Secret War: Warhammer 40,000

Chapter 11

The small cell stunk. Karmen Kons was hooked up to a medical apparatus similar to the one I was hooked up to when in a coma. It was made to hold the coma patient’s body waste, but that was sealed tight she stunk as someone would after not taking a shower in a month.

I grimaced, gagging at the smell but hesitated to step inside, instead looked back to the Thing on the floor and hissed a curse under my breath. It could wake up any second and here was I just letting it just lie out in the open. My teeth clenched with anger at my inherent idiocy I walked over to the Thing and opened the nearest cell, punching the switch with a frustrated fist I then grabbed it from its ankles and hauled It into the cell with a grunt.

After closing the holding cell I walked to the door at the end of the room, there must be something behind it that I could use to revive her.

Setting my jaw I hurriedly typed in “jgarrakson” into the keypad hoping to hell that the Thing had told the truth about not needing a retinal scan for access.

But my worries were quickly allayed as the doors slid open revealing the room beyond.

I slipped inside my sword raised in a defensive posture and found myself wishing that I’d brought my pistol and that I’d drilled the mimic for more answers as who knows what defences that Taryst kept inside?

The room was quite large and brightly lit although the architecture not as starkly white as the last room and it had a simple, practical layout that surprisingly contrasted the pretentious opulence of Tayst’s quarters on the top of the tower.

In the middle of the room was a large work desk with an inbuilt cogitator and behind that, a small living area while on the right-hand wall was another door.

I looked at the desk cogitator; this would have to be the hub of all Taryst’s knowledge of how his organisation worked, information on all the projects he had pored his vast wealth into over the decades. Perhaps even the records from his father and his father’s father but by far the most interesting was his true motivations. Why was he so hell-bent on tracking down this Brutis Bones if I could tap into this fountain of knowledge, if I could harness it I, I actually didn’t quite know what I would do. I’d have to get Vex down here sometime to take a look.

Carefully I moved further in, my sword still raised and approached the desk now I was no expert on how to use cogitators, but I could use them well. I found it on and immediately treated to the password request screen.

I smiled, shook my head in contempt and typed in ‘jgarrakson’, but much to my choler found only the ‘access denied’ screen. I really shouldn’t have been so surprised. It would have been really, truly idiotic of Taryst to have the same password for his files as well as his security doors and I wiped away blood from my split lip with a forearm then tried ‘garraksonj’ but that as well got ‘access denied.’

Sighing I refrained from trying again this time with “garrakson” or ‘jeurat’ the security measures in this I could only safely assume to be in the extreme. If I got it wrong even once more anything could happen, the cogitator could self-destruct or instantly wipe all the memory, either way, it wouldn’t be very beneficial to me.

Not very beneficial at all.

I stepped away from the desk pushing off it with a violent, frustrated movement then glanced back over the room and as I did, I don’t know, something about the place just suddenly gave me the creeps

The only thing that interested me was the other door, and I walked over to it.

As I came close the door opened automatically and hesitantly I stepped through.

What greeted me on the other side was row upon row of supplies kept in shelves lining each wall in what must have been decades worth of food, water and just everything, spanning the length of a vast underground corridor.

“By the Emperor,” I said in no small amount of awe as I walked on, looking along the row on my right, I had no idea what to search for, but it was interesting just to look.

I stopped and peered closer at one of the containers it was made out of a clear plasteek which allowed me to see my reflection.

To say I looked frigged would’ve been the understatement of the millennia, my face was battered all most beyond recognition swollen and black and blue with bruises the blood that from the cut on my cheek had dried clinging to my face like a tattoo.

In all honesty, I was surprised that my face wasn’t worse, after going through such a severe beating I was lucky to have all my teeth, and I was tired, by the Emperor was I tired.

I turned away and began to make my way back to Taryst’s quarters and stumbled through the door then threw myself onto the bed and immediately fell into a deep, deep sleep.

I dreamed, and everything in the dream seemed to spin forever, it like I was walking through a whirlwind, and I felt as queasy as all hell as my feet clumsily carried me as I stumbled through the rough barren terrain.

For what seemed like hours this went on and on and I could hear voices, seemingly hundreds of them from surrounding me it was as if the spinning vortex was made from these that seemed to whisper in a chaotic, incoherent cacophony.

But sometimes, sometimes I would hear coherent parts, words which I could understand words said in harsh, accusatory tones.

“Coward!” the voice of my father would hiss.

“Heretic!” my mother would wail.

“Liar!” came Olithre’s.

“Useless!” snarled Glaitis.

At every word, I’d stop in my advance to try to pinpoint its source inside the whirlwind but no matter how hard I concentrated it still alluded me. It must have happened dozens of times just those four accusations breaking through the wall of incoherency.

Then one word would break through, a word which wasn’t repeated before one which I instantly knew it’s source.


I spun and found that she stood with me, right inside the whirlwind.

“Elandria?” I said taking a step toward her.

She was wearing the dress she wore when we went to the Twilight bar so long ago now; she was beautiful almost obscenely so even with her tears black with mascara running down her face.

“Elandria!” I cried and ran to her, my heart lunging in my chest, but as I came close her brown eyes suddenly snapped straight into mine with such intensity that it made me stop in my tracks and she asked me
“Why did I die Attelus?”

I stood staring at her, my mouth agape, “I-I.”

“Why did I have to die Attelus Kaltos?” She said, her bottom lip quivering, “what did I do to deserve a bullet in the back? I don’t understand it.”

Tears suddenly welled into my vision, what was I to do? Tell her the truth? That Glaitis had ordered her dead because she had found some shred of her humanity?

I couldn’t do that I just couldn’t bring myself to give her such a heinous truth call me a coward call me whatever I don’t care I reached out and took her in my arms.

But I couldn’t think anything could manage was; “I-I don’t know, El.”

“No,” she said no my shoulder, “no you know.”

Violently she tore from my embrace, “no you know exactly why I died!”

“I don’t El, please!”

“It’s because of you!” she yelled, “you killed me!”

My heart sank, “no El I didn’t kill you it w-!”

“Shut up!” she shrieked, “stop making excuses! You know you killed me! You did this to me! You killed me! YOU KILLED ME!”

Before I could reply I was suddenly hurled clear off my feet and into the air from the share force of her scream and was quickly hungrily engulfed by the hurricane which began to spin me faster and faster over and over again.

I closed my eyes and screamed, but the roar of the tornado utterly eclipsed my scream, and it seemed I got torn apart.

All of a sudden the hurricane was gone, my feet now inexplicably on solid ground, I had stopped. To describe such a sensation, the feeling of being spun through the air at such a speed then to suddenly stop was horrific in the extreme. I fell to my knees gasping for air, my vision was a blur my guts churned with sickness, and I felt as if all my limbs were dislocated.

It took what must have been a few minutes for my vision to clear but it felt like hours and slowly wobbly I finally managed to climb onto my feet.

I instantly recognised where I was; it was the interrogation room where I had talked to the man known as No One of Consequence it was identical down to the very last detail this also Included the chair with it’s back facing me, but anything that sat in it; engulfed in darkness.

My heart thudded in my ears as a fear far stronger than I had ever felt before almost overwhelmed me. I could not help but believe it was Elandria sitting in that chair engulfed in the darkness I couldn’t face her again, she was right it was all my fault if only I could’ve done everything differently if only I could have saved her if I’d known.

I turned away from the chair and looked to the one-way mirror; I saw myself looking back at me everything was unsettling who knew what could be peering at me on the other side of that glass? But despite myself, I began to approach it seeing the look of extreme apprehension on my thin I reached out to place the palm of my hand onto the glass.

As I did the darkness suddenly engulfing half the room seemed to flicker into light in the mirror, it lasted less than a millisecond, but I was able to catch a glimpse of what was in the chair.

What I saw made my fear transform into a panic, an extreme panic that sent jolts of pain through my very soul, the panic which made me spin and run to where I remembered to door to be.

The door was there, but to my heart retching disbelief there was no mechanism to open it, then I glanced over my shoulder and saw with dawning horror that the darkness began to slowly spread itself bit by bit to engulf the entire room it moved haltingly as if in some sickeningly unnatural stop motion.

I turned back to the door; the terror caused tears to well into my vision. I screamed, smashing my fists against it begging for someone, anyone to open the door for me.

Despite the pain echoing through them over and over again I bashed and screamed but no matter what I did no matter how hard I tried the door always stayed shut.

I never looked over my shoulder, but I could feel it advancing on me, and with it, the fear and anxiety increased simultaneously.

Finally, I stopped as I knew it was about to fall on me and I reached for my last shred of courage then turned to face the darkness as it took me into its horrific embrace.

I stood still not ever daring to move. My ragged, anxious breathing the only identifiable sound in the room.

Then I felt the hand, the slimy hand slide slowly almost tenderly down my cheek.

I clenched my teeth and tried to move, to raise my hand to push it’s away, to kick out at it but it was as if my hands and feet seemed made from stone, I could only cry out in disgust and fear then the light flickered on.

I was face to face with a corpse a corpse that had been rotting for a long, long time its eyes were missing its flesh a horrific green with half of its face hanging it’s off.

I screamed, but my scream cut short as its fingers cold rotten fingers wrapped around my throat like a vice.

The lights then began to flicker on and off again now violently as though done by a belligerent child then the corpse’s mouth slowly opened and opened and opened until it was gaping open so far that no human could ever manage and I could hear the sick slow popping of its bones.

In all honesty, my fear almost was forgotten as I watched the sheer ridiculousness of it; almost jaw-dropping then it’s open mouth suddenly snapped forward engulfing my vision in darkness.

With a scream I awoke, sitting bolt upright in my bed.

I glanced around to see that I was in a room a small room that was a complete mess with clothing and books all sorts of junk strewn about with varnished wooden and through the window, the sunlight poured through the cream coloured curtains.

Shocked I jumped out of bed I knew this place I knew this room.

I approached the window manoeuvring through the mess with finesse and with a violent motion jerked open the curtains, the view I was greeted by was stunning revealing the huge beautiful lake of Varander and the hilly city itself, this was without a doubt this was my city, my house, my room.

“Attelus?” called a voice at the which I knew immediately identified as my mother’s, “Attelus I’m coming in!”

The door opened, and she stepped in a concerned look on her pleasant face.

“Attelus are you, okay I heard-”

She was interrupted by me embracing her hugging her like I never hugged anyone before.

In all honesty, in the back of my mind, I knew it was a dream but sometimes times I truly, truly missed my mum. I still didn’t know whether she was alive or not when the chaos invasion engulfed my world. But it would be the most realistic to say she is most likely long dead.

“Mum!” I cried hugging her all the harder.

“A-Attelus! Let go I can’t breath!”

I immediately did as told, “sorry mum I didn’t mean to...”

“It’s alright son,” she said with a smile, “you just need to know your own strength after all that training with your father but is everything okay? I heard a scream.”

“Just a nightmare mum,” I assured her shaking my head, “just a nightmare.”

I turned to look out the window again, out to the view of Varander the last time I had seen the city it was rubble destroyed almost beyond recognition to see it in its former glory was soothing.

“Well it sounded like a pretty horrific nightmare son,” she paused, “Attelus are you okay I’ve never seen you be so intent on the view before.”

I smiled and waved her away, “I’m fine, mum. Don’t worry so much.”

“Okay,” she said hesitantly, “oh and I’d like to say, why did you replace me?”

My brow furrowed in bemusement and I turned back to her, “what?”

“Don’t ‘what’ me, my son,” she said with slow deliberateness, “why did you replace me with that Glaitis bitch?”

I gaped unsure what to say, completely caught off guard by this outburst.

“Is it because she’s better than me, is that it?” my mother demanded, “is she a better mother than me?


“Well, you need to remember Attelus! I gave birth to you! I was the one who raised you, looked after you even after your father left us to go kill people!”

“Raised me?” I laughed with such contempt it even surprised myself, “raised me? Who the hell are you kidding! No, you were too frigging busy getting high to look after me! To busy escaping with the damn Obscura!”

“You have no idea what I was going through!” she screamed back, “you don’t understand I needed it I was in pain because they were always attacking me!”

I sneered, “what is the frigging daemons again is that it mum? So what next? Will the Emperor himself ride down on a great gold chariot to take you as his bride now? Is that it?”

“DON’T YOU DARE!” she roared with such fury it almost caught me off guard, “don’t, you, DARE! take, His, name in VANE!”

“The Emperor was real Mum I have no qualms with that, and he was a great man,” I said shaking my head, “but I can’t believe him to be a god! How can he have let all this pain and suffering happen? All the injustice? All the death!”

“Oh he will, but you will not see His glory! You will not be worthy!”

“The hell am I not worthy!” I snarled. “Just because I don’t follow the teachings of the Ministorum blindly? But otherwise, I’m not an evil person! I follow the laws, I’ve never killed anyone! I want to be a historian mum! I will contribute to Imperial society far more than you ever have! So unlike you, I am actually worthy! But it will never happen!”

“How do you know!” she roared, “how do you know!”

“Because I live in the real world mum!”

She shook her head, “how old are you? You are sixteen! You haven’t even lived half as long as I have! You haven’t seen nearly enough yet to claim that you live “in the real world”.”

“Well, dad is older than you and holds this same belief!” I said.

“Don’t get me started on your father,” she growled.

I shrugged turned and went to collect my towel, “alright whatever,” I sighed, “now I’m going for a shower.”

“Stop right there Attelus Xanthis Kaltos,” she said with such force I did, “you still didn’t answer my question, why did you replace me?”

“Not this again mum,” I groaned.

“Yes this again son!” she snarled, “now tell me!”

I sighed, “it’s because mum, it’s because you’re dead.”

Her eyes widened, “what?”

“You’re dead, mum. I don’t know how or when you died, but I know that you’re dead, I needed help after the war I was a street urchin, so I turned to Glaitis,” I sighed, “I never meant to replace you, mum. In all honesty, it was really an alliance of convenience...”

I trailed off in my sentence and said instead, “but there is no such thing as coincidence.”

“I’m dead?” My mother said, “why?”

“I’m sorry mum,” I sighed sadly, “but that is the way the universe works, but I have to say before I go, I love you, and I miss you I really, really do I wish oh how I wish everything could be different, that the war never happened, that dad never left us.”

“I love you too son,” she said, and tears began to well in her eyes.

Again I hugged her, “I love you more mum, and don’t worry Glaitis could never replace you, never. Now I’ve really got to go.”

“Where are you going son?”

“I’m going to wake up now mum this is just a dream.”

“Oh,” she said, “goodbye then my son.”

“Goodbye. My Mum.”

My eyes slowly opened, my vision blurry as I immediately fought to keep my eyes open, this was followed quickly by the dull throbbing ache of my face which confirmed that I was back in reality.

With a groan I rolled over and lost the fight, my eyes seemingly just slamming shut and then came the sudden rush as deep sleep took over.

But something even stronger sudden a horrific sickness hit me. Making my eyes snap back open and causing me to throw myself bodily from the bed and sprint through the door into the bathroom beyond. I stumbled over to the toilet and vomited into the bowl, three times in total, mewling pathetically in between each.

After a few minutes more of moaning I finally managed to get up from my knees slowly, I approached the sink and ran the tap.

My face hurt like hell but by far worse was the sickening agony in my groin.

Splashing water over my face and looked at myself in the mirror, many had said during my life that I was quite handsome and I guess it was true but in all honesty, I never actually thought on it, I was just me. But now I was as ugly as all frig.

I scooped up more water and rinsed my beaten face again actively avoiding my reflection now and savouring the sting as the water went into the many cuts on my face which allowed me to forget the pain in my groin briefly.

The adrenaline had carried me on in the fight with the Thing, it had allowed me to carry on but now it was gone, and here I was dealing with the damned consequences.

I shut off the water flow and walked out the door, feeling the fatigue weigh heavily on my eyelids.

Immediately my eyes snapped wide awake, and my hand shot straight to my sword as I saw a completely conscious Karmen Kons in the doorway.

We stood for a few seconds staring at each other, her attractive face in an expression of extreme confusion.

I internally cursed my utter idiocy, realising I had forgotten to close her cell.

Kons tilted her head slightly, “Attelus?”

Her word broke me from my frozen state and without hesitation I moved, making the distance between us in a millisecond with my sword suddenly held at her throat.

“Karmen Kons I assume,” I said.

She looked to me sidelong with wide eyes I could tell her face was one not used to expressing surprise.

“How-how are you? You? Why are you?”

I furrowed my brow in bemusement, ignoring the pain as I did. Then it hit me, she must have seen the unconscious Thing that looked like me in its cell, and now here I was. Damn, that would confuse anyone.

“I...uhhh, uhmm,” I muttered unsure what to say or do but I could tell she would break from her confusion soon so if I were to do anything now would be the time to do it.

My first instinct was to slit her throat, she was a psyker so like all her kind, infinitely dangerous I was fortunate to have this window of opportunity at all, but something made me hold back.

“I am Attelus Kaltos,” I said hesitantly searching to find what to say next, “I uhhh.”

“Well if you are, indeed, Attelus Kaltos,” she said, her confused stare suddenly turning into a terrifying glare and I knew that the window was now well and truly closed, “would you tell me how the hell you are in two places at once?”

Kons then looked contemptuously down to my sword, “and lower that before I make you lower it.”

Slowly, I did as told.

“Oh and by the way it’s nice to finally meet you face to face, Attelus Kaltos,” she said lightly, “even if you are a bit worse for wear.”

My jaw twitched, “well I’m sure that you have delved enough into my mind to know almost all there is to know about me.”

She sniggered slightly, now I could tell this woman was confident and used to be in control and now, she was in indeed in control. She seemed to ooze sensuality from her every pore, despite being malnourished and messy.

“Well, yes,” she said, “but it is always nice to finally having a...face to the mind you could say.”

She suddenly reached out to place her hand on my cheek, the move so out of the blue it made me flinch away in fright.

“No need to be afraid,” she said moving her hand to compensate, “I see that you really took a beating, didn’t you? Who did this to you?”

“Why don’t you just read my mind to find out?” I asked sullenly.

Kons shrugged, “oh I would but am incapable of doing so.”


She pouted her lips and an expression of mock bemusement. “yeah it would seem that someone or...Something has placed a strong psychic block on your mind, a mighty one, indeed.”

I frowned taking note of her use of “something” in conjunction with “someone.”
I was finding it very hard to keep hating her; it wasn’t because of her being a psyker. I had no time for such idiotic discrimination it was what she had done; so liberally and unethically delved into the minds of people on a daily basis for a paranoid tyrant this didn’t fit well with me at all.

But I couldn’t keep it up there was something about her, but I couldn’t quite put a finger on, perhaps it was her confidence or her being very attractive or perhaps even using a mind trick, but in all honesty, I didn’t care.

Kons smiled pleasantly retrieving her hand, “come, Attelus go sit on and the bed, and I will help you with your wounds, and you can explain to me everything that has happened.”

With that, she turned to walk toward the living area, but my words made her stop in her tracks.

“If you saw what you thought was me in that cell you must have seen Taryst in his too?”

Karmen Kons kept her back to me, “yes I did.”



“Well don’t you care?”

“No, not particularly,” she said simply and finally looking over her shoulder at me, “he was my employer and he paid me well but, I never cared that much for him that much, I could see that his paranoia would be the end of him sooner or later and am I right to assume that it was?”

“Oh you have no idea,” I said darkly.

“Well then tell me while I help you.”

I smiled, “I have a better idea.”

“Oh? And could you please elaborate for me Attelus?”

I felt my face flush at her flirtatious tone but doubted it was noticeable from under the intense bruising.

“An exchange of knowledge. I will tell you what I know only if you tell me what you do. You apparently hold no true liking for Taryst, and now he’s dead I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to divulge his secrets and then...”

“And then...?” she said.

“I propose an alliance, you and I, together.”

She grinned, “why you really do have a gift for redundancy, don’t you Attelus.”

“I am actually the head of the department of redundancy department if you really must know.”

She sniggered again shaking her head, “sure; sure I’ll tell you what I know if you tell me, but I can’t guarantee that there will be an alliance.”

“Oh once you hear what I have to say you will be very interested in this alliance. That I guarantee,” I replied.

Karmen Kons smiled, an amused smile, “really? I’m sure you have your reasons for such confidence.”

“Shake on it?” I said my face darkening.

“Sure,” and we did.

Karmen then turned away and walked into the bathroom while I went and sat on the side of the bed.

She came back out holding a medical kit, dropped to her knees and began to take out its contents.

“I uh, I uhh,” I managed.

“You uhh what?” she asked.

“I had a dream, and you were in it,” I blurted out.

She looked up at me briefly, then shrugged and went back to sort out the box.

“It’s not surprising Attelus; I have been in your mind more than once it would only make sense that my intrusions would resonate in your dreams.”

“If you uhh have been in my mind so often what did you find?” I asked.

Kons sighed and began to lightly dab my face with a wet cotton bud which made me clench my teeth slightly at the pain. “You are maybe the most conflicted character I have ever uhh met Attelus, you have been through a hell of allot kid. Glaitis has been trying to indoctrinate you for years now, but you have still clung to your humanity despite it all.”

She shrugged sadly, “but sooner or later Attelus if you are going to stay in your line of work you have to realise that you can’t have it both ways.”

“Why the hell not?” I asked, “why can’t I be human and be an assassin as well? My friend Castella is still human, and she has been one for years.”

Kons smiled, “you’re a smart kid Attelus, but you still can’t see what is right before your eyes.”

“And what is that?”

She sighed attaching her eyes to mine, “that Glaitis is grooming you, making you into her successor, can’t you see that?”

“What?” my eyes widened, “why would Glaitis want me to be her successor? I don’t understand, I’m not charismatic, I’m not a leader, and Castella Lethe is actually lined up to take over if anything ever happens to Glaitis.”

Karmen Kons shrugged again; a slight almost defeated movement, “alright keep convincing yourself of that now will you tell me what you know?”

I did, telling her everything right from the Twilight bar incident, a brief abridged version, studying her face intently for any interesting reactions along the way but much to my frustration I got nothing, even when I told of Taryst’s death being at the hands of the Thing and it’s taking of the Rogue Trader’s appearance afterwards.

The only thing I got an expression to was when I hesitantly told of Elandria’s death.

“I’m sorry Attelus,” she said sadly once I finished, “Elandria didn’t deserve the fate she was given and just when you had finally admitted to her how you felt, Glaitis is a real callous bitch.”

I could only manage a nod in agreement.

“And you really believe that Glaitis has really aligned herself with the Eldar?”

“Yes I believe it to be,” I hesitated I had neglected to tell precisely what the Eldar had said in my dream, but it seemed to eerily fit with what Karmen said just earlier.

“Well it would explain a lot,” she looked at me, “and you want this alliance so you can get revenge on Glaitis for having Elandria killed?”

I nodded.

Her expression turned hard, “well once I tell you what I know that will be the lowest on your list of priorities Attelus, Edracian is here that means we have truly run out of time.”

“What? Why?”

“I had no idea that Feuilt was both his and Glaitis’ spy how he had avoided my detection is quite beyond me,” said Karmen, “but it’s far too late now for regrets, you see Taryst was working for Edracian.”


“Yes, up until seven months ago Edracian and Taryst have been allies. We received information from Edracian that an Inquisitor’s Interrogator was investigating evidence of their alliance,” she sighed, “with the combined information from both Edracian and insiders of the local Arbites and Magistratum we were able to ambush the Interrogator and his escort soon after they made planetfall on Omnartus.”

“And let me guess, that Interrogator was this Brutis Bones, right?”

“Yes you’re correct, but you see Attelus our initial orders were to kill everyone but Brutis Bones, and many of his lackeys managed to escape our ambush, but we managed to take one of them alive.”

“The dead girl in the cell right?”

“You are correct again, we interrogated her for a long time, but finally we managed to get information, but it was information that I wasn’t sure we wanted to know.”

“Such as?”

“Well it turned out she wasn’t a direct colleague to Brutis Bones, her name was Amanda Heartsa the daughter and interrogator to another Inquisitor named Torathe, that Brutis Bones and she were to collaborate on this investigation.”

She paused seemingly unsure on how to continue. “She said that Brutis Bones had stumbled over evidence that Inquisitor Edracian directly or indirectly was responsible in no less than twelve separate orders of exterminatus all over the Imperium in the last century. As well as a list of his colleagues and Taryst was on that list, they had come to Omnartus in the hope of getting Taryst to tell of where Edracian was.”

“Exterminatus?” I echoed, exasperated, “it has happened that many times in this century alone?”

“Yeah it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Well needless to say Taryst was shocked at this news as well. He had no idea what to do at first. But in the end decided that he would put all his resources into hunting down Brutis Bones, to get this information for himself and to erase any information which connected him to Edracian. As well as kill anyone who knew, that is when he hired you and Glaitis for aide.”

She frowned, “and now I see hiring Glaitis that was his biggest mistake.”

“Oh by the Emperor and now he is on Omnartus,” I said just realising the implications, “and he made me take a picture of the Interrogator’s dead body. Why?”

“I don’t know why he made you do that Attelus, but it can’t be good. But now you see our alliance must be toward hunting down Edracian rather than getting revenge on Glaitis,

“As we will need her help to track him down.”


I found it hard to breathe, all this at once was hard to take in, and then I remembered No One of Consequence’s words back in the Twilight bar, and I shivered in fear.

I frowned, “why then Taryst did not just collaborate with Brutis Bones if he was so afraid?”

Karmen Kons shrugged, “I don’t exactly know but my theory is that he didn’t believe that the Interrogator would co-operate after being ambushed and almost killed by our forces, or he feared retribution from Edracian if he directly collaborated with Bones, but I don’t truly know either way, but both seem logical to me. By the way, is your face feeling any better?”

I nodded now my cut is covered with a bandage and it throbbed and hurt of a lot less; then it hit me.

“Wait!” I exclaimed suddenly, “we have one of Brutis’ Bones allies captured from the Twilight Bar incident.”

“Yes, you told me that,” said Karmen sardonically.

“If we want to track down Edracian, we should find Brutis Bones first, and he might be willing to help us to him.”


“The situation has changed since we last interrogated that man Karmen, now we know that Edracian is on Omnartus. So perhaps if we tell him that, then he might be willing to co-operate.”

Karmen Kons’ face suddenly lit up, “and we could gain his trust first by freeing him from capture.”

I smiled, which was a hell of a lot easier now, “it’s like the old saying: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” if Brutis Bones could just hear us out, and freeing this man may just announce our desperation in the situation.”

“Desperate times, call for desperate measures,” said Karmen.

I nodded, getting to my feet, “but before we do anything more we need to get out of here, do you know how to deactivate the shield upstairs?”

“Yes I do, but before we do anything...” Karmen Kons trailed off as she walked over to the kitchen and began to tear open the compartments, “I’ve really got to get something to eat.”

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