Cul-De-Sac: Second Generation


Join Eddy, Bella, Edd, and Andie as they face the struggles of parenthood, like naptimes, going to bed, and a few more bundles of joy.

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A Month Old

Me: HEEEEEY! Finally onto the sequel of 'The Next Step' meaning I'm finally done with 'The Next Step.' Jenna, (Not her real name) still doesn't have her phone, soooo...she'll say something when she can. Also, Ryland is Andie's daughter.

It was a chilly March 14th when I woke this morning. I yawned and turned over to see Eddy still asleep. I slowly got out of bed wearing my pajamas and tip-toed down the hall to check on Izzy. I looked at the sleeping Izzy. She had cat ears and a tail. I walked back into our room and saw Eddy awake.

"Morning," I smiled. his eyes were still focusing.

"Hey, I had this crazy, crazy dream," He said in a yawn.

"What about?" I asked.

"We were at Mondo A Go-Go and Andie was beating up my brother. I woke up when she smiled at me and said 'I got you mate'," Eddy explained, "Crazy, right?"

"Very," I said, "Well, since we're up, how about some breakfast?"

"Yeah, I guess," Eddy said, "Hey, I don't think Sockhead came home from Andie's house last night."

"I wouldn't be surprised if he's moving in," I said.

"Why? He never really was that kinda person," Eddy said.

"This is the fifth night this month he slept over," I said.

"Maybe he's just helping out," Eddy said, "Hopefully they're not sleeping together."

"I don't think Doppio D is like THAT," I laughed.

"Yeah, I bet that he hasn't even kissed Andie. She probably kisses him first," Eddy laughed. I laughed.

"C'Mon, let's have breakfast," I said.

"You want some of my famous omelets?" Eddy asked. I giggled slightly.

"Sure," I said, "But you know how picky I am." Eddy fixed our breakfast and yawned.

"I might need an after breakfast nap," He said.

"Didn't sleep well?" I asked. I heard crying, "Well, someone's up."

I went to get Izzy. Eddy ate his breakfast and lay on the couch. I walked in carrying Izzy and saw Eddy napping. I rolled my eyes and smiled. Eddy woke up. I was breastfeeding Izzy, smiling slightly and stroking her hair.

"Bella, I had the strangest dream," Eddy said.

"Again?" I asked.

"Yeah," Eddy said, "Me, you, Andie, and Sockhead were in a forest. Andie was looking at us nervously. She sighed and told us something incredible."

"What?" I asked. Eddy looked over at me.

"She told us that she was born with the power to talk to animals," He said. I shrugged.

"Well, I wasn't born with mine, but I do have the ability," I said, "Comes with the cat ears."

"Right, but there's something wrong with the dream," Eddy said, "It was far too real, and I think the forest was Peach Creek Reservation."

"So?" I said, "Lots of dreams seem far too real. Once I had a dream where these aliens captured half the cul-de-sac and forced them to make stuff. The scariest part was that I would never see you again."

I shuddered.

"Yeah, I guess," Eddy said, "But something was different about this dream." He looked at me worriedly and sighed, "It's like an event that's going to happen in the future, that's what I mean by different."

"That is weird," I said. Eddy nodded.

"Hey, shouldn't Sockhead been back, like, five minutes ago?" He asked.

"I don't know," I shrugged, "Maybe he got held up."

Eddy's eyes fell to Izzy.

"Maybe with his little girlfriend," He joked.

"Heh, yeah," I laughed lightly. Izzy was done so I pulled up my shirt and went to burp her. Eddy looked away and smirked.

"Maybe they'd have another kid together," He joked again. I laughed.

"Maybe," I said.

"Andie would have to make the first move again," Eddy joked again. I laughed again.

"She'd probably do most of the work," Eddy laughed harder.

"Ok, stop," I laughed, "I can't breathe!" Eddy saw a black cat in the window giving him Andie's death glare.

"Hey, isn't that Shadow," I said. I stopped laughing and turned to see.

"I think so," I said.

The window was unlocked from last night since it was a little bit warm. Shadow lifted the window up a little bit and slipped through.

"That is not true. That is mean and Andie shall know about this," He told me.

He looked at Felice and winked. Felice giggled in a cat-like fashion. Shadow glared at Eddy and hissed. Eddy looked nervously at me.

"What's up with shadow?" He asked. I cleared my throat and spoke exactly as Shadow.

"That is not true," I said, "That is mean and Andie will know about this." I cleared my throat. Eddy laughed.

"How can she know if she can't understand you?" He asked. Shadow glared at Eddy and his face relaxed.

"She can talk to animals," He said.

"She CAN talk to animals!" I gasped, "Awesome!"

Eddy paled as Shadow meowed loudly. We heard a knock on the door. Shadow jumped off of Eddy and went to open the door. He glanced nervously at me. Izzy was reaching and trying to grab Shadow. Shadow opened the door and standing right there was Andie.

"Shadow, what's wrong?" She asked. Shadow glared at Eddy.

"He was making jokes about you and Edd, saying that he was with his little girlfriend; saying that you and Edd would have another kid together, and that you would have to do all the work," Shadow told Andie. Her eyes turned soul-less grey and she stared at Eddy.

"Seriously? Again Eddy?"

Izzy giggled and reached out to Andie. Andie smiled.

"Hi baby, hello Izzy," She said. Felice meowed and ran herself around Andie's legs.

"Hello Felice, how are you?" Andie asked. Eddy raised his eyebrow at her.

"What just happened?" He asked.

I shrugged.

"Hey, where's Doppio D?" I asked.

At the house with Ryland," Andie said, "I told him that I would be right back."

"Cool," I nodded, "How is she, anyway?"

"She's okay. Today she got got a hold of the baby powder and shook it all over Double D's face," Andie laughed, "He looked like a snowman." I laughed.

"Did you take a picture?" I asked, "Cuz I wanna see that!"

"Yeah, I actually got a new phone on Saturday," Andie said. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and handed it to me. Andie choked on a laugh. I laughed.

"This reminds me of the time we were pretending to be secret agents and accidently ruining Jimmy's birthday party," I said, "Doppio D made a smoke ball or something, and when Eddy set it off, the whole room was covered in white powder. Ruined my good dress."

I glared at Eddy. He sulked in his seat. Andie choked on her laugh.

"Can I tell you something weird?" She asked.

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