Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 4

If there was one word to describe Grissom academy it would be ‘huge’. The biotics section alone had private rooms for 40 students. There was a gym, a lounge and two shared toilets. One in the male dorms and one in the female dorms. Kaylee had given Quatre a card when they docked which allowed him access to the biotics wing. She said something about being very strict with the privacy of the biotic students. There were four classes; two advanced biotics and two basic classes. After docking on the station Kaylee had given Quatre a tour of the areas he would be using. Orion hall is where most in the academy eat their meals although he could if he wished take his meals and eat them in his class.

After being given the tour of the station Quatre had been shown to his room. He was the first student of the advanced classes to arrive at the station and so there would be a week before classes began to allow for the rest of the new students to join. Quatre’s room was identical to the others in the dorm. The room was more like a small apartment, with a large office area and an equally large bed area Quatre had never stayed anywhere as large or as comfortable as Grissom Academy.

Quatre had been sitting at his desk with his sword placed delicately on the end. He had been polishing the blade for a little over an hour while he waited for his medical exam. He hated little more than doctors but figured the doctor a fair trade for being given such a nice place to stay. Quatre was interrupted from his thoughts when the loud screeching that accompanied his doorbell rang out his bedroom.

“Come in”

The figure that came into Quatre’s quarters was nothing short of breath-taking. “Quatre. If you’ll follow me I’d like to give you a quick check-up” said Oriana with a smile.

Quatre had never seen such beauty. He knew a little of Miranda from when he read about the Normandy crew, he knew she had perfect genes and so the same could be said for Oriana although ‘perfect’ didn’t seem to cover the person stood before him. She had dark brown hair that framed her face perfectly. She had beautiful cavansite eyes Quatre could lose himself in and lips that made him shudder with excitement. Her body was lean and clearly less developed than Miranda’s. Her breasts and ass were much smaller than her sisters, Quatre thought she looked a million times better than Miranda however, he admired the way that the doctors robe clung to her form, showing the curves of her figure much to the joy of the hormonal young boy looking to her. The real difference between her and Miranda though, and the reason Quatre thought her such a beauty was her voice, Miranda’s voice was cold and calculating but Oriana’s was warm and compassionate.

Not trusting himself to say anything to the beauty of a women he simply nodded and stood up. Oriana took this as the go ahead for his medical and began to lead him through the halls to the biotics medical room. The two walked in silence for a while until Oriana spoke, much to the comfort of Quatre. “I’m Oriana Lawson by the way. I teach one of the basic classes and I’m the biotics physician.”

“A pleasure to meet you Miss Lawson”

“Please child. No need to be so formal. It’s Oriana unless in in front of my students okay?” Oriana gave the boy a smile that seemed to turn him to jelly at the knees.

“Uhh... y-yeah sure. O-Oriana” Quatre hoped she didn’t realise that she was the reason why he was stuttering like a 10 year old. ‘What’s wrong with me? I haven’t felt this way about a girl since… Sara. But damn, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t welcome the touch of her hands on my skin’ thought Quatre as the two entered the medical room.

There was a simple desk with a terminal and an uncomfortable chair. Next to it an equally simple bed with a thin blanket covering the mattress. The sight of such a bed instantly put Quatre on high alert. He had been experimented on by one of his owners, that’s how he got the biotics that rival an asari matriarch. He lost count of the nights he woke screaming thinking he was strapped to that bed once again. ‘No, I’m done being afraid.’

“It’s okay child, I mean you no harm” apparently Quatre’s fear had been evident on his face allowing Oriana to pick up on it.

“No I’m uh- yeah. I’m fine”

“Okay then. I’m gonna need you to hope up on the bed and take off your top”

Oriana couldn’t help but smile at the intense blush that spread across Quatre’s face as he followed her instructions. The smile was quickly wiped however when she saw his bare torso. No matter where on his torso Oriana looked there was a scar breaking his skin. There were multiple tattoos on his torso, most of them words in languages Oriana couldn’t understand, one tattoo written across his collarbone got her attention though. The tattoo was simple, it was simple black text that read ‘Ex nihilo nati sumus, et de pulvere pulvis redeamus’. There was just something about the tattoo that intrigued Oriana, and for that matter so too there was something about the boy.

“So Quatre what does the collar text mean?” Asked Oriana as she activated the terminal and brought up a scanning tool on her omni tool. “It’s Latin, from old Earth. It talks about how we are all born in dust and how we all return to dust. I just like it to think that no matter what everyone and everything returns to the same thing. Ill end up dust, you’ll end up dust, this station will end up dust. Hell, even the reaper corpses will end up dust”

There was a minute silence in the room as Oriana took in what she just heard. She didn’t know what to expect from the man in front of her, violence, fear, untrusting. These were all things she was anticipating, but this chilling wisdom was something that surprised her more than she wanted to admit.

She began to run the scans over the man’s body. When she moved onto the back of the boy she saw a single large tattoo that took up most of the boys back, this time of a phoenix rising from a pile of ashes. The tattoo was undeniably beautiful, she would have to ask him about his tattoos someday. She was interrupted from her thoughts when Quatre began asking questions about the tests.

“So what are these tests for?”

“They will help me see your insides, you know, check damage. See how your eezo nodes look and the like. Ill also be able to find out some facts about you for your file”

“Facts like what?”

“Well I’ll be able to judge your age to within two years, which is a lot more accurate than what we currently have. Ill also be able to cross reference your DNA with all of those known by our database. It could very well inform me of your actual name.”

The terminal by the side of the bed pinged as it began to search for information regarding the new student. “Okay Quatre you can go. Thank you for being so co-operative.

“Oriana, will you explain to me what kind of confidentiality you are under?”

Oriana was a little thrown by the question but thought to answer it honestly “When I get the results I have to inform Miss Sanders but no one else. No one other than myself and Miss Sanders will see your results of that I can promise you”

Oriana was more than a little surprised at how her stomach flipped when Quatre gave her a genuine smile if only for a minute. “Thank you Oriana”

With that Quatre left as the terminal finished scanning his results. Oriana felt herself freeze when the DNA scanner returned the results.

“That can’t be right”Oriana ran the scan multiple times, each time returning the same impossible result. Oriana sent a video feed through to Kaylee.

“Yes Oriana” opened Kaylee warmly

“Miss Sanders. I’ve got the DNA test result for the new student”

“And?” replied Kaylee clearly seeing the shock on Oriana’s face

“I think you better get down her now miss. You’re not going to believe this”

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