The Mole: An Adversary's Adventure


Twelve people playing for up to 1000000 coins that they can earn in challenges. Among them however is the mole, who will sabotage the group's efforts to earn money. Can you figure out who is the mole?

Mystery / Adventure
Age Rating:

The Beginning

"Well are you ready...mole?" said a shady figure as they slowly began to turn towards the very agent of the game; the mole.

"Ready as I'll ever be," replied the figure somewhat nervously, twiddling their thumbs and looking around at their surroundings nervously.

"Any questions concerning this episode?" replied the other.

They hesitated before finally answering with a wavering and uncertain, "No."

"Good. You know what you've been put up to in this very game. That is a nice start, isn't it now, eh?"

The other figure however, remained absolutely still, before finally replying, "Yes, it is."

"You'll be all right mole," said the other figure while reassuringly patting them on the back.

"Just do what you know and you'll be fine," said the figure once more before whispering, "Good luck," and then hurriedly running away to a nearby building that was in oddly amazing shape despite it being in the middle of a forest.

"I gotta do this. I have to," said the lone figure to them self. Short, sudden breaths could be heard from the frightened agent. They eventually grabbed of what seemed to be a water bottle and began to drink it. They then looked at the rather tall building that the other figure had gone into.

"Well I guess I can't turn back now, can I?," the agent asked no one in particular.

Sighing, they looked at the peculiar building one more time before saying,

"I got this. I got this. I got this," they told themselves repeatedly before finally scurrying off to a nearby van and speeding off. It was time for a battle of wits, deceit, and betrayal to see who could out last the others while trying to uncover the identity of an agent, a saboteur, the traitor among the group. They were none other than the mole.

A figure can be seen standing deep in a vast jungle, trees towering above them that engulfed the sky and the sun, casting some eerie shadows over the well-known figure. It was none other than Monty Mole, ready to host the game that was about to commence. He was standing straight-up and looking directly at the camera, prepared for everything the game show had in store. It was time to start the game.

"12 strangers playing for up to 1,000,000 coins. Among them a traitor, a saboteur, the mole. The one who wins the money? The one person who answers the simple question," said Monty as he began to look up at the sky and spread his arms wide open. "Who is the mole?"

The camera then started to look at the four different colored vans that were approaching the building. The first van, which had a golden color to it, drove right up to the building, with the very first player that came out of it being a fairly bulky figure with plenty of clothing on. He started off the miniature parade of players arriving by yelling,

"This is gonna be a piece of cake for me!" which ended up startling the other players still inside of the van.

Player: Crump

Surname: Von Grapple

Birthday: August 29th

Occupation: Construction Worker

A second van, this time the van being one of a deep blue color, drove up to the first van and soon allowed the second player to hop out as automated doors opened themselves up for her. This player was merely happy to be there, and was ready to meet her fellow teammates.

Player: Pauline

Surname: Actri

Birthday: June 21st

Occupation: Actress

Another player soon came out of a third van, the van this time being one of a bright green color, who looked at the building and simply said,

"Let's do this!"

Player: Hammer Bro

Surname: Pounder

Birthday: May 16th

Occupation: Bodyguard

A fourth player arrived that looked extremely energetic, as well as nervous soon came out of a fourth and final van that was blood red in color. She was talking nervously to herself; she was both excited and anxious for what was to come.

Player: Starlow

Surname: Shiner

Birthday: September 9th

Occupation: Secretary

Going back to the first van with the golden color to it, the fifth player soon came out that looked a little bit nervous about their surroundings and what the game would have in store for them.

Player: Toad

Surname: Shroomoise

Birthday: April 3rd

Occupation: Cashier

Yet another player jumped off from the second van and looked around, aware of all their surroundings and carrying a rather mysterious air around themselves.

Player: Dazzle

Surname: Trader

Birthday: December 18th

Occupation: Accountant

An ingenious mastermind soon came afterwards, hoping with all of his might that he could win the sinister and deceptive game that he had signed up for so as to test his wit and intelligence to the fullest. Little did he know what he was truly up against.

Player: Elvin

Surname: Gadd

Birthday: January 17th

Occupation: Psychologist

Following right behind him was a person of pure kindness and joy, though she tried to contain the fact that she was extremely excited, along with having a sense of dread of what was to come.

Player: Koopie

Surname: Koo

Birthday: July 26th

Occupation: Botanist

Another figure soon came out of the first van that was highly known for their great hatred of all things and soon began to strategize already of what he could possibly do to ensure that he could and would win the money.

Player: Fawful

Surname: Fury

Birthday: October 22nd

Occupation: Chemist

Another kind and feeble person came out right afterwards however, and began to nervously think about the other players and whether or not she would like them and vice-versa.

Player: Dixie

Surname: Kong

Birthday: February 12th

Occupation: Tour Guide

The final male contestant scrambled out of the third van and looked around, wondering if anyone could possibly beat him in the game, with his lanky and dark demeanor intoxicating the very air surrounding him. The other players looked at him with slight disgust as he clambered out of the bright green van.

Player: Waluigi

Surname: Wario

Birthday: March 7th

Occupation: Lawyer

A final contestant stepped out of the fourth and final van, who laughed sinisterly as she jumped out, a plan already in her mind. She was in it to win it, and she certainly didn't plan on losing.

Player: Beldam

Surname: Siren

Birthday: November 2nd

Occupation: Realtor

In the Middle of the Forest

When the players had finally gotten out of all of their vans, they looked around at their surroundings. The trees around them creaked back and forth, the sunlight struggled to meet the very ground, the air still and quiet. The silence started the game off with an eerie feel as the players felt a wave of worry and anxiety, goosebumps traveling up all of their arms, which then stretched down to their backs, some of them shivering as it washed over them. Soon enough however, a figure could be seen walking towards them as the players recognized him as their host. When the figure had reached him, he announced to the players,

"Welcome players, to," pausing for the smallest of moments,"The Mole!"

This was followed up by a plethora of cheers, clapping, and even some whistling from a select few players..

"I shall be your host, the one and only Monty Mole!" he told them, the cheering still continuing.

"I thought that there were a bunch of you guys," pointed out Waluigi.

Now players, while everyone has just gotten here and while we have barely touched on the matter of proper introductions," continued Monty Mole, who was choosing to ignore Waluigi's comment. "I must explain the very rules of this game," spoke Monty Mole when the noise finally started to die down. "The rules of this game are very simple," he said as he began to pace back and forth, his hands holding each other behind his back. It had also fallen completely silent by now, all of the players wanting to hear what he had to say. "The objective in this game is to complete missions for coins that will eventually add up to a grand total of 1,000,000 coins! Well, if you manage to complete all of the missions successfully, that is," he told them, a grin starting to form at the corner of his mouth.

This statement received lots of surprised looks, with many of the players already imagining how they would spend all of the money. With this however, came some thoughts of where the catch would come in.

"These missions will test you both physically and mentally, as well as testing your trust in the other players and your own greed. For every mission that is completed successfully, a specific amount of coins will be added to the team pot, which is where all of your earnings shall be stored. There shall be approximately three challenges and one bonus challenge per episode. And of course, the winner at the end of the game will be the one who will get the great pleasure and honor of taking it all home. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds, and there are probably some questions that are running through your minds right now. For among the twelve of you here, one of you here is a mole. A person that has been selected from all of you by us that is here only to sabotage the group's efforts to earn money. They are the agent hiding within you all."

This received even more surprised looks while others began to look closely and carefully at the other players, all of them looking as if they thought they could figure out the mole's identity just by closely inspecting everyone.

"Of course, while the mole is trying to sabotage the groups efforts to add money to the team pot, they will also be trying their hardest to remain undercover. It is important though, to know who the mole is because after every episode there will be a 10-question quiz about the mole. The lowest scorer on the quiz will be executed, or eliminated from the game. In the end, the mole will get all of the coins that they kept out of the team pot. The game will end after a 20-question quiz about the mole with only three players left remaining. A winner, the runner-up, and most importantly, the mole. Of course, there are many ways you can move on in the game. You could try to snag all of the exemptions, a useful tool that allows you to automatically move on to the next episode, even if you were the one who was supposed to be executed. You could form a coalition with someone, which is an alliance that you can use to exchange information. To get closer to finding the very identity of the mole. Or, you could betray them, and lead them to believe that some of the other players that you know aren't the mole, could be the mole. Or perhaps you could lead them to believe that you yourself are the mole. There are countless strategies, but only one will prevail," he then took in a sharp breath after his miniature speech.

The players were completely mystified. Not of the host's explanation of the game, but rather just who could be this mole. They remained intrigued by this question until Monty finally spoke again.

"Well," he said as he clasped his hands together. "it seems as though our ride has arrived!" announced their host as he began to walk up to the slowly descending helicopter. The helicopter was enormous, it's color a dark shade of gray. The green mole logo had been spray painted on the front of it, the logo almost as large as the side of the helicopter that it was on. Monty then began ushering people on the now grounded mechanism and then closed the door behind him as he began to make his way to the front of the helicopter.

The players found the seats to be extremely comfortable as they all began to carefully select their seats. The players were just beginning to find comfort in their seats when Monty suddenly announced,

"With all explanations of the game out of the way, welcome players to your first challenge!"

This took many of the players by surprise, with the looks on their faces making it even more evident of their bewilderment.

"Wait, I thought we were just about to go to Petalburg. I mean, we just got here!" complained the female koopa, Koopie.

"Well, we are going to Petalburg. We're just getting there in a different way," replied the literal mole, his face revealing a large grin that seemed as if it had been plastered on his face.

"Well I'M ready for this!" exclaimed the second in-command of the X-Nauts, who was none other than the loud and boisterous Crump.

Many of the other players winced in pain at Crump's volcanic volume level. Of course, Monty was hardly fazed at all; he didn't even so much as blink. Soon after Crump's eruptive comment, he turned to face the players.

"All you have to do," he started as he began to pick up a bill blaster that had been lying on the floor, "is take aim at the currently red target outside the helicopter and shoot it down with a bullet bill. It will not chase the target, but instead it will travel in a straight line. You must hit all the target that will be designated for you and then, you must jump off the helicopter and onto that large area of grass down there. Don't worry, you'll be able to use parachutes and we will have trained professionals help ensure that no harm comes any of your ways. Please keep in mind that the targets will get more and more difficult to hit with every person that goes. You have fifteen minutes to complete this mission. If everyone manages to hit the target and jump off of the helicopter successfully, 30,000 coins will be put into the team pot. However, one person may use a banzai blaster instead of the regular bill blaster. For those of you who do not know, the banzai bill blaster fires banzai bills, which are significantly larger then bullet bills. Unfortunately, only one person can use the banzai blaster or else the team will be penalized. I'd now like you all to determine your order and who will get to use the banzai blaster. You will have twenty seconds to determine this. Your time shall start right... now," finished Monty as he pulled up his sleeve to look at his watch.

As soon as Monty finished explaining the instructions, the players immediately began to determine the order, their decisions frantic and not very well thought out as the surprise of the very first challenge had took them all of guard.

"Okay, so who wants to go first?" asked the damsel in distress, who was none other than the widely known Pauline.

"Me," spoke Waluigi and Crump simultaneously.

They both glared at the other, waiting for the other person to back down from the wondrous "honor" that they both wanted for themselves.

"I've worked with bob-ombs my entire life, and with that comes great knowledge of bullet bills as well," argued the lanky man, Waluigi.

"Really? I doubt that you could even pick that up," pointed out Crump as he gestured towards the bill blaster.

"What!" exclaimed Waluigi. "That's stupid! Of course I could pick that up!

"Well then why don't you give it a try?" grinned Crump as he slammed the bill blaster into Waluigi's hands.

Waluigi buckled to his knees from the force Crump had exerted on the bill blaster, unable to get up. However, after a few moments, he managed to get up from the position he had been forced into for a few moments.

"Hey! That wasn't even kind of fair! You pushed down on it as I was trying to pick it up!" accused Waluigi.

"Is this your way of trying to prove that you really can do it? By accusing me of pushing down on it? That's weak," scoffed Crump.

"I'm weak?! So you, the one who resigns and fails to understand that I'm the one calling the shots around here, the one who pushed the blaster down on me, the one who's stalling the whole group by trying to go first, is calling me weak. That's pathetic," spat Waluigi.

"Wait, so I'm the one who's stalling the group! I believe that you're stalling the group Mr.-"

"STOP!" screamed Dixie. "Both of you are stalling the group. We haven't even begun to determine who's going when! You guys can argue later, just not now," silenced Dixie.

Waluigi and Crump merely glared at each other for a few long moments before Waluigi eventually stormed off back to his seat, multiple curses of sorts being muttered from under his breath.

The other players all sighed in relief; the argument had passed for the moment.

"Well I'll go second," stated Dazzle.

"Third," said Koopie who, quite frankly, wanted to get it over with.

"Fourth," continued Dixie, who was still wary of anyone else getting into an argument.

"You have five seconds left," warned Monty.

"Oh great," muttered Hammer Bro. "Everyone just take a placement! Fifth."




"Ninth, and I'll take the banzai blaster," blurted out Starlow just before Monty announced,

"Time is up. I'm afraid that the rest of you will have your order randomized. And with that, let the mission... begin!" he exclaimed before jumping out of the helicopter, startling the other players with the very little warning he had given them.

Almost immediately, Crump snatched the bill blaster and began to take aim at the bright red target outside. The target was fairly close to the helicopter, with the target itself seeming as if it was hovering in the air. Thankfully, the helicopter had stopped moving and was now hovering over the same spot, thus making the challenge slightly easier and much more plausible. Suddenly, a blast was heard, and Crump was heading towards the parachutes while giving the blaster to Dazzle, who realized that the new target was now a slightly darker shade of red and now ever so slightly farther back. Taking careful aim similarly to how Crump had done it, Dazzle aimed it at the target and pulled the trigger, watching it sail harmlessly past the target. Wordlessly, she prepared another one, this time aiming it a little bit off the target in hopes that it might then hit the target. A BAM was heard, as the target was blasted into smithereens as Dazzle handed the blaster to Koopie and with a slight smile on her face, jumped off of the helicopter.

"Oh boy," Koopie grumbled to herself. She was prepared to have a lot of failures before finding any success. The target was now bright orange, the color harder to see in the broad daylight. So naturally, when she first aimed and fired at the target, she missed it by an outrageous amount. The second time the shot could be heard, the bullet still missed, but just barely as Koopie groaned at her near-miss. The third shot that was heard had the satisfactory BAM as Koopie jumped up from her success. She then quickly handed it to Dixie, who struggled to hold the blaster up.

"This is...heavy!" complained the monkey.

Dixie, who was still struggling to lift the blaster, tried her very best to shoot at the now yellow target, hoping that she could manage to hit it by mere luck. Firing two shots accidentally, she watched both bullet bills miss by quite a large margin. Setting the blaster down, she tried to catch her breath from the impact from firing the bullet bills.

"Sorry, I just catch my breath," Dixie explained to the others in-between breaths.

The remaining player exchanged looks as time continued to go down. After a few moments however, Dixie shook off the pain it was giving her. After two more random shots, Dixie set down the blaster with a thud and began to rest some more.

"I can't do this guys!" groaned Dixie.

The others then waited for her as time began to run out. Looks were exchanged as it took Dixie quite some time before she finally got back up again.

"Yes! I did it guys!" announced Dixie, the others cheering for her as she hit the target dead on.

Heading over to the door that was awaiting her, she made the huge mistake of looking down.

"Ughhhh," she moaned to herself as she tried to decide what to do.

Meanwhile, Hammer Bro, who had volunteered to go fifth, picked up the blaster with great ease due to his cannonball muscles and took careful aim at the target. When he was near certain that he was correct on his aim he fired and watched the bullet bill fly harmlessly right beside the target. With the others inhaling sharply at the near miss, Hammer Bro once again took careful aim at the target before firing, this time with the bullet nailing the target right in the bulls-eye. Handing the blaster to Beldam as the others cheered for his success, Beldam held the blaster up with surprising strength and fired two shots. Both of them sailed past the target on different sides, resulting in a slightly frustrated Beldam. Using the rest of her strength, she managed to hit the target on her third try as she ran towards the pile of parachutes.

Nine minutes and fourteen seconds remaining

The other players however, had a much harder time. The targets were close up again, except now they were moving. The colors of the targets were now a dark shade of sea green, the target slowly moving in midair. Fawful, who was way too small for the bill blaster, struggled immensely with even so much as attempting to try to lift the bill blaster. To make it even worse, Fawful took a total of three tries before he just barely clipped it on his fourth shot.

Pauline sighed in both relief and fear as it became her turn to go. She quickly grabbed the bill blaster that Fawful had merely thrown back onto the ground from a lack of any strength and quickly began to aim at the sea green colored target. Unfortunately for her, the target was slightly farther back now, while still moving perhaps even a little bit quicker than it had before. The group winced as they watched four bullet bills sail past the target, all of them missing. Finally, on the fifth shot that was fired, the target was shattered into pieces, and the remaining players cheered for their fellow teammate.

Starlow, with great difficulty, somehow managed to lift her blaster which was the banzai blaster, only to let it fall with a thud back onto the ground.

"How am I supposed to do this?!" shouted Starlow as she attempted to pick up the blaster once more.

The others watched Starlow suffer as she started to attempt to fire at the target and missed shot after shot after shot, all of them failures.

"I can't... I can't do this," moaned the weary Starlow.

She began to start getting up again when something caught her eye. A switch was hidden underneath the main part of the blaster, hidden among many other components. A note was taped down right by the switch, which Starlow began to read sideways from the angle the banzai blaster was at.

"For a price of 1,000 coins, you may turn on this switch to enable the banzai blaster to have banzai bills that will "chase" the target, and will hit the target indefinitely. Choose wisely..."

Starlow gasped as she began to read it.

"Guys, look! This mission isn't impossible!" exclaimed Starlow as the players that were still left remaining came over to see what Starlow had just discovered.

"Wait, so you want to use this?" asked Toad as he finished reading it.

"Yeah," responded Starlow.

"Even though you have the banzai blaster?" questioned Toad.

"It certainly isn't doing anything to help me. In fact, it's probably hurting me if anything," countered Starlow.

A few moments of silence passed before Toad finally sighed and gave in to Starlow's plea.


"Is that okay with you guys?" Starlow asked as she turned towards E. Gadd and Waluigi.

"Fine by me," was the reply from the old man, a crooked grin on his face.

"Yeah, sure. Can you go now?" ushered an impatient Waluigi, who was starting to get nervous about the time limit.

"Okay then," Starlow said to herself as hefted the banzai blaster onto her back after flipping on the switch.

"I wonder if that switch is on the regular one too?" Toad asked no one in particular as he walked over to the fallen bill blaster.

"Sorry lad. Gotta wait 'till your turn," instructed the goomba.

Another BAM was heard, much louder than any of the other blasts. Starlow then scurried off to her parachute and the assistant, trying not to think about the huge jump she was just about to make.

"Now listen up," came a gravely voice from the passengers seat in the helicopter. A goomba soon stood up from the seat, a green hat on his head and sunglasses covering his eyes. "I'm here in place of Mr. Mole so y'all better listen up. I be telling ye the order in which the rest of ye be goin'. First up is Toad ," announced the odd goomba, who was one of the producers of the show.

Toad quickly picked up the blaster, inspecting it for any sign of a switch similar to the one on the banzai blaster.

"Yep, it's on this one too," Toad announced to the other two players.

The switch had the same bright red color to it as the one on the banzai blaster had, and the same note was taped right by the switch.

Toad, who had been planning to use the "chase" option took one look at the target before pulling the trigger. The target was a dark shade of blue and was now starting to move at a moderately fast rate at a moderately long distance from the helicopter. Toad sighed in relief as the bullet bill blasted the target, thanking the "chase" option for getting him out of wasting a ton bullet bills and time.

"Next up would be a Mr. Gadd," announced their temporary host.

E. Gadd was soon handed the bill blaster, with the switch being turned off the moment he got his hands on it.

"Trying to go for it old man?" asked Waluigi.

E. Gadd turned subtly to face him. "It's always nice having a little bit of a challenge," he explained while still grinning.

"Well, have fun with that," spoke the lanky man while chuckling, and laying back in his cozy chair.

"And I'm certain I will," was E. Gadd's reply as he took careful aim at the moving target.

"Do you honestly think that you can- " BAM, the explosion cutting off Waluigi.

E. Gadd returned with an even wider grin on his face when he gave the blaster to Waluigi.

"Think you can top that, sonny boy?" dared E. Gadd as he began to head towards the parachutes.

Waluigi's stunned face amused the goomba.

"Don't be underest'mating the power of the old ones," advised goomba through a toothy grin.

Through clenched teeth, Waluigi readied himself and began to aim at the blindingly fast target. It was now the farthest from the helicopter than it had ever been before, the target now a moving blur. It was a dark shade of purple, the shade similar to the exterior of Waluigi's clothes that covered his arms and his hat.

"We'll see who's laughing after this," Waluigi told himself as he prepared his shot and... missed.

Waluigi raged as the goomba chuckled at him, amused at his failure.

"You're not helping me!" accused Waluigi as he pointed his finger at the goomba.

The goomba stopped laughing, but a smug grin still remained plastered on his face. Groaning and muttering curses under his breath, he quickly came back to his senses and began to prepare for yet another shot. He probably didn't even notice, Waluigi thought to himself about the old man as he grinned to himself.

On land, One minute and fourteen seconds remaining

"Yep, he missed," answered Hammer Bro as he watched with binoculars a bullet bill flying past the target, making some of the others laugh.

E. Gadd was still keeping on the same grin he had kept on the whole game so far, laughing to himself a little bit.

"Well players, he only has one minute and three seconds left, or else no money will be awarded," announced Monty.

The players' laughs started to die down quickly, as the players soon began to see just how difficult this last target was. More and more bullet bills could be seen flying past the target, making some of the players quite worried. Time was running out, and their hopes of getting the money slowly dwindled. The only player that was still grinning, was of course, E. Gadd, the same grin getting only wider and wider.

On the helicopter, forty-three seconds remaining

Waluigi was beginning to give up; he had missed a total of five times so far. He eventually resorted to putting down the bill blaster, only to rage more yet again.

"Not to anger you anymore lad," spoke a voice that Waluigi presumed to be the goomba. "but I don't think ye got much time left on ye," advised the goomba.

Waluigi sighed deeply, before coming to the conclusion that the goomba was right. He needed to hurry up. A look of determination could then be seen inscribed in Waluigi's face, a face that looked practically unstoppable.

"I'll show you E. Gadd! I'll show all of you!" exclaimed the lanky man.

He then started to fire again. He fired two quick shots, both of which barely missing. He then took in a deep breath, concentrated on the target, closed his eyes, and then fired. BAM, the explosion shocked Waluigi, as he jumped up in success.

"You still have to jump, you know that, right? 'Cause if you don't reach land before time is up, you'll still lose the money," cautioned the goomba.

Waluigi quickly spotted the last parachute remaining and his helper and ran to them, trying to get out as fast and as soon as possible. It was just a few seconds before he was out of the helicopter, gliding down to the ground.

On land

Waluigi was panting as he sprinted over towards Monty. All of the other players were cheering for Waluigi, all of them proud of him for not using the "chase" option on the hardest target in the mission. He quickly joined the others, all of them cheering for their success.

"Congratulations players, for getting every single one of you down here and as a bonus, unharmed," announced Monty, the players still cheering. "However, there is still the matter of whether or not you guys managed to complete the challenge in time," spoke Monty, completely silencing the players cheers. "You guys managed to complete the mission in...," Monty paused for the extra effect. "A total of fourteen minutes and fifty-three seconds!" he finished.

The players cheered, triumphant at their very first victory.

"For this," began Monty. "30,000 coins will be put into the team pot."

The players continued to cheer even louder, and Hammer Bro even started whistling.

"However," continued Monty, once again silencing the players. "I will have to deduct a total of 2,000 coins from that total, due to Starlow and Toad deciding to use the "chase" option located on the bullet and banzai blasters. For those of you who do not know, there was a switch on the back of both of the blasters that made the bullet or banzai bill directly aim for the target. Doing this however, would subtract 1,000 coins from the team pot every time it was used. So, only 28,000 coins will be put into the team pot, but that is still a great start," finished Monty.

Amount Added: 28,000/30,000 coins

Team Pot: 28,000/30,000 coins

Cheers still followed his announcement, but several glances were cast Starlow and Toad's ways.

"But players, we must still head on to our first location, Petalburg. We have reservations for a fine hotel and we wouldn't want to miss it! I thought that rather than taking the helicopter there, we might miss some of the views that we can get down here. So please, enjoy yourselves, and remember, the mole is always watching. Watching every little bit of movement each and every single one of you makes. Other than that, enjoy the lovely walk there and converse with the others! After all, you'll be seeing each other everyday, so you may as well befriend them. You are free to go," finished Monty as the players began to talk among themselves. "Oh, and players," he called once more, drawing the attention of all the contestants towards himself. "We have one more thing for you all to do before we proceed with our journey.

"And what might that be?" asked Pauline, who was practically speaking for everyone.

A smile began to form on his mouth once more as he motioned towards a group of camera men.

"Something truly exciting, Pauline. We will be having you all do...interviews!" he told them as they began to head over to the group of producers.

Koopie: What a great start. Right away, we've had to jump out of a helicopter and two of the guys already started bickering over who gets to go first. This really is going to be an interesting experience for me, isn't it?

Beldam: Dixie had wasted quite a bit of time by trying to regain some stamina. Of course, the moment she gets back on her feet she hit the target on the bulls-eye in one shot without any trouble at all. Now that was suspicious.

Dixie: Despite being a tour guide, I still absolutely hate heights. That moment of when I looked down at the ground was absolutely terrifying. And right before that, when I was struggling to shoot my target down, it truly was genuine. Although, I don't think that the others really believe me when I say that.

Starlow: People, even before I started my interview, were accusing me of wasting a lot of time and some money by using the banzai blaster. But it really was genuine! I only took the banzai blaster because I knew that I would have trouble shooting the target down. I had no idea of how heavy that thing would actually be. Honest.

Pauline: People are looking so much at the people who sabotaged, but why not take a look at the other people that did some other strange things? Crump and Waluigi stalled the group plenty of time in deciding who would go first, which could've given more time to determine who's strong and who isn't, which could've then prevented 2,000 coins from being lost.

Dazzle: I thought it was interesting how Hammer Bro, when we were deciding the order, just said that everyone should just take a random place and hope for the best. I'm not too sure what he was exactly thinking at that point, seeing as how it probably messed us up by leaving all of the weakest people go last due to the stronger people volunteering to go earlier.

Crump: I dunno what's up with that Waluigi guy, but he messed us up big time. He almost cost us the whole game. Just a few more seconds and we would've lost the game altogether. And he just had to argue with me that he actually was a man, which he isn't.

Hammer Bro: The fact that Koopie seemed to know where we were going before Monty even said anything was really weird. I mean, we were in the middle of a forest, how in the world could she have known that? Either she's just really familiar with the area, or she's hiding something from us.

Elvin: I think that rather than pointing fingers at anybody for what happened during the challenge, I think that we should all just relax. It is a game after all, why not enjoy it while it lasts. *laughing* Although, I do believe that it's too early to decipher just exactly who this mole is. While it's still this early in the game, it could very well be just about anyone.

Waluigi: It's completely ridiculous that that old man managed to hit that target in one shot! If I just had his position in the lineup, I would've been able to do that in one shot myself! But really, how in the world did he do that in one shot? Well whatever, I was just going to point out here, that when it was Toad's turn to go, he just used the "chase" option right away. I mean, at least Starlow tried, but Toad didn't even bother. Just seemed a little fishy to me.

Toad: I'm not too sure why, but I just had this feeling up there when I was about to go. I felt that I was going to miss the target, and I knew that we were running out of time. Everyone was giving me some kind of look, but I mean, I practically saved the challenge from being a complete failure by hitting the target in one go.

Fawful: People are pointing fingers at the people who sabotaged, but why not look towards the ones who didn't do anything at all? If I were the mole, which I'm not, I don't think that I would be too keen on trying to sabotage the first challenge, or even during the course of the entire first episode. No, instead I'm looking at the people who are trying to act all innocent, but really, Fawful knows just what they're up to. Heheheheheheheheh! I have chortles!

The players then started to absorb all of the details that surrounded them; the trees were covered in long, green leaves, with each one looking nearly identical. The ground was strangely smooth in some parts, but extremely hilly in other areas. Streams were all around, and there were even a few forts that were still left around from what the players presumed to be a more medieval period of time. The sun was still high in the sky, the sky itself a shade of light blue with a few light, puffy clouds. A cool breeze swept through the air, refreshing some of the players that were hot from the mission. Stones were littered everywhere, usually in large groups where they all clustered together. It was a strangely peaceful area, the air refreshing and cool. Silence passed over the group multiple times, all of them fascinated by nature itself. After a time however, the players began to split up into little groups and, more and more, started talking of the mole.

"I wonder how they feel about all of this," wondered Starlow out loud.

"Who?" asked Pauline.

"The mole. I mean, they'll have to make sure that they don't get too attached to anyone, or else they'll end up losing it at the end when they know they were the main cause of everyone's death in the game," explained Starlow.

Silence ensued between them as Pauline pondered the thought.

"You know, I never thought of it like that. I'm still completely clueless as to who they are though," admitted Pauline.

"The same goes for me. It could be anyone... even Monty Mole!" joked Starlow.

The duo laughed, both of them entertained by the thought of Monty being the mole.

Meanwhile, Koopie was teaching Dixie about the small town of Petalburg.

"So how did you know that we were going to Petalburg at the beginning?" asked Dixie.

"Well, Petalburg is my hometown, and I've memorized all of the areas around it. So, I managed to take a good guess that Petalburg was where we were headed judging from the forest that we were in when the game began," explained Koopie.

"Oh. What's it like there?" asked Dixie.

"It's a small town, with a pretty small population. It's practically as peaceful as it is out here, so it's certainly not a bustling city. The residents there are all nice, and practically everyone knows everyone else. It's just that the town is almost a little too small, so when a store gets robbed, we rarely have anyone to go and try to get them," described Koopie.

"Well, I guess they'll have a hard time catching the mole there, right?" joked Dixie.

Koopie smiled with Dixie at her joke, but her smile showed just a hint of uneasiness.

"You're worried, aren't you?" asked Dixie.

Koopie sighed and replied,

"Yeah. It kind of scares me that someone is out here to get all of us."

"Yeah well, they might have a hard time getting you out in your own hometown," pointed out Dixie.

Again, Koopie smiled, but the uneasiness still showed in her smile.

"Besides, it's only the beginning of the episode. The execution probably won't be held until a couple of days have passed," pointed out Dixie once again.

Koopie hesitated.

"Yeah, I guess your right," replied Koopie, the uneasiness still coming through her voice.

During their conversation however, a different group of players were discussing the mole.

"So, who do you guys think the mole is?" asked Toad.

"Do you honestly think that I would just give that information to you out of nowhere?" answered Crump harshly. "You do realize that even one of us in this small group could be the mole, right? And how do I know that you're not the mole, huh?"

"I just wanted to know...," replied Toad as he seemed to shrink down in his very position from the random anger that was soon being directed at him.

"Now, what did the poor lad do wrong?" defended E. Gadd "All he wanted was some information that he probably very well knew was either going to be wrong or a lie. If you're not going to help the poor lad out, then you may as well leave," pointed out E. Gadd.

Grumbling something under his breath that was undecipherable, Crump left the group and headed over towards Fawful and Beldam.

"Sorry about that lad," apologized E. Gadd

"No, it wasn't your fault," replied Toad. "Besides, I don't think he's even a very nice guy anyway just naturally."

"No, probably not," agreed E. Gadd

"Anyway, who do you think is the mole?" asked Toad.

"I have my suspicions. Mind you, I don't think I'll share my suspicions with you," answered E. Gadd

"Oh," replied Toad, who looked as if he were slightly disappointed at the answer he had been given.

"However, I do believe that the mole probably didn't sabotage that first mission. After all, what use would it give them? They would have the spotlight fixated on them, making it quite obvious. On the other hand however, perhaps such an obvious sabotage so early on would actually have the reverse effect and drive people away from such an obvious sabotage," admitted E. Gadd, his voice drifting away at the end of his sentence. "But you probably shouldn't even be trusting me lad; even I could be the mole!" advised E. Gadd as he chuckled at his statement.

Toad laughed nervously with him, fearing that what he said could actually come out to be true.

Far off to the right of the main group of players were Fawful and Beldam, who were thinking of plans silently in their heads for how to maneuver through the game using an array of both clever and cunning strategies. The duo were completely silent, right up until Crump started running over to them.

"What is it that you desire from us?" asked Fawful without bothering to look his way.

"Some peace, quiet, and some space," snapped Crump.

"So why did you bother coming over here then?" questioned Beldam.

Crump, although the others couldn't see it due to his many layers of clothing all over his body, grinned at the space ahead of him.

"Well, you two seem like my kind of people just by the looks of you two. You know, we could make an alliance and gang up against all of the others. Then we could duke it out when it's just the three of us and the mole. How about that?" suggested Crump.

Silence was the response he got, followed by looks exchanged between Fawful and Beldam. Finally, Fawful spoke out,

"Maybe, but certainly not yet. I must consider this option of whether or not to join forces with the two of you."

"I'm afraid I'll have to say the same," agreed Beldam.

Grumbling under his breath, Crump muttered,

"Fine," and left the duo to think about the offer he had just given them.

The others however, who happened to be Waluigi, Hammer Bro, and Dazzle, traveled in complete silence, none of them exactly eager to talk. Dazzle soon fell behind the pack though to look more closely at one of the oddly shaped stones, leaving Waluigi and Hammer Bro alone.

"Nice job at getting that last target during the mission," suddenly spoke out Hammer Bro after taking a sip of water from a water bottle he had with him.

"Meh," was the only reply Hammer Bro received from Waluigi.

Silence passed over the duo once again, Hammer Bro unable to make conversation with the rather peculiar and lanky man.

"Do you think that the mole sabotaged that first mission that we had?" asked Hammer Bro.

Waluigi sighed, before giving Hammer Bro a different answer than along the lines of what he had been expecting from him.

"Do you honestly think that I'm just gonna give you information like that?!" exclaimed Waluigi. "Whether you're an ordinary player, a mastermind, or the mole, I don't care. I am not going to be giving you precious information like that."

A bit taken off guard, Hammer Bro fell silent and walked away from Waluigi. He no longer wanted to converse with the lanky man, and Waluigi felt the same way with him.

They were almost to the village when the group finally merged back together again, silence once again taking over the group. The town was just about what Koopie had described it as; a small, yet peaceful place with flowers blooming everywhere. There were only a few buildings in the area, the houses usually coming in very basic colors of blue, red, green, yellow, and pink. Crops surrounded several of the houses, with some of the plants almost as tall as some of the houses. A stream went through part of the town, a few stone bridges connecting the main chunk of land to a small island that rose high above the stream. The townsfolk there mainly consisted of Toads, Koopas, and many other oddball creatures of all sorts and kinds. A local shop nearby displayed some odd delicacies that many of the players had never seen before in their whole lives. Monty soon directed the players to go to a small hotel that was placed just north of the ever gently flowing stream. When the players arrived at the doorstep to the hotel, a black van with the mole logo spray painted on it drove up to them, the players gazing at it curiously.

"Players," announced Monty once he had caught up to the players. "I'm afraid that all of your luggage must be put into all of these bags," said Monty while gesturing towards a load of bags that all had the mole logo on it. Each player had their name on one of the bags, making it very evident who had what bag. "All of the rest of your luggage is inside the van as well, but make sure to only pack the things you need, or else you may regret it later," advised Monty.

The players soon began to retrieve their bags, trying to fit as much of their stuff that they could put into the tight bags as possible. Once everyone had finished moving all of their stuff into the new bags, the group headed inside, eager for a break after their very tiring walk. When the players walked into the hotel, they were a bit surprised, for the hotel was surprisingly luxurious. The couches were a bright red color, the walls a color similar to one of pure gold. Large windows were all around the spacious hotel. The floor was sparkling clean, and Dazzle even saw the reflections of some her gems that she had on her odd, blue hat.

"Do you have reservations?" politely asked the green Toad at the desk.

"We would be from the game show, The Mole," answered Monty just as politely.

The Toad looked at the list that was on his computer for a few moments before saying,

"Ah yes. Mr. Mole. You shall have rooms 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105."

The Toad then handed him the six keys that were needed for the rooms.

"Enjoy yourselves," the Toad told the group.

Monty nodded politely at him while smiling and then gave the players five of the keys.

"You may divide yourselves up in the five rooms however you like, but no more than three players may be in a room together. So please, sit back and relax while you still can," Monty told them.

The players did a light cheer and then proceeded to choose rooms. Unfortunately, a good deal of the players failed to recognize the end of Monty's final sentence. They would learn of their mistake later on. If they made it any farther, that is.

Room 100: Pauline, Starlow, and Dazzle

The trio were discussing the matter of the mole and found that they all had strangely similar suspects and tactics of how to move on in the game without being executed.

"You know, we could form a coalition, the three of us," suggested Starlow.

"That sounds great, actually," agreed Pauline.

Dazzle however, fell silent and looked down at the polished flooring. Eventually, she looked back up at them, with a bit of a solemn face.

"I'm not too sure that I'll join," turned down Dazzle as she looked back down at the floor again.

Silence passed over the other two.

"Are you sure?" asked Starlow.

There was no response from Dazzle.

"All right then," muttered Starlow as she sighed in disappointment.

The duo that were working together soon however, got over it and began to share their suspicions with one another.

Pauline: I'm not too sure why Dazzle rejected our coalition idea. We were becoming good friends, but then she seemed like she suddenly became another person in a matter of seconds. I wonder what she's up to...

Starlow: Pauline is absolutely baffling me; all of her suspects are the most obvious people so far. We had some similar suspicions at the beginning, but now she's whipping out some weirder choices. Maybe I shouldn't have made a coalition so early on in the game...

Dazzle: I didn't really want to team up with them mainly just for their own safety, as well as mine. Besides, I'm all that certain if making coalitions with other people, especially so early on, is such a great idea.

Room 101: Fawful, Hammer Bro, and Crump

Inside room 101 lied possibly the three most diverse players in the whole game, leading to silence between the three of them. All that could really be heard was the scribbles of them writing in their journals, the long silence deafening. Although the players couldn't see the others in the room from looking down at their journals, they all kept on feeling like one of the others was looking at them, each one wondering if the mole was in their very room.

"I'm gonna go go to the bathroom," called out Hammer Bro, the silence finally broken.

The other two players nodded their heads as Hammer Bro walked out of the room. The moment the door closed again, Crump told Fawful,

"So, about that coalition, would you want to work together to find this mole?"

Fawful sighed in response, shaking his head.

"Just give just a little bit more time," Fawful responded bitterly.

"Fine," groaned Crump, who was obviously let down by his response.

The two said nothing else to the other for several minutes, right up until Hammer Bro entered the room again.

"Man, even the bathrooms here are sparkling clean," he informed them.

There was no response.

"You guys all right?" he asked as he sat down on his bed.

Silence followed his question once more. He then shrugged as he began to write again in his journal.

Crump: I need to get Fawful to join me. There's a really good chance that I could survive a lot longer with that guy by my side. The only downside to that strategy is that I think he also has a good chance of beating me, but that can be arranged to be neglected. Buh huh huh huh huh huh...

Hammer Bro: These two are both being really weird. Both of them seem like they're scheming up something together. I gotta be careful around those two...

Fawful: While it would be nice to have Crump by my side, I really do need some more time before I start to work with him. After all, it is quite an important decision, and I need to know how I'm going to have this little alliance between us go.

Room 102: Dixie, Koopie, and Beldam

Meanwhile, Dixie and Koopie were chatting away in the noisy room while Beldam wrote silently in her journal. The duo that were chatting together were discussing many things, ranging from the game, to their personal lifestyles, to the hotel that they were currently residing in, both fully aware that the other might just be the very agent of the game.

"Yeah, its pretty nice," admitted Dixie, the topic currently geared towards their room and the lovely decor.

They both glanced then at Beldam, who didn't seem to notice them in the slightest.

"What do you feel about Beldam?" whispered Dixie.

"She seems cold and evil, and yet she's all smiles everywhere she goes," replied Koopie.

"I'm getting that same feeling too," Dixie whispered back.


"Do you think that she could be the mole?" asked Koopie.

"I don't know..." was all that Dixie could utter.

The duo then continued their earlier conversation, trying to get as far away from the topic concerning Beldam as they could.

Koopie: I'm not too sure what to make of either of my roommates; they both are pretty suspicious. Dixie is a lot kinder than Beldam is, but I keep on getting this gut feeling that she might just be the mole. After all, she would be perfect for it... but on the other hand, Beldam seems to bathe in suspicion, as she continuously seems to change her personality. Right now, I don't really trust or suspect anyone.

Dixie: I think that Koopie and I are getting along well. But the problem is, I think that she could possibly be the mole. I want to believe Koopie in that she's not the mole, but I'm still not all that certain yet. I just need a little bit more information, that's all.

Beldam: Well, have I got some interesting info now. Those fools didn't even bother to think that I could hear them. They shouldn't be underestimating my sense of hearing, mwee hee hee hee!

Room 103: E. Gadd and Toad

In a room that was right next to the other rooms before them, E. Gadd and Toad discussed important matters concerning the game.

"So, who do you think the mole is?" asked Toad.

"Now now Toad my boy, we must let the mole reveal themselves, not let ourselves try to reveal them," responded E. Gadd

"Oh, okay," said a disappointment and slightly confused Toad.

"Just wait a while longer, enjoy this wild experience, and the answer might just come right to you, waiting right at your doorstop," advised E. Gadd

Toad pondered the thought, mulling over it several times.

"Well they better come knocking at our door soon," Toad muttered to himself as he gazed out the window, already wanting to escape the game's perils.

E. Gadd: I'm here for the experience, not the money. The point of this game is obviously supposed to make its players feel lost, confused, and alone. I don't want Toad to fall under that kind of pressure, especially with that coin prize hanging over his head. I want him to get to the final round and win with pride and joy, not sadness and despair over his friends and the many trials he will most likely have to endure.

Toad: I'm not all that certain about this E. Gadd guy. I'm still trying to figure out if he's actually trying to help me, or if he's just trying to confuse me. Oh brother, I'm already lost in this game.

Room 105: Waluigi

"Well, it looks like you strangely get a room all to yourself," the host told Waluigi as he looked over at the producers behind the camera man.

"I have it all to myself?!" exclaimed Waluigi, an enormous grin on his face.

"Yes you do. Good night,' the host answered as he walked back towards the door. "And beware of the mole," he warned before slamming the door shut.

Rolling his eyes at Monty's comment, Waluigi brought out his journal and scribbled something in it. After a few moments however, he soon looked back up and asked,

"Hey, you guys gonna leave sometime soon or what?" he asked the camera men.

"Uh...sir, we're supposed to film what you do," responded the lead camera man.

"Ugh..." sighed Waluigi. "I see how some privacy will be difficult to get in this game," noted the lanky man as he propped his journal open again and threw it onto the bed.

Waluigi: Wah ha ha! This game is looking just too easy so far. I'm a gonna win for sure! Wah ha ha ha! Now, if only I could get some privacy around here...

1:00 AM, Outside of the Hotel

Much later at night, when all of the players had finally gone to bed, Monty and some others gathered together outside of the hotel. They were trading information, each one of them giving the others instructions for an event. Finally, after their conversations had ceased, Monty picked up a small box that made clunking noises inside until he set it down on the ground and opened it. He then started putting spherical shapes that had been inside the box and then started putting them in different objects, each one of them completely identical. Every object only received one spherical object before the object was given to some of the producers of the show, who would then run off and put the objects in a large pile of identical objects. Monty could then be seen spreading his arms out wide and looking up at the sky, whose color could remind one of a dark blanket that had been put over them, save for the many twinkling stars in the sky.

"Let challenge number two," he said to himself before pausing only briefly. "Begin."

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