Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 12

Josh and Danny had both been seen to their rooms and had settled in. They had then spent a time introducing themselves with Quatre. Danny could tell that the guy was uncomfortable and so had no objections when he made some excuse and left the brothers alone. It had been a few hours since then and now Danny sat on the edge of his bed watching his brother pace from one side of the room to the other.

“Did you see the look in his eyes?” asked Josh as he paced around his brothers room

“Yeah I did” replied Danny. Josh had been talking about this Quatre since they met him and he had grown tired a long time ago.

“I mean… he looked like he was a killer. Like he wanted to personally kill us”

"Yeah –"

“I mean… we saw broken people during the war but that… that look was like something out of an omni vid”

“All right enough!” Danny had stood up from his bed to stop his brother from talking any more. “Sure he looks dangerous, and from that display with Jack it’s evident that he is.”

“Yeah I mean, did you see how he threw –“

“Let me finish Josh! Sure he is clearly dangerous but he didn’t seem vindictive or cruel. Honestly he seemed scared of us in a way. Plus didn’t you see the way he looked to Jack not to mention that Oriana”

“What are you talking about?” asked Josh

“Didn’t you see the way he looked to Oriana? He cares for her”

“Are you crazy? She’s a teacher”

“Who is only at most four years older than him” There was a silence as Josh digested what his brother had just told him

“What do you think we should do?” asked Josh after a silence

“What can we do?” replied Danny “We stay out of his way and hopefully he stays out of ours”

It was far into the stations night cycle and Oriana had just finished marking the tests she had given to her basic class. While the advanced classes still hadn’t started the basic classes had been running for some time. Oriana was making her way through the halls to her bedroom when she looked in the common lounge. She had expected to see the lounge with the lights off and empty. Instead there lying casually on one of the sofas and reading a book was Quatre. It was odd to see Quatre doing something as mundane as reading a book; especially with the peaceful look he had on his face.

She couldn’t help but laugh when she called out to him. Causing him to fall off the sofa in shock.

“Ah, nice to see you too” said Quatre as he repositioned himself so that his back was against the foot of the sofa

“Well you can’t blame me. Its way past curfew” replied Oriana as she stopped herself from laughing

“Thought that only applied if you were out of the biotics wing.” Replied Quatre as he gestured with his head to the space next to him

“So why you still up?” asked Oriana as she sat on the floor next to him

“Couldn’t sleep. You?”

“Marking work. I was going to get a coffee” replied Oriana as she looked to the book he had dropped when he fell from the sofa. ‘The rise and fall of the Quarians by Geoff R.R. Carlsberg’ “So you interested in Quarians or what?”

“No not really just needed something to do. The books here are crap by the way”

“Just in the common lounge. My books are good, hell I’ve even got real books not that omni book crap”

“Oriana, are you inviting me around to your house” said Quatre with humour clear in his voice.

Oriana’s face burnt when she realised the implications of what she said “I uh... I didn’t mean-“

“Relax I was only joking” replied Quatre with a grin ‘He’s rather attractive when he smiles’ thought Oriana

“So why can’t you sleep?”

“Bad dreams” said Quatre very quickly. Oriana could see by his eyes that there was a story to that but she didn’t want to push and drive him away. “What about you? I haven’t seen any other teachers around”

“Yeah just finished some marking. You want to go get some coffee then?”

Oriana could see the look in Quatre’s face as he digested what she said and the implications of it. The silence went so long that she thought that maybe he had offended the man in some way.

“Hey I didn’t mean anything-“began Oriana

“You know what... sure” interrupted Quatre. His eyes showing his determination.

Danny and Josh were walking towards the cafeteria, they had continued to talk about their new class mate for far too many hours. Josh simply couldn’t believe that a student had a relationship with a teacher in anyway despite how much his brother told him so. It had gone on so long that they had decided to grab something to eat despite the late hour.

“I’m telling you there ain’t no way that a teacher will be allowed to be in a relationship with a student” said Josh as the two entered the canteen and made their way over to the twenty-four hour food counter where they were greeted by a rather tired clerk.

“What can I get for you?” asked the clerk in a husky voice as the two approached.

The clerk wore a yellow outfit and from the looks of her face she was clearly deeply tired. Her bloodshot eyes were sunken into her face and her cheeks were marred with a brownish purple when deep bags hung.

“Two black coffees with sugar and a bowl of chips” answered Danny as Josh went to find the two a table in the far corner of the canteen. The cleaners were sweeping and the brothers would rather not get in their way for no reason.

Danny didn’t even have time to eat a single chip after he sat down before Oriana entered the canteen with Quatre entering behind. Josh was so surprised he choked on his drink causing his brother to use the smile only older siblings seem to be able to do.

Danny and Josh looked on as Oriana and Quatre ordered some kind of drink and sat at a table at the other side of the hall. From the distance they could only just make out any of what the two were talking about.

“So what do you like about books?” asked Oriana

“They provide an escape that last longer than any film can” replied Quatre as he took a sip from the drink.

“You like escapist books then?”

“Sure. I mean I read most genres. Just try to stay away from non- fiction. Full of useless information and pointless points. They provide no escape”

“Why are they talking about books?” asked Josh

“Well why not? Evidently they both like books” replied Danny

“He doesn’t look like no book lover to me”

“And why not?”

“Have you not seen his tattoos? Or his scars?”

“Do you even know what those tattoos mean?” Danny and Josh nearly jumped out of their chairs when they heard Jacks voice. She had come into the canteen from a different entrance to the brothers.

“Un… Hey Miss” stuttered Danny as Josh just remained silence, face as red as a sunset.

“Names Jack… and I asked you a question. Said Jack. Her voice had lost her sharp edge but both brother knew she was furious with what she heard. “Do you know what the head tattoo even means? Why both me and him have them?”

“n-no Miss” answered Danny

“Maybe its best you not comment on things you don’t understand hey?” replied Jack as she left the brothers and made her way over to the food stall and the cashier She made sure to stay far enough away from Quatre and Oriana that she didn’t distract either. She knew how hard it was for Shepard to get her to talk for even a minute. ‘Whatever you’re doing Oriana. Keep at it’ thought Jack. She had grown even fonder of Quatre since he joined the academy. She saw so much of herself in him; his love of literature he attempts to hide. His wanting to change into something good but not knowing how. These were all things that helped Jack to feel protective over the teenager.

When Jack was ordering her coffee the grant brothers decided that they should lave before they make an even worse impression on their teacher for the future. Much to the annoyance of Danny, Josh decided that the conversation was not to stay in the canteen with their unfinished food and drink.

“What did she mean by that?” asked Josh as the two walked back to their dorm

“I don’t know. Obviously the tattoo has some meaning beyond just a design. It is strange they have the same design in the same location don’t you think?”

“Well yeah. But I thought they were related in some way….” Replied Josh

“Don’t you think we would have heard about that when Kaylee told us about him if that were the case? Obviously the tattoo has deep meaning. Something that both Miss Jack and he share. The Question is not what, it how will we find out.

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