Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 2

“Jesus Christ cheerleader have you got him yet?” spat Jack as she sat down in the lounge of the apartment the three were sharing.

Miranda, Jack and Kaylee had been on Omega for a week now. While getting there only took five days they were having more and more trouble trying to find this so called ‘Monsieur Quatre’. The crime on omega is always extremely high and so they wouldn’t be able to track him down through reported crimes. Therefore the three of them have been watching the ship arrivals and departures in the hopes of catching any suspicious activity.

“Jack. Do you want to take over?” replied Miranda with a scowl “because I will stop my work and late you take over!”

“Alright alright, calm your tits Cheerleader” replied Jack.

Miranda felt her blood pumping at the former convict, she began to stand up from her terminal when Kaylee came barging in through the front door of the apartment. She quickly looked to Jack from Miranda and then back to Jack.

“Alright you two, I’ve got a report of an Eclipse asari unit getting torn up on the other side of afterlife.” Kaylee had the tone and look of someone who was clearly in a rush but Jack and Miranda couldn’t figure why.

“So?” replied Jack as she looked at Kaylee with a raised eyebrow

“Eclipse are constantly getting killed on Omega” continued Miranda with a similar confused face to Jack

“Yes, but I got a hack off the security camera in the alley were the fighting is taking place” without saying another word Kaylee activated her omni-tool, it showed live security footage of the fight in the alley.

The camera showed a group of asari engaging a large yet clearly young biotic in combat. The asari looked to be trying to capture the single boy but they were being beaten down and killed one by one. Jack and Miranda got their gear and guns ready while Kaylee continued to watch the security feed. Quatre was incredible to watch in combat, he was cutting through the group of asari with ease despite all of the asari using powerful barriers. The young biotic was far from a small person, you could see how he towered over the asari even through the poor camera angle that distorted figure shapes. Despite the child’s large frame he moved in a way reminiscent of a Drell assassin.

Jack and Miranda came through from the armour locker just as the camera showed Quatre snapping the neck of another asari.

“Okay Kaylee let’s get a move on shall we?” said Jack

“Were is the alley located Kaylee” added Miranda

“Just on the other side of Afterlife, in a place called ‘Kitara district’ replied Kaylee

“Kitara, yeah well be there before the cheerleader can complain about how she needs a shower even after decontamination” stated Jack as she left the apartment

Miranda gave Jack a cold glare but Jack didn’t see as she began leading the two other women to the alley in the security video. Of the three Jack was the only one who had spent any significant time on Omega. She had learnt all the short cuts and bypasses to get to the Kitara district. With Jack leading the group the three of them got to the alley within five minutes, what they saw however froze the three of them in place. Quatre Was standing by the side of the now dead asari and a group of Salarian and batarian soldiers were standing on either side of him in the alley, he had nowhere to run and no chance of escape.

Miranda pulled her gun to her face and fired a few shots, killing two of the Salarians and drawing attention away from Quatre; at the same time Jack flared her biotics and sent a powerful shockwave at the now attacking eclipse group. Miranda and Jack dealt with the group and were going to move onto the second when they realised that Quatre had been perfectly still during the exchange. How the fuck can this kid be calm right now! Thought Jack as she looked to the large biotic.

Jack and Miranda moved into the side of the alley which held the now dead eclipse group. It was here that Jack and Miranda got their first proper look at the mysterious teenager. He did indeed have the same head tattoo as Jack, showing that he had lived as a slave at some point, he had dark brown puffy hair that looked to be overgrown. He also had a tattoo running along his right forearm. The words ‘Subject Four’ ran in a gentle swirl from his right elbow down to his wrist.

He had his chest covered by a simple t shirt which didn’t reveal much skin, even with this though Jack and Miranda could trace dozens of scars that led under the shirt. His eyes were a deep green, they were small yet extremely expressive. Quatre looked to Jack and Miranda with those haunted eyes before looking back to the now approaching second eclipse group. Miranda and Jack both prepared there weapons but ended doing nothing more than looking on in awe and shock when Quatre sprang into action. Quatre made a biotic charge until he was around the back of the group, after this he snapped the neck of a batarian, he grabbed the pistol on the now dead Batarians hip and discharged two more bullets into the group. Two shots two dead eclipse. The three remaining eclipse barely had time to turn around before Quatre snapped the neck of the last batarian. Two Salarians left. One step closer and Quatre had forced a biotically charged fist through one of the Salarians chest. One Salarian left. The final eclipse drew his assault rifle up to the face of the rapidly approaching biotic.

“D-Don’t come any c-closer” The Salarians voice was weak and desperate. When he saw that the biotic as still approaching with a murderous smile on his face the Salarian dropped the power act. “Please four, let me go” He begged as he dropped his gun and fell to the floor, shaking out of fear.

Quatre bent down to the ground and placed a hand on either side of the Salarians face. The Salarians big eyes were wet and his face were streaming with tears. “Hush now… it’s okay” said Quatre in a soft and comforting voice. Jack and Miranda hadn’t moved from the alley opening but even from this distance the look of relief on the Salarians face was visible.

“S-so you’ll let me go?” pleaded the broken Salarian

“One more thing though, if you don’t mind.” Quatre brought the Salarians tear streaked face up to look him in the eye “What did you call me just now?”

The Salarians face went from relieved to terrified in a heartbeat. “N-no please, I-I didn’t mean anything-“The Salarian was pleading for his life once again. He didn’t have chance to finish his plea this time however.

“My. Name. Is. Not. Subject. Four” interrupted Quatre with palpable fury in his words. The Salarian didn’t plea this time, he just broke down crying, waiting for the inevitable end. He didn’t have to wait long though as Quatre placed his hand on the soft skin on the Salarians neck and began to squeeze.

Jack and Miranda watched on in still horror as the boy didn’t choke the Salarian to death as they would have guessed but instead dug his nails into the soft neck and silenced the Salarians death scream by literally ripping the mercenaries’ throat out. Kaylee rounded the corner as the scream was silenced and the remains of the throat tossed to the floor casually. All three of the women came out from cover but couldn’t do any more than look at the figure in front of them in horror as he casually wiped the green blood from the final mercenary on his tattered jeans before talking to the three horrified women.

He walked over to the three women with a blank look on his face, sending chills down the women’s spines. How could he be calm after what he just did? Not enraged or regretful? Not happy nor sad? That Jack could have dealt with but this terrifying stillness of the boy let Jack know that they were dealing with a person who had been around death for so long he had become completely numb to it.

The four of them stood looking at one another in the alley for what felt like a lifetime before Kaylee composed herself and began to speak. “Monsieur Quatre. My name is Kaylee Sanders, This is Jack and Miranda-“

“Have you come to kill me miss. Sanders” The response snapped Miranda and Jack from their horror filled trance

“Were not gonna hurt you. We are from Grissom academy, do you know what that is?”


Jack was amazed by the calm response the boy could give after what he just did. Jack decided that it was best if she led the conversation. Surely she could empathise with the child more than Kaylee or Miranda.

“Alright listen kid, I’m Jack. I run a biotic school and we want you to join” good, straight to the point, he won’t think I’m lying.

“Why me paints?”

“Paints huh”


“We want you because you have amazing biotics” Interrupted Kaylee.

Really? Flattery! Thought Jack when hearing the interruption you seriously think he’s gonna join because you flatter him?

“No you don’t” replied Quatre in the deathly calm voice. What did I say… thought Jack


“You don’t want me at that academy”

“Yes we do”

“No you don’t”

“Enough!” called Miranda, putting a stop to the bickering “What makes you think we don’t want you at the academy”

“Because princess, chances are ill snap and kill everyone while I’m there”

“Don’t call me princess” Miranda’s blood was pumping once again, god it’s like meeting Jack for the first time all over again

“Why not? You’ve been given everything you every wanted your whole life haven’t you? What did you have for dinner last night hmm?”


“Answer the question Princess”

Miranda let out an exasperated sigh before answering “Salmon with rice and wine”

“Lucky you.” Replied the boy with venom dripping from his words “I haven’t eaten in three days. Last thing I ate was raw varren meet”

“You haven’t eaten in three days and you did that with your biotics?” asked Jack as she nodded to the dead eclipse “And you wonder why we want you on the programme” Best to get this conversation back on topic.

The conversation seemed hapless to Kaylee until she saw the boy face light up with a quick smile, he looked to the floor in an attempt to hide the smile but Kaylee knew that he would accept their offer now. He would take no more convincing. “We leave for the academy tomorrow at 0800. Docking bay E21, if you want to come with us your welcome to” With that Jack, Miranda and Kaylee left the boy in the alley of death.

“So you think he’ll come with us?” asked Miranda as the three walked back to the apartment

“Of course he will.” Replied Jack in a casual tone

”why do you think?”

“Simple” replied Jack as she looked on thoughtfully “it’s what I would do”

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