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Disney Zombies 3 the Newer Kids that’s the Aliens


It’s a Disney Zombies 3 fan fiction short story that

Mystery / Children
Lauren Breaux
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Disney Zombies 3 the newer kids that’s the Aliens

It was a very great day at Sea brook there for zed and the kids that are zombies and the kids that are ware wolves that’s the ware wolves for them except for what happened at night at Sea brook out there of that Anther Energy source that came down the sky and landed at Sea brook out there at night of that the Aliens that’s the newer kids that are Aliens they have been looking for that enegry source that to find it to use it to Energize themselves for them to keep on going Of That they wanted to use that enegry source of that but someone kept them from finding it Of That useing it Of That So they bared it away from them Of That at someplace there of that those aliens have been wanting to use it Of That though that ever since Zombies And ware wolves now it’s Aliens That But it’s hard to change the past that we have moved on since then that but it’s really hard to change the past of that Addison she was very happy to become a cheer captain and as a cheer Leader as well that she said I am looking forward to becoming cheer captain become as a cheer leader Again That Bucky he said I know that there was Zombies And ware wolves that showed up at Sea brook here that but that’s in the Past now so we are moving on from that Addison she’s our cheer captain now and cheer leader now that is the past really Behined Them That ever since what happened Of That Energy source landed at Sea brook out there Addison she kept on cheering though that Zed he was worried that he didn’t get chosen to be the persendent In Sea brook high school at Sea brook there that the kids that are ware wolves the ware wolves wore going to find where the moon stone was out there that the ware wolves found that Energy source that the Aliens wore looking for that Whayt he said this is a mystery that no one at Sea Brook won’t ever Belive this though that Addison she might know that a mystery of that

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