The Nightmares


Maggie herself teaming up with , Brooklynn Carson and Harley Madison paths collide, and the unlikely foursome have no choice but to team up to run someone's shit. And there called ''The Nightmares''

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Chapter 1:Us

Hey crazy start of the story but let me tell you something were the Nightmares crazy,sweet,mean people let me tell you some of the names we have Maggie aka Mags aka Vand Vand and we have Brook aka Brooklynn aka Bebe and we have Harley aka Harl aka the leader of this hole group P.S i'm her favorite.Im Maggie the one who came up with the name Nightmares because we are your nightmares some times people are not scared of us but we have alot of shit you guys don't know about like..We killed alot of people and didn't get caught and we stole things from stores and we used somebody's money to buy us drinks. Hey Were The Nightmares

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