despite myself, I laughed although it sent more waves of pain I sniggered and said, “no.”

In the blink of an eye I slashed out my sword, and again it cut through nothingness. But I didn’t care it was more a gesture of defiance, to show I would never give up not now, not ever.

“That wasn’t my decision boy,” it said, “and like every decision we all have to face the consequence of it, don’t we?”

“Yes...yes...we...all do.”

Another attack came this one smashing painfully into my forearm, but now I was ready, keeping myself grounded against the force then cut out in its general direction but found more nothing.

“I don’t care how many times you hit me!” I roared, “I don’t care if you break every bone in my body, I will make you pay.”

I smiled, “anyway I’ve already had all my bones shattered once before what’s one more time then?”

“Insolent child!” It snarled out as a sudden and powerful new instinct made me skid sidewards and back to my feet.

I had just dodged its attack, I just knew it, and this was emphasised further by the few seconds of silence which followed.

“I’ll ask you once again, why do you want to enter into the bunker so badly Attelus?” It said, finally breaking the lull.

“Why do you want to know so badly Thing?” I countered, now It was uncertain no longer brimming with such confidence and knowing that made me smile.

“This is not a game child, answer the question.”

“No,” and struck out but once more, nothing.

“Foolish boy,” it said then punched me in the face, my world turned white hot with pain and the attack opened the cut on my cheek even further.

Dazed I still managed to strike back but again it proved futile.

Its kick followed which impacted into my side, jarring me from head to toe and sending me stumbling a few steps and yes my counter was again ineffective.

A fist smashed into my face, then another and another each making me see stars and feel more horrific pain.

But even still I kept my footing, despite the agony, despite the black spots in my vision and wooziness again I countered, and again it was for nothing.

“Why don’t you go down!” It growled and punched the attack opening the cut along my cheek even more.

“Guess I’m tougher than you thou-”

Another punch interrupted me, crashing painfully against my cheek but this one I couldn’t keep my footing. Too tired, too off balance and the impact flung me into one of the nearby tables, but I managed to stop myself falling further, leaning against it for support.

“Shut up!” It yelled and punched at me once more.

I moved, suddenly sidestepping the punch while simultaneously picking up one of the bottles of alcohol and smashing it into where I thought Its face was.

The Thing shrieked in agony as the bottle shattered against it, as shards of glass embedded into its skin and as the alcohol seeped into its wounds.

It stumbled away, now a disembodied, floating puddle of liquid which was beginning to mix with blood. “How did you know where I was?” It screamed through Its cries.

“The blood from the cut on my face,” I managed, “the blood which still coats your hands.”

My kick connected into it with a satisfying crunch, and it was sent hurtling to the floor, where It rolled around and moaned pathetically.

I began to approach It but felt an overwhelming wave of nausea that sent me stumbling to keep my feet, shaking it away I retrieved my sword pinned the squirming figure under foot and lowered the edge of my blade near the creature’s throat which made It yelp out in fear.

“Now, whatever the hell you are, you will open that damn door for me,” I growled, “and you are going to do it right, now.”

I placed more pressure with my foot onto the creature which made it squirm all the more, “And change into something I can see, don’t want you trying anything,” I paused, “and if you even think of changing into Elandria I will...Well, I don’t know what I would do.”

“You will regret this-!”

Sudden rage almost overtook me, anger that I’d been holding back for a long time and I leaned closer to the Thing, placing slightly more pressure with my sword and said with slow deliberateness, “oh perhaps I will, but you won’t be able EVER to regret anything, if you don’t do it now!”

The Thing laughed, “can you hear yourself?” It cried, “you sound like a child! You wouldn’t know how to intimidate someone even if you had a sword at their throat.”

“Do you want to die?” I asked, “I should really just kill you right now.”

“Why?” It asked, “because I killed Elandria? I was under orders to kill her! I am like you an assassin! We are the weapon! We are the tool! The one you should be avenging Elandria on is Glaitis-”

I shook my head and immediately regretted it as the dizziness came back, my face was numb now the newly forming bruises throbbing like hell, “stop it! Just stop it!” I snarled, “there is just one! One! Question is looming over you right now, so shut up! Just shut the hell up! And make your damn decision!”

“I should have killed you when I had the chance,” It said sullenly.

I smiled, “yes, you really should have, I bet that you’re regretting following Glaitis’ order not to kill me now, aren’t you?”

The Thing changed shimmering into form, into a mirror image of me, me with an expression of frustration and pain but otherwise untouched with injury, no shards of glass protruding from my clone’s face and I couldn’t help shake my head in evident distaste, why the hell did it have to change into me again?

It smiled up at me, obviously enjoying my discomfort.

I grimaced in disgust, “Get up and slowly.”

“Of course,” and It did as told all the while still grinning at me evilly.

“What the hell did you do to Olinthre?”

It sighed, a familiar mocking sound, “really Attelus, do you really care?”

“Would I be asking if I didn’t?” I growled.

The Thing tilted its head in amusement, “you really do love to turn my own words against me, don’t you? All this smart mouthing doesn’t seem to be from someone meant to be mourning- ack!”

It was interrupted by me placing more pressure with my sword against Its neck, “yes taunt me more, just see how that turns out for you,” I hissed.

“You are aware this has happened before hasn’t it?” It said, “but then you had me at gunpoint just mere minutes ago, and I got out with no problem, didn’t I?”

That I was well aware of but now I knew or at least had a basic idea of my opponent’s skill and speed, but that was immaterial even with such knowledge I was still on the verge of collapsing. I could barely keep my eyes open; everything hurt I was sure if my opponent chose to take the offensive, I wouldn’t stand a semblance of a chance even with my sword against Its throat.

Despite all of this and the pain, it caused I still forced a slow, deliberate grin to spread across my bruised, swollen face, “alright do it.”

The eyebrows on my clone’s face raised in bemusement, “what?”

“Do it, get out of this just do it, show me.”

It looked at me, now not so sure of itself or not so sure of me, either way, I was getting somewhere.

“DO IT!” I roared suddenly, and with such force it made my enemy flinch in fright and even surprised myself.

It stood there motionless its hazel eyes never leaving mine how long we stood face too face I didn’t know, was it seconds? Minutes? But it felt like forever all the while my heart leapt in my throat, in any second I knew it could lunge forward and take me down, in any second it could disarm me and break my neck. The pressure was intense every second I had to fight the fear twisting in my guts, every second I had to fight to keep my feet from going out from under me, every second was a war to keep my eyes locked to it’s as I knew if I looked away just for a millisecond It would have me.

But finally, finally after what seemed to be an eternity it’s jaw twitched in frustration and It let out a slight sigh of defeat as It looked to the floor.

“Now tell me, what did you do to Olinthre?” I said, trying hard to keep the relief from my voice.

My expression on Its face turned into one of extreme shame, whether this was at It being outplayed by me or it’s a shame of what It had done to the major I wasn’t sure.

“He is behind that couch,” It said with a gesture indicating which one.

I pursed my lips, “lead the way.”

It clenched Its jaw, turned and moved toward the couch all the while I kept my blade against the back of Its neck.

We slowly walked around the couch, and I saw him lying on the floor major Olinthre a dead major Olinthre his handsome face was now a deep shade of purple, his eyes were almost bulging from their sockets, and his tongue was hanging loosely from his mouth it was apparent he was suffocated.

Luckily It’s back was to me so it couldn’t see my sad expression, Olinthre seemed to be a good person and his death I felt to be responsible for, me being the one having egged him on into this.

Olinthre didn’t deserve this fate; he really didn’t.

“Now you know why you must not kill me Attelus,” It said with surprising melancholy, “the only way we can keep this charade up is if I can go on pretending to be Taryst if both Taryst and Olinthre here are dead and anyone finds out, Emperor only knows how the men under their command would react.”

“Well then why the hell did you kill him then?” I demanded, “when you did this you must have been aware of the potential consequences...”

“He was going to kill me Attelus, if I had tried to talk to him as Taryst, he was going to kill me, and I still have a mission to complete.”

Olinthre was dead, and there was nothing more I could do for the poor major.

“Alright, move,” I said, “open that damned door.”

It nodded, and we turned toward that huge adamantium door.

“Are you just going to kill me once I get that door open for you?” It asked.

I smiled, “no I still need to bring you to the bunker, just in case if there are any traps or security measures you will have to bypass for me.”

As we walked, I glanced down at my pistol still on the floor a good three metres away and well out of reach.

I didn’t dare to try and get the gun as the act of doing so could potentially give the Thing an opening.

We approached the door, and It immediately flipped a slight switch which caused a touchpad to emerge from a hidden compartment in the wall.

It reached over with my long spindly fingers and began to type in the code.

“What’s the password?” I asked.

It paused in its typing and looked over Its shoulder at me, its hazel eyes full with what seemed to be embarrassment, “uhhh...”

“What’s the frigging password!” I yelled right in its ear while pushing more pressure with my sword.

“Alright! It’s-it’s,” It sighed, “it’s j-garrakson.”

I raised an eyebrow in bemusement, “what?”

“Please don’t ask me for the details.”

I opened my mouth to ask anyway but decided against it

It finished typing and immediately what looked to be a retinal scanner slid out next to the keypad.

It placed its face into the scanner.

“Subject identified as Deltath Barhurst, access granted.”

Then the large doors opened in a slow almost overdramatic way revealing the grim, metal elevator inside.

“You first,” I said giving It a light shove as we stepped inside.

The Thing pushed the down button on the elevator, and it began its descent.

“So, I see that you logged into the system as Barhurst with the retinal scan,” I said.

The Thing didn’t reply It only gave me a distinctly contemptuous sidelong glare.

“From that I can only assume, you can’t actually shape change,” I carried on, “not properly anyway, the image which I see that is me is an illusion, so six months ago when you killed Barhurst you had his eyes implanted into your skull, which really shows that you are very, very dedicated to you’re work.”

“Oh so clever of you to figure that out,” It said with a sarcastic sneer, “do you want a medal?”

I smiled, “so it’s true then.”

The Thing only shrugged.

It was then the elevator found it’s destination and the doors slid open.


“Yeah, yeah!” It interrupted, “me first, I know.”

We emerged from the lift and into the room beyond it was stark and bright, white tiles lining the walls and the floor. On each side were what looked to be large cells six in total and at the end was another doorway.

“So what now?” It asked over Its shoulder, “are you going to kill me now?”

“What’s behind that door?” I asked intentionally avoiding the question.

The Thing sighed, “It’s Taryst’s panic room where he keeps his cogitators and surveillance systems and supplies just in case.”

I smiled, “of course it is, how far are we below the planet’s surface?”

“Approximately seven miles,” It said, “and before you ask you do not need a retinal scan for access it’s a password again, and, that again is j-garrakson.”

I shook my head, why did Taryst have all his passwords in Garrakson’s name? Everything was getting stranger and stranger.

“How do you open the containment cells?”

“Each is opened with a basic switch outside each cell,” It informed and looked at me again wide-eyed, “are you going to kill me?”

I met It’s gaze, intentionally letting its question hang for a few seconds. ’No,” I said and smacked It over the skull with the hilt of my sword.

“Not yet.”

Stepping over the Thing’s unconscious form, I walked toward the door looking intently through the windows of each cell.

The first two where empty but the second on the right wasn’t.

A corpse lay, and that corpse was without doubt Taryst, recognisable even after a while of decomposition.

I wasn’t sure what to feel, I held no love for the rogue trader but he was one of those people who seemed larger than life, he had terrific charisma, a force of great personality before he retreated into this psychotic paranoia which ironically was one of the key reasons for his death.

My attention turned back to the Thing masquerading as me, and for a second some sick professional respect for it came to me. This thing was a true assassin one that behind the scenes had influenced so much in this game almost single-handed. It infiltrated Taryst’s organisation without being detected for months waiting patiently for when to strike. It killed Taryst; one of the greatest rogue traders in the sector took his place as the head of a multi-planet organisation and acting in such a convincing way, it managed to fool men who had been working under Taryst for decades. So much so that only one realised something was wrong and though it had killed the girl I loved and I would forever hate it for that. But It was good, very good I had to give It that.

I sighed and moved onto the last two cells, and the one on the right made me freeze in my advance.

A woman was in the cell she lay on the floor in a deep sleep with a drip feed in her arm, she was blonde, and she was without a doubt the woman I had sparred with in my dream.

This must be Karmen Kons, the pet psyker of Taryst, the one who had allowed the rogue trader to delve into the minds of his employees and worked so long behind the scenes.

She was beautiful with a lean if a bit malnourished body and heart-shaped face.

This woman must know a lot; she was very close to the diseased rogue trader perhaps even more so than Barhurst was.

If I could help her into consciousness if I could get her talking what I could learn from her, but did I want to know it?

I sighed again and turned away from the cell to the next and what I saw made me drop my jaw in utter horror.

The corpse that lay within was barely recognisable after what must have looked to be a few months decomposition but being in such a stark environment it could have been dead a lot longer, I could only be thankful that the door kept the stench inside.

It wore a robe one that looked like a priest of the Ecclesiarchy would wear; although I wasn’t sure who it was, I could see it was once a girl.

I knew then without a doubt this was the Interrogator I was sent to take a pict of I had this plan in my mind that if she were alive I would force this chameleon thing to change into her and then I’d kill It take a photo of its corpse. Send that to Edracian then escape with the real Interrogator, maybe making whoever this person’s master was, in my debt.

That was the reason why I had knocked the thing unconscious to see if It could hold onto a form while out cold. I glanced over to it seeing that It still kept my appearance.

Well, it looked like that plan was down the drain, and I reached into my pocket for the pict taker.

But then it hit me like a punch to the guts which made my eyes go wide, and my mouth gaped. If the good medicae Feuilt had been down here numerous times to give the psyker her daily dose of drugs he must have at some point seen the two corpses in these cells he must have known that one was Taryst! Wait what it was he said before I went through the curtains to confront Taryst; “Don’t die Attelus Kaltos, life is tough, but you must live on, or let me reiterate, don’t let yourself die.” Did he know about me being poisoned?

Feuilt was the spy that Edracian had bragged about and not just that he was also working under Glaitis as well, Feuilt was a triple agent!

But how did he dodge the unscrupulous gaze of the psyker?

I glanced over my shoulder to the unconscious form in the other cell she knew something she must know something I turned back to the cell with the Interrogator’s corpse I pulled out the pict taker in my jacket’s pocket and took the picture.

“Well, well well!” came the voice through my thoughts so suddenly I almost made me jump out of my skin, “you did it Attelus Kaltos why I am quite impressed.”

“Edracian!” I snarled, “Feuilt was your spy!”

The Inquisitor laughed, “of course I thought it would be obvious, he was Glaitis’ spy, Taryst’s medicae but all along my agent and I have another thing to tell you.”


“You were never poisoned, Attelus; we injected you with a nerve agent. You are not going to die; there is no cure you never needed one!”


“You did well Attelus Xanthis Kaltos, you really, really did well. You jumped through all my hoops like a good little pawn.”

With a roar of rage, I smashed my fist against the glass of the nearest containment cell.

“You bastard!” I yelled, “You frigging bastard! I swear! I will kill you! I will hunt you down and I you will pay! How dare you, how frigging dare you!”

Edracian’s voice only laughed, “why are you so upset? Are you not used to being a pawn already? You have always been one, so it would seem logical.”

Then the voice was gone.

I let out another roar and kicked the glass of the cell holding the comatose Karmen Kons, and I was about to kick again but stopped then pushed the switch to the jail.

This Karmen Kons she was was going to help me; she was going to tell me all the information I needed, whether she wanted to or not.

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