The Granger Girls

Chapter 3

I know the song in this chapter doesn't belong in that year, but bear with me, it was the one I wanted to be.

December 25 — Evening

“It’s time!” Willow sing-song; beside her best friend smirking mischievously at her with shining eyes.

“Time for what? The ball don’t start until eight o’clock and there is still three hours until then” Jay said annoyed still because she was practically forced to go, and have to dress up and use dangerous high heels.

“Oh, no my dear” she smile deviously at her. “We need to start getting ready from now!”

Jay who was reading a book of rare ingredients and it’s used in potion, and was half-way listening to her friend, almost drop the book at hearing her said such thing. Her dark eyes turn to look at the sparkle in the blue ones of her only friend.

“Oh, dear” she mutter under her breath, before begin dragged to the bathroom were she was order to take a shower.

Two hours later, Jay was watching Willow fuse around with her makeup and the dress she was forced to wear, there was just one hour left to the dance, and because the dark hair girl has manage to convince her red hair friend to arrange herself first and her later, Willow thought she wasn’t gonna be ready. Secretly the dark eye girl was praying for that, so she wouldn’t go to the dread party, but at least her friend manages to make her ready in just an hour.

She looks at her imagen in the full mirror; the dress was V neck with short sleeves made of plum purple chiffon that reach and cover her feet clad in black heels, it was lighter and she could move surprising freely in it, so she didn’t complain. Her makeup was light, just black eye liner, a bit purple eye shadow and a bit of lip gloss. While her hair was in long dark waves reaching her bum, and all she could do was stare at herself in amaze silence. Willow has out do in her art to make her look pretty.

“You look wonderful Jay!” willow exclaim finally watching with critical eye her work.

“Thanks, and you look beautiful too” the dark hair girl point out, and she wasn’t lying. Her friend was dressed in a silk silver strapless dress that hugs her curves in the right place and her red hair in a stylish bun, with red lips and rosy cheeks.

“Now let me check with the other girls and see when we are going to take our place” with this she smirk at her. “And of course I’m looking toward the snog with my man of Durmstrang, or maybe more!”

“Go see the other and please spear me the disgusting images!” She said rolling her eyes, and grabbing her book again.

By the time came, everyone from the Salem Institute were ready, and they march from their room toward the Great Hall where the Yule Ball was to be hosted. They sit in the tables looking at the wonderful decorations of it, they eat and finally after that the opening ball begins, with the Champions and their dates. Then Jay was Professor Dumbledore follow with Professor McGonagall in tow, and so many people join, while Jay just remain sit watching.

She didn’t have a date and she like it like that, but was happy for Hermione, for she has manage to make Viktor Krum to invite her to the ball and has let more than one person with open mouths. Jay was just standing to go back to her room and read more of that book when she was suddenly grab by a pair of hands and taken to the dance floor. Startles she just could chuckle at seen it was Headmaster Dumbledore with who she was dancing, and she even start to enjoy a bit.

“Thanks Professor but I have to go-” she start to said when the music end, but was suddenly turn in a whirl and the next thing she knew was that another pair of hands were stabilizing her.

“My boy I think now is your turn! I have to talk to Minerva about some things, enjoy!” And with that and mischievous twinkling eyes Albus turn and leave the two with the other pairs, while another song was beginning to start.

Jay turn to look at her new partner and she almost faint seen Professor Severus Snape holding her elbows, and glaring furiously at the retreating back of Dumbledore, but then both were looking at the other in the eye, she nervous and he with a unreadable face. But the two were then more conscious of the many eyes on then, waiting for a reaction or something.

“Shall we?” he cool and controlled voice make her bit her lip and shiver, but she follow him to the center of the dance, his hand taking hers all the time.

Jay was trembling a bit when he taken her by the waist and positioned in the correct pose, she was almost sure that she would trip and embarrass the man and make a fool out of herself in front of everybody.

“Lift your head Miss Simons” his calm voice startled her, and she look at him with surprise. “You just let me lead the way, and for Merlin’s beard do try not to step on me”

And before she could say anything to that, he start moving, and they were dancing to a song she recognize as Love Me Like You Do from Ellie Goulding; Jay was so far doing okay, he was moving fluently and elegantly, while she was just following his lead, trying to not step on him or loss the tempo. Her heart was beating so loud that she swears that everyone and especially he could hear it, and the stares and whispers of the others were helping her in her confidence.

“Stop thinking so much Miss Simons” he said quietly, his intense black eyes fixed on her only, before he twirled her once.

Jay closes her eyes and relaxes, letting him lead her more easily, letting go of her insecurities for the moment, just hearing the music and forgetting for the time begin with who she was dancing with and in what place they were. And to Severus it was somewhat surprising that she from one moment to the other was just a girl, and the next the perfect dancing partner for him, making them dance fluently as if they were doing it for years. Many of the people that were dancing were making space for them in the floor, observing the way they both dance, transfixed and awed.

Her dark hair flow behind her every time he twirled her, same with her dress, making her look like an exotic creature in some way, and then she open her eyes and look at him with parted lips and flushed cheeks, and he have to agreed that she indeed look like a vision; he for a few minutes let go of all the pretense he put up for the sake of the greater good, and just let himself enjoy just this dance with a good partner. But all too soon, the music stop, and so did they. She was breathing a bit fast and was looking at him in awed and with shyness, especially when there was a collective loud applause from the people around them.

She let her hair fall a bit around her face to try and hid her blushing face, and for a moment Snape was amuse, but then his mask took place again and he took her hand and lead her out of the dancing floor, were she follow willingly and without a word; he pause and turn to her, lift her hand to give it a kiss and then with a nod of his head to her, he turn around and left the Great Hall, it was time to start his patrols.

“Wow! That was just… OMG!” Willow appears suddenly beside her dark hair friend. “Was that Professor Snape you were dancing with? He certainly knows his way in the dance floor!”

“Er- well I suppose” was all she could said at the moment, she hasn’t gather her wits about yet.

“You suppose? For Merlin’s beard! You were dancing with the man!” she laughs, and her friend now suspects her to be a little bit inebriated. “And I don’t know what’s wrong with the British but he isn’t that unattractive at all! Beside you always are more comfortable around older people, so there is an opportunity for ya’!” she hiccup and giggle.

“Willow I recommend you to slow down the drinks and don’t talk about those things, people tend to talk and things like that are what rumors are made of” Jay said looking around for someone that has been listening their conversation; for her luck nobody appear to be listening or paying attention to them.

“Now go have fun, Jay! I’m gonna go with my man, and have a good snog!” the red hair said disappearing into the crowd.

The dark hair girl just wanted to go and leave the crowd behind, breath fresh air and think things straight; so with that thought in mind, she gather her long skirt and start the walking towards the door, and then out into the night sky, until she arrives at a fountain and sits letting her sore feet rest from the high heels her friend has make her wear, and takes from a hid poked in her dress and start reading the book while trying clearing her head of any thoughts but what the pages told.

She was so focused into the interesting plans in potion that she didn’t notice the dark shadow observing her from afar, until that is she feels someone standing behind her, startled Jay turn around and almost let the book drop.

“Now I finally got you alone”

Snape was walking through the school and halls searching for hidden students that usually take events like those to go and consort into close spaces, and he has got a few already and at the same time avoiding Igor Karkaroff and his incessant talk about the damn mark. He start to patrol in the outside when suddenly he catch a little disturbance near the fountain and silently got near, he was expecting a couple snogging the light out of their partner but what he found was anything but. There in the fountain a girl and a boy seems to be arguing, he insisting upon something and she denying him whatever he wanted. It was not until he was within a dew distance from them that he realizes who they were. When the irreverent boy made a move as to grab the girl he decides that now would be a good moment to make his presence known.

“I thought that my warning was pretty clear Mr. Bryson” his slick voice was cold in the shadows.

Immediately Bryson let go of her arm, and turn instable to the voice, it was highly obvious that he was a few drinks more than what it was good. Jay feels her heart starting beating faster but for a different reason than fear. In the moment she has thought that she would have to use her wand to get rid of that pest, he came out of nowhere and practically save her.

“We were just havin’ fun, professor” his slurred and blink to try and see well.

“So I see” Snape distaste with him was palpable. “Twenty points from Gryffindor fro begin intoxicated, another twenty points for harassing a guest twice, and you better get out of mi sight before I decided to take away more” he said calmly but enjoining the face of the boy.

“What?” Bryson start panicking a bit, his house would kill him for the loss of points, so he tries for an escape. “I-I was harassing anyone, professor! We were just conversing! Right?” he try and grab her by the arm and that she save his neck but fail to grabs that the girl would want to.

Jay seeing his intentions, steps away from his extended hand, and without realizing it she stand beside the tall man, looking icily at the boy who a few minutes ago has intended to kiss her against her will.

“If you call trying to force me to kiss you after I pointedly say no, then yes, we were” the dark hair girl said, hugging the book to her chest and looking at him with condescending sneer that could rival that one of the potion master.

“Well, well how interesting news” Snape said smirking, and then he turn to scowl at the boy. “Detention with Filch tomorrow all day” seeing his incredulous look he add. “All day… let’s see if you Gryffidors learn that not everything is like you wanted, now out of mi sight” he barks, making the boy run away hastily.

When there was no sign of the little pest Snape turn to stare at her, and caught sight of the book, how interesting. And in that moment she turns to look at him, her eyes like a deer caught in the high lights.

“Ms. Simons its looks like your always in trouble” he said, still eyeing her.

“It seems so, yes” she said quietly, sighing looking at her book and suddenly noticing the cold of the night. “Thank you, sir, but I think I better go to bed now”

Snape watch her go with a thoughtful expression on his face, without noticing a pair of twinkling blue eyes observing them all the time.

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