Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 5

Quatre had returned to his quarters for a little after the exam. He couldn’t help but think of what Oriana may find out about him. Did it matter though? However he was died a long time ago. There was nothing about his previous life in his life. He couldn’t remember where he was from, his family, his friends or even his name. Did he even want to remember? Remember all the loss he had been through? Wouldn’t that just bring more pain? Of course… the more Oriana found out the more she wold want to talk to him…

What’s wrong with me!? I can’t be feeling this way about Oriana. Sure, she was beautiful… but so was Miranda and I don’t care about that stuck up bitch so why her!? There’s no way I’m feeling this way… not again, not after her, not after Sara. Sara, that beautiful Omega orphan. A single tear rolled down Quatre’s scarred cheek as he stomped over to his bed when his sword lay, in its leather sheathe. He grabbed the sheathed blade and there hidden in the very top fell a small pouch of red sand.

Quatre’s hands shook violently as he slowly picked up the packet and starred at the contents. Quatre was flooded with memories of when he first tried the horribly beautiful drug. Well ‘tried’ wasn’t exactly the correct word for how he was introduced to the drug. His second owner. An Asari by the name of ‘Shila T’Roli’ ran a drug empire on Omega, she would test new shipments on red sand on her ‘pet’. Quatre struggled at first but try as he might he began to crave the drug.

Quatre was physically sweating as he poured a thin strip of the powder onto the back of his hand and snorted the drug. The world went fussy and began spinning as it usually did after a hit, Quatre’s body filled with a comforting warmth as he collapsed onto his bed. It was hard to hide the remaining drug in this state but after 20 minutes of trying he had successfully hid his stash inside the sword once more.

The drugs didn’t last particularly long on Quatre due to his extremely high body temperature. His body burnt more than it should even as a human biotic but red sand. That always gave him a comforting buzz for at least an hour. In this state he wouldn’t be good for very much activity but he had to get out of his room. After five minutes of unsuccessfully sharpening his sword Quatre decided to go for a jog through the station. It was late and most people will be asleep. He removed his shoes and socks before leaving is apartment, while unusual, running barefoot always allowed for Quatre to focus on his thoughts and remove stress. The tests had made him far more nervous than he would have expected. Or maybe it was thinking about Oriana?

He began jogging aimlessly ignoring the strange looks he received from some of the other students, He jogged through the engineering, math and science departments before coming to a halt in the music department. He found himself at the end of a corridor with three rooms. One directly in front of his which had a stage in the far end and rows of chairs closer to himself, obviously set up as a stage for events. On his left there was another room, completely empty except for one or two students who were rehearsing using guitars in front of what was presumably their instructor. The song they were practising Quatre didn’t recognise, but they hadn’t noticed him to which he was grateful. He’d rather not explain why he was jogging through the academy at night barefoot.

When turning to leave though he saw the room to his right. Inside was piles of music equipment, stacks of Guitars, Violins and Chellos were lined across the far wall. Drum kits littered the floor and there in the far left corner of the room sat a grand piano. Quatre hadn’t seen one of those in such a long time, The Piano was one instrument that was rarely used in modern society these days. Forgetting all about rules and regulation Quatre found himself walking towards the piano. He sat down on the plush stool in front of the beautifully crafted instrument. After a few deep breaths he began playing random notes and tunes before settling on a song he hadn’t played in far too long. Closing his eyes and tilting his head back he began to play one of his favoured songs.

‘Felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders…
Pressure to break or retreat at every turn
facing the fear that the truth had discovered
…No telling how all this will work out
…But I’ve gone too far to go back now.

…I am looking for freedom, looking for freedom…
And to find it cost me everything I have…
Well I am looking for freedom, looking for freedom
…And to find it may take everything I have.

I know all too well it don’t come easy…
The chains of the world they seem to move in tight…
I try to walk around it but stumbling’s so familiar
Try to get up but the doubt is so strong
there’s gotta be a weight in my bones

I’m looking for freedom, looking for freedom
And to find it, cost me everything I have
…Well I’m looking for freedom, I’m looking for freedom
…And to find it may take everything I have

Oh not giving up has always been hard, so hard…
But if I do things the easy way I won’t get far.
Hmm, life hasn’t been very kind to me lately…
But I suppose it’s a push for moving on
In time the sun’s gonna shine on me nicely
Something tells me good things are coming and I ain’t gonna not believe.

…I am looking for freedom, looking for freedom…
And to find it, cost me everything I have…
Well I am looking for freedom, looking for freedom…
And to find it, may take everything I have.’

Quatre was interrupted from the song when he heard an applause coming from the doorway to the room. With the shock of the sudden company and the small stool he sat on, he quickly found himself falling to the floor. There was a gasp and some laughs from the sudden audience and Quatre began to pull himself back to his feet. ‘Dammit, how’d I forget about the class next-door… well I guess the sand didn’t exactly sharpen my senses. How the fuck am I supposed to get out of this?” though Quatre as he steadied his footing.

“Oh… uh I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there… gave me quite the fright” babbled Quatre towards the gathering at the door.

“You play very well child, put some of my students to shame” interrupted an older gentlemen, the instructor of the class. He calmly walked over to the piano Quatre had been playing and stroked the oak finishing of the instrument “Impressive really… considering you’re from the biotics programme. You must be that special case right?”

“Uhh yeah… how’d you know?” Quatre wasn’t wearing his red uniform, instead preferring the comfort of his usual jeans and t-shirt combo

“The biotics classes may be very secretive but when all of the teachers connected with the advanced programme all go on a trip personally for one student the whole academy notices. Now then son, why don’t you tell me why you’re here and why you’re barefoot?”

Quatre’s face suddenly brunt red as he looked to his feet and then to the students still stifling chuckles huddled at the door. From the embarrassment of being caught singing he had forgotten about his not wearing of any shoes.

“I uhh. I was jogging. I found the Piano, I couldn’t help myself… I’m sorry, I know its past curfew” While Quatre had no intention about following the rules about curfew he would rather not be caught braking rules on his first day on the station.

“It’s okay son, just… that was really impressive. Can I ask a favour?”

“Uhh… yeah sure…”

“While I’m the instructor here it doesn’t mean I’m the best at all of these instruments” The elderly man gestured with his hand to the wall covered in guitars and violins. “Truth be told my piano skills leave something to be desired… would you be willing to tutor one of my students. She’s very passionate about the instrument and could do with being tutored by someone who can really play”

As if on cue a short women with cropped red hair stepped through the door. She had bright green eyes in a face covered in freckles. Quatre imagined she wold be rather attractive if you were into the cute look. Personally Quatre had seen too much harm done to girls like this to find them anything but pitiful.

“M-My names Jane sir…” The poor girl seemed so scared of Quatre now she was at arm’s reach of the tall, muscular and scarred biotic.

“You want me to teach a fellow student?” asked Quatre in disbelief. He didn’t mind showing somebody how to play but like so many skills it wold require a great deal of time. All of which he would have to spend around this young, cute, annoying red head.

“Well. You are here senior, and the Piano isn’t exactly the most popular instrument in the Galaxy unfortunately” replied the Teacher as he looked to the red head.

“And what about you miss Jane? You really want to be tutored by me?”

Quatre was almost fascinated by the way the girls face grew to be as red as her hair.

“Y-Yes sir, I really want to learn and y-you play very well” She finished her answer with a warming smile Quatre rarely saw

“You realise that I have my own subject right?” asked Quatre to both Jane and the instructor

“I do sir. B-but can’t you teach me after curfew?” replied Jane

“And what, I’d have permission to break curfew rules then?” asked Quatre looking towards the instructor

“You would so long as you came straight to this department. Ill clear it with Miss. Sanders” Replied the instructor in a commanding voice. The rest of the students had lost interest by this point and most had gravitated back to the room opposite the one currently housing Quatre.

Quatre was about to reply when his omni-tool burst into light. He had placed a small hack on his door that told him when someone was inside of his room. “Shit.. Uhh, yeah sure. Listen, I’ve got to get going, but sure ill give you some tips” Without waiting for a response Quatre Gave Jane his contact information and left sharply for his room. Both Jane and her tutor stood there will shocked looks on their faces until Quatre rounded the corner taking him from sight.

Quatre made the trip back to his room fairly quickly, in no small part due to the fact that there was no students clogging the halls as we jogged through them. As entered his room he was more than a little surprised to see both Kaylee and Oriana standing side by side in his room. Kaylee was scanning the room with dull eyes as Oriana was studying the sword that still lay on his desk from where he had left it to get the exam.

The two women looked to Quatre as he entered the room. From the looks on their faces Quatre could tell they were going to say something serious. ‘Hopefully about curfew. Though when am I ever that lucky?’ Thought Quatre as Oriana began to speak.

“Ahh Quatre. Nice to see you again”

“And you Miss Lawson, I mean O-Oriana” Dammit! Why can’t I speak properly around this women!

Both Kaylee’s and Oriana’s face had a playful look as they saw Quatre blushing when looking towards Oriana. Both grew serious again soon after.

“You may wish to take a seat Quatre” said Kaylee as she waved to the seat by his desk. After sitting Kaylee continued “We need to speak about your test results”

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