Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 10

It’s safe to say that Danny Grant was shocked with his first day at the academy. Five hours ago his younger brother Josh and he were packing their bags in their mundane home on the citadel. Since then they had said goodbye to their parents. From there they met a women going by the name of Kaylee Sanders, she seemed nice enough as did the biotic basic teachers. Oriana and Mark were both very nice and helped make the transition easy for Josh. Danny even liked Miranda. He learnt to read people when he was growing up, helped with the whole living in poverty. Mark is professional and warm. Kaylee and Oriana are loving and kind. Miranda, well she’s professional if cold. Professional, Danny could appreciate. Professional he could respect.

Danny had always been protective of his little brother. Growing up poor meant that they had to look out for each other. Sure their parents loves them and Josh and Danny love their parents but they could never understand. They didn’t grow up poor. They were just unfortunate, the war hardly helped matters. Danny was heartbroken at finding his parents weeping because they couldn’t afford to keep him and him brother. Although not as heartbroken as Josh when they told him that he and Danny were to move to Grissom academy.

But Josh seemed to be coping well. The academy was nice and their rooms were actually bigger new then before they left. The positivity soon left however when Kaylee took them to meet their teacher and one of their fellow students in the gym. Now they stood behind a wall of safety glass with Kaylee watching two obviously dangerous people fight. One of them. The two of them fought like something out of an omni video. They moved so fast, the women fought like a maniac. Slashing and kicking wildly while the man fought like a soldier. Disciplined like a commander Shepard herself. He fought with grace and a cold calculate that screamed out to Danny that he was dangerous. Very dangerous.

Danny and the others were mesmerised by the fighting. It couldn’t even be described as a fight, any hits which actually landed weren’t felt with any force but the way in which thy countered each other. Fought off of one another was like a dance. The women’s wild style bouncing off of the mans disciplined fighting perfectly.

Quatre was finally at peace. The voices screaming at him to kill, to hurt, to torture were silent. All there was right now was the fight. Just him and his opponent. Just the fight. The wind on his face and the sweat on his brow. This is what he was born in, this is what he lives in and this is what he will die in. He knew there was people watching but he didn’t care. As long as the fight goes on he was happy. Jack was a great sparring partner. She fought with such aggression, such hate that Quatre knew she was as damaged as he was. She could understand; maybe he could actually find happiness here. Move on from his past, move on from Omega, move on from Sara.

Sara. Beautiful, kind, compassionate Sara. Not unlike Oriana. She’s kind, she’s warm and she’s defiantly beautiful. She doesn’t look at me with disgust, or hate or even pity. She looks with understanding. Maybe, just maybe I can be with her…

Stop it! It’s never going to happen. She’s a teacher and she’s older than me, although apparently not by much. But…. She is too good. Too pure. How could she ever go for a guy like me? A damaged psychopath. Covered in scars and tattoos. Deemed crazy by everyone in the galaxy. Hell, I even under therapy here. Quatre was pulled from his thoughts when Jacks heel caught him around the cheek. Sending him spiralling to the flooring

Oriana and Miranda were making their way to the biotics gym. They had both received a message from Kaylee saying that she needed their help to stop Jack and Quatre from Sparring. Not to mention that two new students to give the standard tour. Good first impression of their teacher and classmate. Thought Oriana as Miranda and herself walked through the door of the gym.

In the gym, the equipment had been thrown around the room. The sandbags wre thrown to the far side of the room. Most of which had been split by the sheer amount of biotic force exerted on them, sand spilled out onto the floor. The treadmills in the room had been knocked over, from the looks of things a body had been thrown into them causing them to be knocked over. The metal bent where the body hit them. Weight plates lay scattered along the floor. Some of them bent from force used on them.

Miranda and Oriana quickly made their way to where the rest of the spectators were standing, behind the safety glass. It was there that the Lawson twins got a good look at the two combatants. Jack was fighting like Miranda knew she would. Erratic, uncontrolled and sloppy. However the surprise was Quatre. He fought with such discipline that any soldier would be tiring quickly although from the look on his face he was toying with Jack. Deliberately stretching the fight out, He had a chillingly wide smile spread across his face and his eyes weren’t there usual unfeeling, dead selves. Instead they showed him to be truly happy. I’ve only ever seen eyes like that before, in Jane's eyes when she used to spar with Garrus back on the Normandy.

Oriana could see how shaken Kaylee looked when she was standing behind the safety glass. She looked sheet white and her eyes held an almost sad look to them.

“Kaylee. You look worried” said Oriana in her usual warm tone

“It’s just…. He’s toying with his supposed teacher. Look in his eyes, he could end this any time he wants. How are we supposed to teach him? Hell, how are we supposed to help him? There is no way we can even get close to him. He fights like her for Christ sake” replied Kaylee. Her eyes not taking their eyes off of the fight in front of them.

Oriana didn’t need to ask about who she was saying he fought like. She knew, she may not have seen Jane Shepard fight in person but from the videos she saw the cold, detached way she cut through her enemies. In each video of her fighting she held the same happiness in her eyes which Quatre had. A happiness you never saw in her eyes when she wasn’t on the battlefield.

“We can’t help him unless he wants it Kaylee. We need him to begin to trust, only then can we try to help him.” Replied Oriana

“Do you know when Miss. Chambers is scheduled to arrive Kaylee?” interrupted Miranda

“Not for a few days.” Replied Kaylee, finally pulling her eyes away from the still fighting Quatre “Why?”

“Well Chambers worked wonders for Jack when she was on the Normandy. Why don’t we try the same methods with Quatre as Shepard did with Jack?”

“And what were those methods?” asked Oriana

“First. Give him a support structure. Then get him to completely trust someone. Either you or Jack would fulfil that role. Then eventually he should be able to adjust to life again.”

There was a silence as the entire group, Danny and Josh included, looked to Oriana who, in turn was looking to Quatre thoughtfully.

“And how do I go about getting him to trust me?” asked Oriana.

Miranda gave her sister a loving smile before replying “Talk to him. Approach him in private, learn about his past and help him with his demons. I mean… it’s not like you two haven’t been undressing each other’s with your eyes since you met”

There was an even longer awkward silence as the group took in what Miranda just said. That was until the sparring ended. Quatre had apparently decided that it was time to end the fight and so sent Jack flying towards the group. Her body leaving cracks in the safety glass as she fell to the floor.

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