Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 13

Oriana and Kaylee were standing in the hanger as she academy shuttle docked. It had taken a lot for the academy to get to Kelly Chambers but eventually they had tracked her down helping refugees on the citadel. After explaining to her about Quatre she had agreed to help as best she can. Oriana hoped that the therapy would help Quatre. He didn’t deserve the things that were done to him, no one does.

Oriana hadn’t slept much last night. After the drinks Quatre and her decided to go to the gym, she was amazed at how much she opened up to him. They only used a few machines for a limited time the rest of the night they spent talking about mundane, unimportant things. Most of the conversation Oriana couldn’t even remember, but she wouldn’t soon forget about the feeling of comfort that came with his voice.

Now here she stood, watching as the former Normandy member Kaylee Sanders walked out from the shuttle and made her way over to the teachers. Miranda had told Oriana a little about the physiatrist. She told them about how much she had been able to help the crew during the famous omega four suicide mission. That is why both Jack and Oriana had made sure to get Kelly when the board told Kaylee that they wanted Quatre to undergo therapy.

Kelly’s appearance came as a shock to Oriana though, Miranda had described her briefly so that they could locate her on the citadel. Miranda had said that she had bright red hair with freckles covering her face. When the academy had eventually found her she had dark black hair and wore clothing that even made Quatre appear smart in his clothing. Oriana was staring at the phycatrist up until Kaylee engaged the new arrival in conversation.

“Miss Chambers. I can say I’m thrilled to have you at the academy. I’m Kaylee Sanders and this is Oriana. We thought it would be good if she brief you on the student before you meet him” greeted Kaylee warmly

“The pleasures all mine Miss Sanders” replied Kaylee “So when will we start?”

“The plan is to start today. Ill fill you in on him and then you can meet him if you wish” answered Oriana as the three left the hangar and began to head towards the biotics wing.

“So what can you tell me about him that’s not in the file I was sent?” asked Kelly as the group arrived at Orion hall

“What would you like to know? Id say out of all of us me and Jack are your best chance of finding out information on the kid” replied Oriana

“And why is that? I get why he would open up to Jack. They practically had the same childhood, but how is it you have got him to open up?”

Oriana was wondering how long it would take for Kelly to figure out that there was something between Quatre and herself. She just didn’t expect her to figure it out that quickly. Maybe she is as good as Jack said

“Guess you will have to ask him.” Replied Oriana as she turned with Kaylee into an empty room. ”This is your office.”

Kaylee looked around the room with disinterest. It was exactly like she expected it would be. The walls and carpets coloured in a calming beige. A water cooler in the far side of the room and a large sofa with a small desk set up opposite.

“I thought we were going to meet my patient”

“We will” replied Kaylee “What we thought you should know before you meet him though shouldn’t be said where the security crew could here”

“And that would be?”

“Quatre is Shepard’s sister” answered Oriana in a tone that let Kaylee know she wasn’t joking.

“W-What, how? I was told he was captured or killed”

“We don’t know how he survived, he won talk about that part of his past. All we know is that I ran a medical scan on him and that’s how we found out his real name. Marcus Shepard”

“So… what do I call him?”

“He doesn’t like to be called Marcus. We’re wanting to keep this a secret until he’s ready to tell people himself.”

“Anyway, now we have that out of the way shall we go find him?” said Kaylee as she led the three out of the office and towards the communal lounge.

Josh was sitting in the communal lounge with Quatre, he wanted to talk to the guy but…. He was admittedly rather intimidated by his classmate. Luckily when Quatre came into the lounge he didn’t attempt to talk to Josh. He simply lay down on the sofa and began reading from an old book. So he is a reader’ thought Josh. He also found it strange that he choose to read from an antique page based book as opposed to an omni book. Must have got it from Oriana. They were talking about books yesterday.

It was weird for Josh to see his fellow student in such a different mood from what he saw yesterday. When he first saw him he saw such coldness, such a detachment form the people around him. Then as he met with the Danny and himself he saw him as a damaged kid trying to not be so detached. That threw him for a loop and then he saw him at the end of the day. Talking with Oriana as if it was the most normal thing he had ever done. How he could go from being so cold to warm Josh couldn’t figure out.

Of course the real thing that interested Josh was the tattoo that both Jack and he have on the same part of their head. Josh thought that the two were connected in some way by blood. Maybe mother and son or brother and sister, but since last night when Jack had torn into his brother and himself for talking about the tattoo it became clear that the two tattooed individuals were not relatives of any kind. That posed the question. What is the meaning of the tattoo?

Josh couldn’t help himself. He had to find out about that tattoo and the extranet wasn’t helping when you didn’t know the name of the design or had a picture to search from If he wanted to find out then he would have to ask either Jack or Quatre; neither of which he particularly wanted to do but after how angry Jack became last night Josh figured he would be better taking his chances with Quatre than their teacher.

Josh couldn’t stop it, before he knew what he was doing he was walking to the still reading Quatre lying on the sofa. He just had to find out about the classmate. Maybe it will stop him from being so intimidated each time he walks into the same room as them. Josh takes a big gulp in an attempt to calm his nerves and tried to speak even though his throat has gone dry.

“Hey Quatre”

Quatre didn’t sleep again last night. He couldn’t, the voices in his head were only calm when he was talking to Oriana. The second she left they started screaming at him again. Telling him to submit to the drugs or the hate. Telling him to hunt down every last person on the station and bleed them to death.

He did have one saving grace though. Before she left for bed Oriana gave him one of the books she had told him about. True to her word the book was leagues better than the omni exquvilant options he had. He also loved the feeling of an actual book. The smell of the pages and the soft feel of the edges of the book as he moved his fingers. Remarkably reading the book helped mute the voices in a way no other object has ever done. Not even his sword. He was for one of the first time in his life actually relaxed as he lay there on the sofa, reading a book telling such a simple story and thinking about Oriana.

He was so relaxed he didn’t even mind that one of the new kids were sitting in the far end of the room. Even as the kid began staring Quatre didn’t mind. He was enjoying the feeling of relaxation too much to care. However he couldn’t help but tense when the kid began walking towards him. For fuck sake! Can’t he see I’m actually relaxed? Stop coming towards me dammit! I talked to you yesterday didn’t I? Josh right…. Fuck sake Josh!

The voices began screaming as Josh pulled his attention away from the book still in his hands.

“H-Hey Quatre” said Josh, so quietly that the voices in Quatre’s head almost drowned him out

Quatre looked to Josh and saw the nothing but a weak, pathetic child. Every ounce of his body told him to attack. To hurt, to kill. This kid shouldn’t live, he doesn’t deserve to. The strong deserve to live, the week feed the strong with their lives. Make the voices quiet! Fulfil your purpose!

“What?” replied Quatre His one harsh and to the point

“Uh I just have to ask…. Jack was telling me about her tattoo”

“Stop! Let me guess. You see that we have the same tattoo and you thought that the best way to find out about hem is to ask me….”

“Well….. Yeah I guess”

“Take my advice” said Quatre as he sat up from the sofa coming face to face with Josh. Well Face to shoulder as Quatre toward over the youngest Grant. “Leave the tattoos alone. Would I ask your brother about his scar?”

“Well no”

“So how about you don’t ask me about my tattoo. How about we just stay out of each other’s way from now on” Quatre didn’t give Josh a chance to reply though as he almost sprinted out of the lounge and towards his room.

“Hey Josh. Have you seen Quatre?” Asked Kaylee as Oriana herself and some other women came into the room.

“Y-yeah. You just missed him. He went left though” stuttered Josh. Still shocked from the way Quatre ran from the room.

“Okay. Thanks Josh” replied Oriana as the three women left in the same direction as Quatre did.

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