Secret War: Warhammer 40,000

Chapter 12

In silence, we sat at the small table in the kitchen Karmen Kons across from me with a huge pile of processed food in front of her that she tore into with animalistic fury.

I could only watch in shock as she continually shovelled a massive amount of food into her mouth and ripped apart bits of bread ravenously with her teeth.

Halfway through her feast, I felt my guts growl.

“Uhh, can I have some, too?” I said, reaching over.

Her attention snapped straight to me, a feral feline snarl escaping her lips. That immediately made me snatch back my hand in fright.

“Okay! Okay! That’s...yours...then.”

She didn’t reply only eating with even more intensity than before.

“Can I ask uhm a question?”

“Sure,” she said no longer feral, but an overly full mouth slurred the word. “Fire...away.”

“I was uhh wondering,” I said there was a hell of a lot of questions at the tip of my tongue; how did you implant the mind blocks? How did you come under Taryst’s employee? How did you receive the necessary training for your powers? But one which I didn’t care much for was asked instead.

“Why is Taryst’s password Garrakson’s name?”

Karmen Kons swallowed abruptly and answered simply, “well Taryst and Garrakson used to be close awhile back.”

I raised an eyebrow, “what?”

Karmen Kons sniggered her snigger again, “let’s just say that Taryst and Garrakson were a little closer than a normal employer and employee relationship.”

“What? So like friends then?”

She smiled with food caked teeth. “Closer than that Attelus.”

“Oh,” I said, as I realised what she meant, then my eyes widened and said another. “Oh,” as it truly hit home, “but Garrakson-?”

“Garrakson, the manliest man this side of the Segmentum Obscurus?” she interrupted, “hard to believe right? Doesn’t make it any less true though.”

I blinked, “but he teased me all the time because-”

“Because of your obvious attraction to Elandria?” she said, “but how does that make him straight?”

At the mention of Elandria, I frowned and averted my attention to the floor; I missed her more than I could ever admit.

Karmen looked away with narrowed eyes, apparently missing my sudden sadness.

“Well that was until they fell out,” she sighed, “Garrakson really didn’t approve of Taryst keeping so many secrets and the new regime of the organisation, so after a heated confrontation they kinda called it quits.”

She looked back to me her eyes locking onto mine, “you have to realise Attelus,” she said somberly, “there is a real reason why Taryst had earned the respect of those in his employ, before he descended into the single-minded paranoia which led to his death he was a great man.”

I shook away my sad state, “and how long did you work with them, I mean him?”

“A year, only a year,” she answered shaking her head. “I have been in almost every mind that worked for Taryst and have seen it all. When they find out he’s dead...”

“If Glaitis has it her way, they’ll never know, that Thing out there fooled everyone.”

“And in turn, medicae Feuilt fooled It as well.”

I sighed wearily, shaking my head into the palm of my hand, “perhaps...But what I don’t understand is why Edracian had me take the pict and not Feuilt...Although I could hazard a guess.”

Karmen Kons pouted and shrugged, “that’s a good question Attelus, but there is one much bigger question we need to ask.”

“And that is?”

“If the mimic-thing had its eyes, as you figured out earlier, replaced with Barhurst’s why didn’t it have them in turn replaced with Taryst’s?”

I stiffened in my chair, all of a sudden awake again, “yeah! That’s the only reason why we caught onto It! Surely if Feuilt and the mimic where cooperating, one being the leader of the organisation and the other the head of the organisation’s medical department surely they could’ve easily arranged a way to do it.”

“Exactly and we have a way to find out.”

“The Thing? is it awake now?”

“Maybe,” she said lightly, “If It isn’t maybe we should make it awake, It has a lot to answer for Attelus. I’m surprised Attelus you didn’t kill it already, it certainly deserves it.”

I swallowed, “Karmen, I’ve already learnt the hard way to control my anger, and...”

I clenched my teeth, furrowed my brow and sucked air through my teeth as the rage suddenly welled back to the surface, “killing It now wouldn’t help me, I need to know what It knows, that information will help me make sure the true perpetrator pay for Elandria’s death.”

Karmen Kons chewed her lip, “but Glaitis...” she started but trailed off and looked away.


“Nothing, nothing.”

“Glaitis what?” I insisted, annoyed at the psyker’s dismissive tone.

“Don’t worry Attelus its nothing,” she said lightly and got up from her chair, “alright if you excuse me I’m going to have a shower.”

“What, now? But aren’t we to talk to the mimic?”

“Yes we will, but if you haven’t noticed I stink,” she said as she began to walk away, “I stink so I need a shower, don’t worry I won’t be long.”

I nodded, making a mental note to ask her about this dismissiveness later, “okay, fair enough.”

Instantly Karmen Kons stopped and turned back to me her face as serious as stone, “you called her El didn’t you?”

I looked away, not sure what to make of her sudden change and at her mention of Elandria again, “y-yeah.”

“You know if it were anyone else calling her El, she would’ve hated it,” said Karmen with a sad smile. “But when you said it Attelus, she really didn’t mind it at all.”

Sudden tears sprang into my eyes, tears that I tried to hide.

“I’m sorry but please, please,” she said, “please, Attelus while I’m in the shower try to think, try to think about what it is you really want, think about what really is the best for you...and-and think about what Elandria would really want.”

With that she walked back into the bathroom, the door sliding closed behind her, leaving me alone with nothing but my thoughts.

With Karmen Kons no longer there to converse with, my tiredness just seemed to return suddenly.

I shook my head, trying to fight it but it was so, so hard.

Finally, after a few minutes, I gave in, collapsing back onto the bed and let it overtake me.

And again I dreamed, I dreamed back to when I was living in the ruins of Varander.

It was almost identical to my earlier dream, the one when I walked and walked through the destruction and devastation but this time I walked with someone, side by side with a woman.

An attractive woman with large, watery blue eyes with her long deep black hair pulled back into a ponytail and wearing the black with white trim flak armour distinct to the Velrosian PDF.

She seemed so familiar, but I found it impossible to recall who she was.

We were also talking, conversing about something intently but of what exactly I had no idea as I couldn’t hear the words exchanged but feel my jaw moving.

Like my dream earlier I couldn’t control myself, we walked and walked and talked and talked with me every few seconds glancing away to scrutinise over the scenery.

It was strange as every time I looked back to her, her black hair would briefly change to blond. This went on for a long time, until suddenly the black-blond woman stopped in her tracks, and raised her hand against my chest forcing me to stop too.

She turned to me her hair now staying blonde, blonde like Karmen Kons’.

“My name Attelus Xanthis Kaltos, my real name is Estella Erith,” she said clearly, “please remember all we went through together, please remember the oath you swore to me so long ago.”

Then I awoke.

My eyes snapped open as revelations began to poor through my thoughts and immediately I lunged off the bed, slid to the side of the bathroom door, my sword suddenly drawn and Karmen Kons stepped out to find the blade held an inch from her throat.

“You’ve come a hell of a long way since only being able to tell the names of things Estella Erith,” I said.

She smiled and shook her head, “I was wondering if you would ever recognise me Attelus Xanthis Kaltos.”

I didn’t reply for a while as a myriad amount of different emotions swept through me, anger, relief, confusion, panic and I had no idea which one to express.

“I-I can’t believe you’re still alive Estella,” I croaked, “I can’t believe your here of all the billions of places in this cosmos, I-I can’t believe...”

I trailed off, “I can’t believe I ever forgot about you.”

Karmen Kons let out a sudden derivative snort, “you still believe that you suppressed the memories of your time living in those ruins that seems to be the only thing I got right it seems.”


“It looks to me that the Eldar dredged up those memories during the time she mind raped you Attelus, accursed Xeno,” she shook her head, “what if I told you I was the one who made those memories go away, what If I was the one who did that, then what would you do?”

“I-I don’t know Estella,” I managed, “what do you mean?”

“Do you remember Attelus Kaltos what you said to me in the moonlight the night of our escape from Varander? What you told to Estella Erith I mean.”

Suddenly, I found I did it was all there, all flooding back, “I-I remember, I said that I could never go back to my old life after what I saw and went through, that I wanted to be an assassin like my father.”

“Yes, yes you did,” she said sadly, “and so I tried to stop you from going down that path Attelus, I tried to stop you from making that mistake...”

“So you suppressed my memories of it...!” I finished with widening eyes feeling the horror suddenly spread, “I..I, you did that to me?”

“Yes I did Attelus, I did it, I did it when just before we parted ways, do you remember that now?”

Again I did, the last time I saw Estella was when we first arrived in the PDF base camp south of the battle lines, she said that she was to meet general Tathe and be back soon, but she never came back. But I never tried to find her, and that was because I couldn’t remember her, because she had made me forget her.

I abruptly dropped my sword, finding that I really needed to sit down and gather my thoughts.

“I obviously succeeded in doing that, but not in suppressing your wish to become an assassin,” she shook her head, “I shouldn’t be surprised, at that time I was no way near as skilled as now, my psychic power was only just beginning to show itself.”

I was hyperventilating now, placing my face into the palms of my hands.

She came over to me and pulled my hands away, her large blue eyes wild, “so can’t you see, Attelus! Now you are going through the exact same struggle I helped you through six years ago! That struggle for your humanity, your sanity! Just imagine my surprise when I first saw you arrive with Glaitis and her assassins so many months ago!”

She shook her head, “I see now that He sent you here to me! The God-Emperor of Mankind sent you to Omnartus so I could help you again! To save you from insanity, to save you from Glaitis.”

Then she suddenly grabbed me and pulled me into a passionate kiss.

I let out a surprised, muffled, “mmf!“, pain erupted through my lips and after a few seconds I managed to pushed her off me, disgusted with myself as I realised despite the pain I’d really liked it.

“What’s the matter Attelus?” she asked sensually. “Don’t you remember how you fell in love with Estella on that starry night

Now with the return of these memories, I knew she was right, that Elandria was never the first woman I had fallen for, no Estella Erith was, and at the time I was just too young and ignorant to realise it.

I looked to the floor, “y-yes, yes I do.”

“So why do you pull away?” she demanded.

My attention snapped back to her, “because you’re not her, because you’re no longer Estella. I see that kind, and compassionate woman is gone now replaced by-by...”

She stared at me blankly, “I don’t understand.”

“Estella! You delved into my mind, and you erased my memories! You tried to manipulate me into doing what you wanted me to do! The audacity, the sheer arrogance is breathtaking! Do you realise how sick that is? And under Taryst’s employ, every day you delved into people’s minds and then! Then! Then you frigging go and erase Vex’s memory of our deal As some sickening foreshadowing for Taryst!”

I shook my head, the exasperation becoming so overwhelming it was hard to breathe.

“I was only doing what I was ordered to do,” Karmen said.

I clenched my teeth and clenched my fists, anger quickly overtaking the exasperation. “Does that make it okay! Does saying that give you a clear conscience? “I was just following orders!” Is that the excuse everyone uses now? You and that Thing out there say the exact same thing. It makes me sick.”

I shook my head again, my eyes watering, “what happened to you, Estella? What the hell happened to you to change you from the kind, compassionate, beautiful women I fell for and into!”

She glared at me, “into what, Attelus?”

“, how can you claim you’re here to save me from insanity when you are no longer sane yourself?”

“I am sane Attelus!” she yelled “I know because the God-Emperor of Mankind sent-”

“Oh save it!” I snarled, “with the number of times you’ve looked into my mind you must know that I don’t believe in that crap! Now I know why I was so quick to trust you I must’ve recognised and-”

It hit me in mid-sentence, “...and why Glaitis kept you alive even though she had the perfect opportunity to kill you.”

Karmen’s brow furrowed in bemusement, “what?”

“It’s because she knew this would happen!” I exclaimed, “or at least the Eldar told her it would! She knew that me seeing what you become would-would!”

I sniffed, “no I won’t let it, I won’t let you turn me against you. Despite what you have become I owe it to the woman you used to be, I owe it to Estella.”

My eyes attached to hers, my shoulders rising and falling while breathing heavily through my nose, “I’m sorry Estella, I-I didn’t mean to get so angry with you, I understand you were only doing what you needed to do, to survive.”

I sat down on the bed, “l-lets go and talk to that Thing out there.”

“You said years ago Attelus,” Karmen said, “that you were living to survive instead of surviving to live, didn’t you?”


“Maybe...” she shook her head, “maybe you’re right maybe I was living to survive, maybe it’s about time to survive to live.”

I smiled and placed my hand on her arm. “It’s been a long time Estella, even though I couldn’t remember you, I still somehow think I missed you.”

She reached over cupped her hand on my bruised, battered face, “you have no idea how much I missed you.”

Then she began to pull me in for another kiss, but again I very hesitantly pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Estella...Karmen, whatever I should call you,” I said and sighed. “I’ve been through a hell of a lot. All these revelations one after another, finding out Taryst’s fate, the mimic masquerading as him, Feuilt being Edracian’s spy and him succeeding in manipulating me so well, as well as everyone else. El-Elandria’s death, and getting the utter crap beaten out of me, but most of all finding out you...being, being you. Just so frigging much has come outta the blue.”

Karmen Kons smiled.

I looked up at her, into the face which was now so familiar I should have recognised her even with my memories suppressed.

My attention fell to the floor, I needed her so needed to be on her right side, and if I could help her to return her to the person I once knew.

I sucked in air through clenched teeth and suddenly got off the bed.

“Enough frigging about,” I said. “Let’s go, let’s go and talk to the thing, we’ve wasted enough time talking.”

She shrugged and looked away, “Yeah, I guess.”

“Let’s do this then.”

Karmen and I walked into the corridor, Karmen carrying the medical kit with her, our footfalls echoing ominously on the stark white tiles as we passed the cells.

We came to the Thing’s cell where we found it still in my form and still lying unconscious.

Drawing my sword, I turned to Karmen and said, “you ready?”

She nodded, and I punched the door access button, raising my sword in a defensive stance as it slowly slid open.

Suddenly its eyes snapped open, and it lunged, a blur of speed as It came at me.

But I was ready, weaving under it’s flying fist I smashed my knee hard into its side. It let out a gasp of pain and collapsed onto its knees and suddenly found the edge of my sword laid against its throat.

“Really?” I said grinning down at It. “You thought we’d fall for that?”

It just glared accusingly at me.

I looked to Karmen who was still standing with a look of shock on her attractive face.

“You alright?” I asked.

“I uh yeah,” she said shaking herself out of it. “That was just...”

I raised an eyebrow, “just what?”

“Nothing,” she said and knelt next to the mimic, opening her kit as she did. “Attelus told me he smashed a bottle over your head; I don’t know how your illusion works but show it to me so I can withdraw the shards of glass.”

It looked at her with distinct contempt, then glared back up at me.

“So your not going to kill me now?” It asked.

I shrugged. “Depends on how cooperative you are, I know that you have a huge role to play in this game for mamzel Glaitis, so much, so you really need to keep on living to do so. So I suggest you do as she says.”

“And answer our questions,” said Karmen.

“Of which we have a myriad amount of,” I added.

It sighed, and with a flash of light, It showed us it’s injuries, half of my face covered in dried blood, and countless slivers of glass jutted out of its entire skull.

It wasn’t a pretty sight, making me wince away and suck in air through clenched teeth.

“I should have known you two would join forces,” It growled, as Karmen began to pluck out bits of the bottle with a small pair of tweezers.

“Well you know what they say, desperate times,” said Karmen.

The Thing let out a derivative snort, “so very like you Karmen always spouting out cliches-ow!”

Just then Karmen chose to pull out a large piece of the bottle.

“First question mutant,” I said, pressing my blade slightly closer against its neck. “Or Xenos, or whatever the hell you are, tell me why you keep on insisting on keeping my appearance?”

It looked up at me with utter contempt. “I thought that was obvious, it’s psychological, it was meant to unnerve you and anyway I like your appearance, you’re very pretty.”

My brow furrowed, “what?”

It frowned, then winced as Karmen tugged out another piece of glass. “Ow! I’m going to blunt with you Attelus Kaltos, with your hair like that, you kind of look like a girl.”

Karmen let out a derivative snort of her own, “‘kind of?’ More like completely.”

“W-what? No, I don’t.”

“Yes you do Attelus, sorry,” It said and inhaled sharply as Karmen withdrew another bit of bottle. “I really do suggest you get a haircut, in fact, I’m surprised mamzel Glaitis has let you have long hair for so long.”

It snorted again, but this time it sounded almost like laughter, “some pragmatist you’re meant to be, in a fight long hair is nothing but disadvantageous, you should know that. In fact, do you want me to show you what you would look like with short hair?”

“No,” I said through clenched teeth, eager to change the subject. “So do you know how we caught onto your charade?”

It shrugged, “no but I can guess, you found out through the retinal scan records?”

“Which leads us to another question,” said Karmen. “Why didn’t you have Taryst’s eyes implanted?”

It sighed, “do you have any idea the pain I had to go through when I got Barhurst’s implanted?”

Karmen shrugged, “actually, I do.”

The Thing’s attention snapped to her, Its eyes wide with surprise, but it was gone as quickly as it came and I couldn’t hide the shock of my own.

“So you know the agony? The horrific agony, I had to go through, I couldn’t go through that again, no, never.”

It shrugged. “Anyway, I had the same access as if I had Taryst’s eyes; I didn’t see the point.”

“Well the point would be not to be found,” I said.

“Yes, it was,” It said bluntly. “But we agreed it would be more trouble than it was worth, I had to keep up appearances as Taryst, to avoid suspicion.”

“And let me guess,” I said. “‘we’ means you and Feuilt?”

Now that got a real expression of surprise from It. “Y-yes, so you know medicae Feuilt was also Glaitis’ spy?”

I looked darkly sidelong at Karmen and growled, “that amongst a myriad of other things.”

It stared at me curiously, about to ask for me to elaborate but seemed to decide better of it and turned away.

“And that leads conveniently to another question,” said Karmen as she took out the last bit of glass and began to dab the creature’s face with a cotton bud. “When Feuilt came up here to give me the drug to keep me comatose, did he act suspicious or anything, what did you do?”

It sighed again, “I had learnt a long time ago not to trust anyone in this line of business, and that went double for Feuilt.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because until we worked on this together, I had never heard of him before, so every time he came up here I would watch him to make sure he didn’t try anything off.”

Karmen turned to me, “that does make sense Attelus as I understand it Feuilt has been under Taryst’s employ for at least six years.”

“A deep undercover operative,” I said, also finding it interesting that it was around the time Glaitis took me as her apprentice and wondering how long he’d been under Edracian’s employ. “But that didn’t stop you from consulting him on the next eye transplant.”

It shook It’s head, “no I guess it didn’t and he hadn’t performed the operation for Barhurst’s eye transplant on me.”

“Who did?” asked Karmen.

“A local renegade medicae hired by Glaitis, by the name of Dureth.”

I nodded, that would explain Feuilt being unable to take the picts, this Thing was always watching him like a hawk.

“So you trusted this Dureth more than Feuilt?” I said.

“To perform the mission it was necessary, but not with Feuilt.”

“You know everything don’t you?” asked Karmen. “Why we hunt for Brutis Bones?”

“Of course I do,” it said, sounding hurt.

“So then you know the significance of Inquisitor Edracian being here, right?” I said.

It’s face immediately turned pale, “w-what?”

I shook my head, deciding it was a good time to change the subject while it was off guard.

“What are you? and how the hell does your transformations work.”

It frowned and glared at me, but the slight increase in pressure of my sword made It go away.

“I am-I am a Xeno, an alien, or at least that is what mamzel Glaitis told me I really do not know for sure I was taken in by the mamzel when I was very young, so I remember nothing of my life before it. You were correct in your earlier assumption Attelus I am not a shapeshifter, what you see is a projection, but I can change my height and build to fit the appearance,” It growled. “I was mamzel Glaitis first and best apprentice.”

It mockingly emphasised ‘best’, which I ignored. So it was an alien who made me uneasy, so Glaitis hasn’t just allied with the Eldar but also actively using Xenos in her agendas.

“Who in our organisation know of you?” I asked.

It grimaced, “as far as I know only the mamzel, obviously, Hayden Tresch, medicae Feuilt and now, you.”

I smiled at the icy tone used in the “you.” Now Edracian knew of him too, and Emperor only knew who the hell else. They could easily use this knowledge against us and my teeth involuntarily clenched as the familiar cold feel of fear spread through my chest, this wasn’t good, this wasn’t good at all.

Then I noticed. It was studying me intensely, searching for answers in my face.

I only glared back.

“There’s one more question I have for you,” I said.

“What?” It growled.

“Why the hell, did you have to kill Elandria?”

It rolled its eyes, “I have already told you-”

“Yeah! “Orders” I know!” I snarled the anger suddenly coming back. “But why did she give you the order! Why!”

It stared up at me wide-eyed, with an expression that could’ve been sympathy or contempt or anything, even though it was my face I couldn’t tell. Perhaps I was too angry to know; perhaps I just didn’t care. All that I truly knew was that I needed to know.

The Xenos turned to the floor.

“No,” It said simply.

“W-what? What the hell do you mean by “no?” I roared.

Karmen looked to me, “Attelus...”

“Shut up Estella!” I snarled. “Karmen! Whoever the hell you are!”

It shook it’s head, “no means no Attelus, sorry.”

“Frig you!” I pressed my sword a little more making it inhale sharply and drawing blood. “Tell me! Tell me now!”

“I cannot tell you Attelus, because you will not like what I say, and because of that you might kill me.”

“Well I will kill you if you don’t,” I said.

The Xenos shook its head, “are you sure you want to hear it?”

“Yes! Of course, I frigging want to know! Tell me! Tell me now!”

The Thing sighed, “alright if you insist Attelus.” It frowned deeply. “Honestly I don’t really know why, exactly.”

My face turned as hard as a stone at that.

“But I have my suspicions!” It said quickly. “Only half an hour before you, Olinthre and Feuilt came up I received a communique from the mamzel via my encrypted vox link. She told me that you would be coming up soon and that she would send Elandria up to guard me.”

The Xenos sighed again, “and that I kill Taryst’s bodyguards so they wouldn’t get in the way.”

I nodded, Elandria said that she found the guards dead, and at that time I felt she was telling the truth.

“The mamzel also said that she had ordered Elandria to kill you,” It said. “She ordered me to monitor your fight and...”

The Xenos trailed off.

“And to what?” I demanded.

“I did not know what it meant at the time,” It said on hesitantly. “The mamzel said to monitor your fight with Elandria, and these were her exact words; “to kill whoever loses it”.”

My attention snapped to Karmen Kons, who looked back at me with wide eyes, then I looked back to the Thing.


“She meant Elandria, Attelus,” It interrupted. “She had the perfect opportunity to kill you, but she didn’t. Instead, she burst into tears, she defied her orders, she had lost her nerve, she was the one to truly ‘lose it.’”

The Xenos looked to the floor, “I am sorry Attelus,” It said with real, genuine sorrow.

I wasn’t sure what to say, I only gaped dumbly.

“What else did she order you to do?” asked Karmen softly.

It turned to her, “I also know that the mamzel meant for me to kill Elandria, not Attelus because next, she ordered me to withdraw the reason why Attelus was here from him, by “any means necessary”,” the Xenos looked back to me, glaring. “At first I tried to masquerade as Olinthre to do it, but I should have known it would not work, killing Elandria caused Attelus to go into a paranoid state. So I attempted to do it forcefully.”

It shook its head, “and obviously that didn’t work either, so here I am with a sword to my throat and telling you two everything I know.”

So it seemed that even though Glaitis knew I was coming up to Taryst’s quarters, she didn’t know why interesting. Perhaps it was because Edracian was involved and perhaps the Eldar’s farsight was somehow being blocked by the Inquisitor? That would explain why no one seemed to know of Edracian’s presence on Omnartus.

“You mean to kill her don’t you?” The Xenos said bluntly. “You mean to kill Glaitis.”

The anger immediately boiled back. “I’m sick of it,” I snarled. “I’m sick and tired of Glaitis and her games! Her constant tests and manipulations.”

I shook my head. “Killing Elandria was the breaking point, I can only see one way of ending this hell, Glaitis must die.”

“But not before we take care of Edracian,” cut in Karmen. “Your revenge can wait, Attelus, we have bigger fish to fry.”

The Xenos shrugged, “go ahead Attelus,” It said. “I will not try to stop you, but others will, and if you do succeed, you will make many powerful enemies.”

“Like who?” I growled. “That sycophant, Darrance?”

“Yes, him,” It confirmed. “You know how he worships the very ground the mamzel steps upon and he is a very, very dangerous enemy to have. But the mamzel still keeps in contact with her assassin sect from time to time, and they have one overriding rule, one rule that if anyone ever breaks it, the consequences are beyond your worst nightmare.”

“What’s that?” asked Karmen.

“No assassin, apprentice or not, under any circumstances are ever to kill their master, never.”

I grinned and shook my head, “oh if you had even a glimpse into my nightmares, Xenos,” I said. “And thank you for the warning, I’ll just have to make sure they never find out then.”

“But they will find one way or another Attelus, they will.”

“We’ll see,” I said. “We’ll see.”

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