Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 7

The cold metal of the table sent chills down Quatre’s spine. The restraints on his wrists and ankles dug into his skin as he tried to escape his binds. His screams were dulled by the leather strap keeping his mouth open and throat dry. The cell he was locked in had only enough light for Quatre to see the door and in the far corner a bench covered in sharp objects ranging from needles to knives and pokers.

The door to his cell opened and in strode an asari. Wearing a tight fitting dress and little else. Quatre could only make out a few features of her face. The restraints stopping him from moving his head any considerable amount. From what he could see she had a purple tint to her skin. She was fairly short but from being strapped to the table she looked down on him. The Asari walked over to the bound boy with a seductive lean in her step, when standing over quatre she placed a hand above his head and another resting on his bare chest.

“Well slave… Isn’t this cosy” the asari whispered into Quatre’s ear

Quatre didn’t reply, he couldn’t. He felt his body freeze with fear. Tears began to roll from his eyes onto the table as the asari began to laugh sadistically.

“Oh don’t start crying already… we haven’t got to the good stuff yet” With that the asari walked over to the table of instruments. Picking up a needle filled with a red liquid she smiled viciously.

“Let’s start easily shall we… wouldn’t want this to get too good too soon now would we”

Quatre yelled into his gag as the asari injected the fluid into his right arm. Quatre felt his whole body burn as the liquid entered his system. Quatre screamed until his throat ran dry when the fluid began burning through his body. Tears of pain flowed from his eyes as the asari cackled at his pain.

“Now now slave… shall we move onto the good stuff.” The asari walked over to the bench and set a fire going in the opposite corner of the room. She picked up a blade and placed it into the flames until the metal glowed orange.

As she slowly walked over to Quatre’s form he screamed in fear looking at the blade. He could feel the heat radiating off of the blade as it cut into his flesh.

Quatre woke screaming in his bed at the academy. His sheets soaked with sweat and tears. Damn, haven’t had that dream for a while thought Quatre as he made his way to the closet to get dressed into his clothes. When dressed he made his way to one of the communal bathrooms for a quick shower. After the shower Quatre wiped one of the mirrors in the bathroom clear of condensation in order to look at himself. He felt at the scars given to him in the dream and felt such disgust with himself.

God you’re pathetic. Screaming in fear, what’s wrong with you bitch. A little scared boy. You make me sick. The voices inside of Quatre’s head screamed at him. Quatre could feel himself shaking, whether due to the cold of the room or the still palpable fear from the dream he didn’t know. The voices were silenced for a minute however as his omni rang. He read the massage on his omni-tool as he got changed back into his shirt and jeans.

Hey Scars,

We need to test your biotics today. Come to room 012 at 09:00 for a test.

- Jack

Quatre checked the time on his omni as he left the bathroom. 08:32. half an hour, plenty of time for some food. Quatre eat his breakfast on the way to the room where he would meet Jack. He finished eating his breakfast bar as the door to the room opened. He was a little shocked however, when he saw all four female teachers as well as one older looking male.

“Paints, this is Mark Jindrack. He’s the other basic biotics teacher.” Said Jack as the four teachers looked at Quatre.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Quatre” said Mark as he shook Quatre’s hand

“Yeah, you too. Now. What are we doing today” replied Quatre. He was legitimately exited to do some biotic exercises, the biotics always helped to silence the voices in his head.

“Alright. Today we are going to test your biotic capabilities. Well start with the basics and then move onto the more advanced stuff if you’re feeling up to it” Answered Miranda as she stepped forwards. Almost as if taking the place of the retreating Mark Jindrack.

“Miranda and Jack will be running the test. The rest of us will just be observing you” explained Kaylee as she, Oriana and Mark stood behind a wall of reinforced glass for safety. Jack and Miranda took up positions opposite of Quatre at the same time.

“Okay scars first things first, make a barrier.”

Quatre instantly made a barrier. The room was silent, all four biotic teachers could feel their own amps reacting to Quatre’s power. Kaylee was also impressed, while she might not be a biotic meaning she couldn’t feel the power, she could tell he was powerful. The blue flame the engulfed his was near blinding and he crafted the barrier without even moving his hands. Very few biotics can do that.

Jack was the first to recover from the show of power as she began biotically throwing different sized items at Quatre’s barrier. Miranda soon joined her and they threw objects ranging from dodge balls to bowling balls all of which didn’t so much as dent the barrier or cause Quatre to sweat. In fact his hands were in the pockets of his jeans while the teachers threw the projectiles at him.

“Impressive” Miranda stated coldly “Now were gonna test how well you can bring down a powerful barrier. Jack and I are going to make barriers and you need to bring them down. We won’t hold back and you only get one shot okay.” Without waiting for an answer both Jack and Miranda created barriers as powerful as Quatre’s and waited for his attack.

While most would have expanded the barrier turning the defensive technique into an attack Quatre had a different idea. Much to the surprise of everyone watching the barrier turned into balls of burning white energy. Jack and Miranda had only ever seen this type of energy from Samara as she meditated on the Normandy. Even from behind the safety glass Oriana could feel the power radiating from the floating orbs.

The two balls circled Quatre as he took his hands from his pocket and the balls placed themselves in his outstretched palms. Without a second thought the orbs were flung at the barriers, instantly bringing the barriers down in a blinding explosion.

“Damn scars, I ant never seen shit like that” said Jack as her and Miranda repositioned themselves. “Now, were gonna run a combat sim. It’s simple really. you wanna spar with me or Miranda”

“Why not both. Hell why not all four” replied Quatre. He was enjoying himself more than he would admit to either of the teachers.

“Don’t be obscured Quatre. Jack and I are the two most powerful human biotics in existence” said Miranda

“Correction. You two are the most powerful human biotics... that you know of” replied Quatre with a grin.

“Well scars, how about you spar with us first and then the others will come in if needed” replied Jack as she and Miranda began circling Quatre.

“So… no holding back then.” Asked Quatre as he looked to the two circling biotics

“No, Quatre. No holding back” answered Miranda as she was engulfed in blue flame.

Quatre heard a scream from behind him and turned to see Jack charging towards him, her right first raised and glowing blue with energy. Quatre simply sidestepped the run and send Jack flying to the far side of the room with a flick of his hand. Miranda then threw a stasis at Quatre which was easily blocked with a quick forming barrier and she two was sent flying to the opposite side of the room by Quatre.

Oriana, Mark and Kaylee watched as Quatre engulfed himself in his own biotic aura. Not blue like Jack and Miranda’s but bright white. As the energy engulfed him each scar on his body began to glow a blinding white as did his eyes, making him look like a demon. At this point Mark and Oriana both made their way to join in the sparring session. The two of them began to circle the still glowing Quatre as Jack and Miranda got back up and joined them. Shortly after the four teachers were all circling Quatre with glowing fists.

Quatre’s face was adorned with a wide grin as he let out a deep chuckle, showing such glee he sent shivers down Oriana’s spine. Even Jack felt chills at the joy Quatre was showing on his glowing face. Before any of them could think too much however the four teachers charged at the biotic. All of them attacking together in order to get the advantage.

Quatre was a force of nature when defending himself. Even with all four teachers working together not a single one actually hit him. Every punch thrown, every kick shot was blocked or deflected. The four teachers fought Quatre for what felt like an age before eventually Quatre found the time to attack. As Jack was shorter than the other teachers she was closest to Quatre allowing him to grab the back of her neck, he then threw her small body into Marks sending both of them crashing to the floor. Next Miranda’s right hand was caught holding her in place with his left hand Quatre hit her in her left shoulder while at the same time spinning her with his left hand. Sending her spinning through the air until she hit the ground with enough force to take her out of the sparring session.

Oriana had wisely decided to retreat from Quatre as he dealt with the other three teachers. She couldn’t do anything against quatre in hand to hand combat. She’s a civilian, a very powerful one but still a civilian. Quatre on the other hand, he moved with the skill of a military veteran. Hit with the power of a Krogan warlord and had the militaristic mind of a Turian primarch.

Oriana threw a warp at Quatre, he quickly sent a warp to the singularity causing it to explode before it could do any damage. Luckily the explosion left Quatre a little disoriented. As he recovered Oriana sent a shockwave sending Quatre flying backwards. Instead of crashing to the floor however he rolled backwards as he landed and biotically charge through Oriana to appear behind the confused figure.

Kaylee stood shocked behind the wall of safety glass as she saw Quatre defeat the four different biotics. ‘Worthy of Grissom Academy. He could teach the teachers’ an almost proud smile found its way onto Kaylee’s face as she saw Quatre fight with Oriana. The smile was quickly wiped away however as she saw Quatre place his right hand on Oriana’s neck and his left palm on her stomach. What the hell is he doing!? Thought Kaylee as she ran from behind the safety glass.

She was even more shocked when she saw Quatre’s hands burn bright white and Oriana collapse backwards into him. As Kaylee raced towards the two Quatre placed the unconscious Oriana gently on the metal floor of the room before kneeling by her side. When Kaylee ran up to the now kneeling Quatre she wanted to yell at him for how he touched her. Ask him what he just did to her but didn’t have time to say anything as Miranda raced towards the three figures.

“What the hell did you do you little shit!?” Raged Miranda as she stood by Kaylee’s side. Glaring daggers at Quatre who simply looked to her with a blank face.

“She’s alright. She was exhausted. I could wake her if you wish or you could allow her a long rest” Quatre’s voice had taken on the emotionless tone it often did

“Listen here! You had better wake up my sister before I make you regret joining the academy” continued Miranda as she went red in the face from rage.

“I think we just proved that you couldn’t actually do anything against me” replied Quatre coldly as he placed the palms of his hands on either side of Oriana’s toned abdomen. The bright white flame engulfed Quatre’s hands and Oriana woke as if coming from a peaceful rest.

“What happened?” Oriana asked Miranda as she adjusted to the figures looming over her

Her question went unanswered by Miranda as she continued to glare at the still calm Quatre. From this angle Oriana could see how shockingly calm the boy was after the sparring session. His chest rose and fell with his steady breathing and the only evidence of sweating was some of his overgrown hair sticking to his forehead.

Quatre looked down at Oriana almost comfortingly as he let a small smile form on his face. Oriana couldn’t help but smile back at Quatre. Kind of nice to wake up to him. thought Oriana as Quatre helped her to her feet.

“You’re exhausted by the way. That trick wouldn’t have worked if you weren’t so tired” spoke Quatre neutrally as Oriana dusted her clothes off.

“Damn scars, really kinda impressive.” Spoke Jack as Mark and herself joined the rest of the group.

Quatre nodded his head respectfully at Jack and Mark, both of whom returned the gesture without saying any more.

“Is that all Kaylee? I’d like to grab a shower now?” asked Quatre

“One more thing before you go. We’re expecting a few of the other students to start arriving tomorrow. You’ll be in Jacks class when lesson start, I’ll send you a list of your classmates later today. Is that okay?” replied Kaylee

“That’s fine… thanks” replied Quatre as he left the room.

The four teachers looked at each other dumbfounded for a while before Mark broke the silence.

“Well, he’s definitely powerful”

“Yeah no shit Jind’” replied Jack

“Oriana, are you okay?” asked Miranda, concern lacing her voice

“I’m fine Miri.” Replied Oriana dismissively. Looking at the door Quatre just walked through. “Kaylee. Am I good to go as well? I think now might be a good time to tell him about that thing we discussed last night.”

Miranda and Jack both had questioning looks as Oriana left with Mark leaving shortly after. “So Kaylee… you wanna tell us about what she’s gonna talk to scars about” asked Jack

“It’s a very private matter. The only people who can tell either of you what they talk about is them” replied Kaylee as she left the two former Normandy crew behind. The two of them stood there in silence for a while until Jack broke it.

“Hey Miranda... Don’t talk to Quatre like that again” warned Jack, shocking Miranda

“Jack. He attacked my sister” replied Miranda, still shocked.

Jack leant against the one of the walls of the room before replying. “She stepped out from the safety glass willingly. You had no right to talk to him like that a you won’t do so again” commanded Jack

Miranda glared at Jack “So what, you’ve gone all parent on the kid”

“It doesn’t matter! He’s done fuck all wrong and doesn’t need you acting like the bitch you were back on the Normandy” spat Jack.

Miranda simply shook her head as she left the room, leaving only Jack in the room alone. After a while of silence Jack activated her Onmi-tool placing a call through to Liara who quickly answered.

“Hello Jennifer” said Liara warmly. Jack could tell from the image of her face that she was stressed, she had dark blue bags underneath her eyes and she looked pale even through the video feed.

“Liara” replied Jack “How are you?”

“I’m fine Jack” replied Liara as she looked to Jack “What’s the call about?”

“Couple of things. Number one, how’s Shepard’s recovery going?”

“Well. She’s woken up at least. She can’t walk yet but she seems to be getting better. I’ll tell her you were asking about her”

“Great. Maybe I should visit sometime. You told Scarface or bucket head about her yet?”

I have. They both seemed to become very happy after I told them she woke up. Anyway, what’s number two?”

“Ah yes. I’ve got a new student on my course. We don’t know much about him and I’d like to learn some more things about him before I start teaching him.”

“Alright, what’s his name?”

“We don’t know. He says he doesn’t know. His life has been spent in slavery. Mostly he goes by ‘Monsieur Quatre’. We found him on Omega, reckon he’s been there a while.”

“Monsieur Quatre?”

“You recognise him?”

“Yeah I do. He worked for me on Omega. Indirectly of course. He actually worked with an agent of mine there, probably doesn’t know they were working for the shadow broker. He would give my agent information and another gun when needed and in return I would find a place for any people Quatre gave to my agent. Normally, they would be slaves who needed new identities”

“So you must have learnt things about him.”

“No. This was happening during the war. I was kind of preoccupied and my agent said he trusted him. I didn’t have time to do in in depth search. I’ll do one on him now though.”

“Thanks blue. Good luck with Shepard. Let me know on any update yeah?”

“Of course… Jennifer” finished Liara with a smirk as the connection was cut

Jack let out a playful sigh as she too left the room. And returned to her quarters.

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