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Chapter 6

Quatre was sat at his desk starring at his sword. From the looks on Kaylee’s and Oriana’s faces whatever they had found out about him was very serious. ‘And I was starting to get a feel here an’all.

Without saying anything Oriana activated her Omni-tool and sent a file to Quatre’s. When he opened the file he realised what had the two women so shocked.

Patient 0071: “Monsieur Quatre”

Blood type: AB positive

Age: 18/19

Sex: Male

Name: Marcus Shepard

Place of Birth: Mindoir

Damage report: Externally, patient has over 40% of body covered in scar tissue. Internally major organs are mostly healthy, lungs badly damaged. Trace elements of substance abuse and internal scarring of rib cage.

“Holy shit” was all Quatre could say, Shepard? I’m a Shepard? Ain’t that just fucking peachy?

Quatre couldn’t help it, he began to genuinely laugh, much to the confusion of both Oriana and Kaylee.

“What’s so funny…? Marcus” Asked Oriana as Quatre began to continue to cackle in his chair.

“I’m… sorry… ahhh, fucking hell. Just my luck ain’t it” replied Quatre as his laughing fit died down and he wiped tears from his eyes. “I find out that not only did I have a sister, but she was the great commander Shepard, and I find this out… after she’s fucking dead”

Kaylee gave Quatre a look of sympathy and comfort until her onmi tool erupted. “It’s the board. I’ve gotta see them, Marcus. I’ll talk to you later”

“Please don’t call me Marcus” replied Quatre stopping her in her tracks on the way out of his room.

“You don’t want to be called by your name?” Asked Kaylee as she turned to face the still sitting Quatre

“That’s not my name. This Marcus Shepard kid died when his home was attacked and he was taken as a slave, I’m Monsieur Quatre, or just Quatre” When Quatre saw the still confused Kaylee he decided to elaborate further “I don’t remember anything from Mindoir, my life as I know it started in chains, I have never been called Marcus in my life and I don’t want to be. Don’t call me Marcus, don’t think of me as a Shepard because I’m not, I never can be”

“Why not” Asked Oriana as she took a seat on the end of Quatre’s bed. Need to give the students more than one chair

"Thought you had to see the board"

"They can wait." replied Oriana. her eyes still focused on Quatre "Why don't you want me to think of you as a Shepard?"

“The name Shepard means hero to entire races. She was a symbol of all that was good in humanity. Me on the other hand, a former slave who can’t think of the last time he was actually happy. This trip is the longest vie gone without killing someone. I… I’m broken.” Quatre looked to the floor in an attempt to hide the tears that were welling in his eyes.

“Kaylee can I speak to Marcu… Quatre alone please. I’m sure the board don’t want to be kept waiting”

Kaylee took her que to leave and promptly left Quatre’s room to have a talk to the board. As Oriana walked over to the still sitting Quatre and leant against his desk.

“It’s alright you know. Whatever may have happened to you, whatever you may have done, consider this a new start, wipe the slate clean as it were”

Quatre looked up sharply at Oriana, She was shocked to see the rage in his eyes. “What the fuck do you know!? I have done horrors in my life, I’ve killed hundreds and loved each one! What, you think I feel sorrow for the things I’ve done, I don’t. I feel pride, When Jack, Kaylee and Miranda came to get me they saw me kill a dozen eclipse. The last of which I made die in the most painful of ways. Oriana, I’ve killed parents in front of their children, children in front of their parents and I don’t even regret it.”

Quatre was interrupted from his tirade in a way he didn’t expect. He thought Oriana may be disgusted with him, or that she would hate him maybe even attack him. He didn’t expect for her to take him into a gentle hug. It was strange but not at all unwelcome to have Oriana’s lithe body pressed against his own. From this distance he could clearly smell Oriana’s enticing smell, she smelled of Coconut, the smell was without a doubt the sweetest thing Quatre had ever smelt.

Quatre didn’t know why but he didn’t fight the hug like he normally would, instead he leant into the warmth of Oriana, he buried his face in the crook of her neck. Oriana could feel her shoulder becoming slightly damp with silent tears as she continued to comfort the man who stood holding her tight.

“You’re not as bad a person as you think you are” Spoke Oriana in a soft voice as she continued to hold the embrace “You may have done bad things, but that’s okay. You know even Shepard did some horrid thing in her career. Miranda told me about how she earned the nickname ‘Butcher of Torfan’ Quatre, it’s okay to be scared of your new life. It’s okay to want to change, you can do it”

The two off them just stood there in each other’s warmth as Quatre continued his silent tears. They shared a comfortable silence until eventually Quatre broke the hug. He refused to make eye contact with Oriana as he subconsciously still tried to hide his tears. Oriana gently placed her soft hands under his chin, forcing him to look at her eyes. They still didn’t speak any words, they just stared at one another. Wet green eyes staring into beautiful blue eyes. Again they shared a long silence, lost in each-other’s eyes.

“Thank you Oriana” whispered Quatre as the two gently leaned against one another

“It’s okay…Marcus” While Oriana could feel Quatre tense as he leant against her and her him. He didn’t say anything about being called by his real name. This isn’t okay. I shouldn’t be doing this. I can’t be this close to a student. Oriana was so deep in thought she didn’t notice Kaylee messaging her on her omni tool.

“Uhh. Oriana, Your onmi is beeping” said Quatre with a hint of amusement in his voice

Oriana gave him a quick smile as she read the message from Kaylee.


I need to speak to you. It’s about Marcus.


If Kaylee was needing to talk to her at this time of night that was bad enough, but if was about Marcus then Oriana knew that she would have to help. She also worried the Kaylee may have picked up on the look Quatre had been giving her. No, she can’t know about that. It only been a day.

“I’ve got to go. Kaylee needs my help with the board.” Said Oriana, genuinely sad she had to leave Quatre while he was so vulnerable

“That’s Okay… and thanks. I mean that” Oriana could see the trust in Quatre’s eyes and she couldn’t help but turn to butter when looking at him. Before she could lose herself in his eyes again though she exited the room and made her way to Kaylee’s office. Shortly after she rang the doorbell Kaylee let her in and the two took seats by Kaylee’s desk.

“So what’s the issue with Marcus?” asked Oriana, hoping to hide the concern in her voice

“The board… They know we have the results of his test. They want a copy sent to them.”

“We need to tell this to Quatre”

“Talk to him again in the morning okay? The board are gonna want the results tomorrow. I think it best he be the one to give it to them”

Oriana stood up and made for the door without saying another word. She froze before she could leave Kaylee’s office.

“Oriana… don’t think I didn’t see the looks the two of you gave each other” Kaylee’s face had a look of disapproval which hid the triumph only visible in her eyes.

Oriana couldn’t think of a reply, she simply stood there frozen. Still looking leading away from Kaylee. She eventually gingerly made her way back to her quarters. Fearing what Kaylee might do about herself and Quatre.

The thoughts of what might happen to her raced through her head as she got into bed. Am I gonna be fired. How’s Miranda gonna react. Is Kaylee going to tell the board? All of these thoughts were in Oriana’s subconscious but one stood out among the others. Does Quatre feel like me? That thought followed Oriana into sleep.

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