Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 8

Jack was in her office with a can of beer in hand while looking at a report on her class. As they had now been officially set and released she wanted to get an idea of who she will be teaching and how she would teach them. There was still two things that worried Jack though, both of which related to Quatre. Number one was that he would need to attend psychiatric help while at the academy and no one had told him yet, Jack wasn’t looking forward to when he found out. Maybe if Jack could get who she wanted to help him he wouldn’t try to kill her. Number two, was far more worrying. Liara hadn’t got back to Jack about Quatre yet. When the shadow broker takes more than a few days to get a background search that means that either she couldn’t find the information which spells danger or what she found needed to be checked before she told Jack. Which also spelt Danger.

Jack pushed those thoughts aside as she looked at her list of student reports though. She had two female students and three male students all of whom she had chosen as they looked to be from similar backgrounds. All of them seemed to be middle class and enthusiastic other than one and all of which were reasonably well supported during the war and saw little tragedy. Which meant that she shouldn’t have to deal with much drama involving Quatre.

Jack finished her beer and got a fresh can before she opened the first report she was going to read through.

Name: Jennifer Hill

Age: 17

Sex: female

Visual Markings: Brown shoulder length hair. Green eyes. Freckles scattered along face. Caucasian (with tan common for colonists from Freedoms Progress)

Height: 5ft 7 inches

Home planet/ colony: Freedoms Progress.

Report: Promising biotic potential. Fairly reserved personality. Has never left home colony even during war and seems excited by the prospect of studying at Grissom Academy.

Conclusion: With the promising biotic potential and enthusiasm of the student the board see no reason not to approve the enrolment of Jennifer Hill into the advanced biotics class at Grissom Academy

Age: 18

Sex: female

Visual Markings: Long Blond hair. Brown eyes. Caucasian.

Height: 5ft 6 inches

Home planet/ colony: Naxell

Report: Student shows decent biotic ability but has not had any training beyond simple labour work. Child is enthusiastic about studying at the academy.

Conclusion: The Board at Grissom Academy would gladly accept the student into the biotics class as long as she is given plenty of tuition as she will require to be taught both advanced and basic biotics at the same time.

Name: Charles Forsyth

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Visual Markings: Short blond hair. Blue eyes. Caucasian

Height: 6ft 1 inches

Home planet/ colony: Benning (Relocated to the Citadel during reaper war)

Report: Child has healthy amount of biotic ability and has been trained by a personal trainer previously. Child comes from a very wealthy family who are helping with the Earth rebuild but whish for the child to study at the academy.

Conclusion: The Board would welcome the child to the academy. Biotics may not be outstanding like most at the academy however the family is a benefactor helping with the rebuilding of the academy.

Name: Danny Grant

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Visual Markings: Short brown hair. Brown eyes. Scar running down left side of face (received while evacuating home planet during the reaper war). Dark skin colouring.

Height: 6ft

Home planet/ colony: Earth (Evacuated during reaper war. Lived on Citadel)

Report: Child has very promising biotics. Is very clever and would like to study at the academy. Parents are living on the Citadel and have limited funds and so have asked that their sons study at the academy.

Conclusion: Board see no reason to deny access to the academy for the child. Biotics hold promise and the child is very mature for his age.

Name: Josh Grant

Age: 17

Sex: male

Visual Markings: Short Brown hair. Green eyes. Caucasian.

Height: 5ft 9 inch

Home planet/ colony: Earth (Evacuated during reaper war. Lived on Citadel)

Report: Brother of Josh Grant. Has similar levels of biotic potential and is also mature for age. Board suggests keeping the brother’s together while at the academy to act as support for each other.

Conclusion: Board would support the child in studying at the academy. Child has good potential for biotic growth and would help make the academy appeal to the general public if the academy helps house people who are living in poverty after the reaper war.

Overall Jack was rather happy with her class. Miranda and Jack had gotten into a pretty hated argument about who the teachers would each choose. Jack was secretly very glad that she had Quatre to teach. She had little doubt that if Miranda had ended up teaching Quatre than the two would have probably killed each other within a week. A theory that was evidenced when Miranda tried to throw him out of the academy after he beat them in sparring. Jack would be lying if she said that she didn’t enjoy watching Miranda rage. Jack had accepted how she had grown since working with Shepard but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still enjoy seeing the cheerleader get red in the face from time to time.

The only issue she had with the class was Charles Forsyth. She hadn’t met him or his family and she really hoped that he didn’t act like most rich kids she had met. If he was the usual pompous. Head up his own ass that most rich kids are then she could see issues arising between him and the Grant brothers. She didn’t imagine Quatre would be the kid’s best friend if he was the spoilt kid she imagined him to be. Hopefully he wouldn’t be what she currently thought of him. Ever since she got to know Shepard she learnt that reports didn’t cover a person really.

Shepard was known as a renegade bitch to the galaxy. The Butcher of Torfan. The women who killed hundreds of innocent Batarians after Mindoir. The woman who sacrificed hundreds of Human soldiers to save a council that was considered flawed even before she became a spectre and the women who killed 500,000 Batarian colonists by blowing up the Bahak systems relay. When she signed on with Shepard she expected her to be a Cerberus bitch who hated all aliens, she was more than a little to find that he was undoubtedly a paragon. She never put her own cares above any one else’s. All you had to do was have the courage or stupidity to get past her shell and you quickly found that she was a warm caring person.

Jack was pulled from her thoughts when her Omni tool told her of an incoming call. She answered it to find a familiar blue face starring back at her.

“Hey blue. Took you long enough, what did ya find?”

“Hello to you too Jack. I found out the information a few days after we talked. I just had to test the result.”

“Well that doesn’t sound too good. What information did you get that threw you?”

“Firstly. I’ve sent a few off the record reports of things he did on Omega. I can also tell you that Jack, He is a known drug addict on Omega. It may be worth testing him to see if he’s still using substances”

“Shit… can’t have students high in fucking class. Thanks Liara. I’m gonna go test him now then.” Before Jack could hang up though Liara interrupted

“Jack. The real reason I had to test this information is. I found out his actual identity. Jack You remember when Shepard told you how she saw her brother get kidnapped when Mindoir was hit…”

Jacks eyes went wide at what Liara was implying. “No fucking way…”

“Jack. Monsieur Quatre’s actual name is Marcus Shepard. Brother of Jane Shepard. The alliance assumed he had died, batarian slaves don’t tent to live for more than a year or so. In fact I had an agent get in contact with the only other known survivor of Mindoir. A girl called Talitha Johanson, she mostly spoke gibberish but when my agent asked about Marcus she began speaking about Quatre and how he defied the masters.”

There was a silence as Jack absorbed the information she just learned. “Liara he told me about how he has had many different owners…”

“Yes. I’ve gathered evidence saying that he eventually killed the batarians, which is how the alliance found Talitha. I couldn’t find any more information until he appeared as a slave for an asari commando unit. He was owned by an asari called ‘Shinowa’ I also found out that she was killed later as well.”

“Yeah I know about Shinowa” replied Jack, venom dripping from her voice “Have. Have you told Jane?”

“No. She’s still recovering from the shock of the war. I don’t think now would be the best time to tell her about what her brother went through.”

“I... You should tell her though. Maybe not now but don’t you think she would want to know? I guess I’ve got to tell Quatre, or Marcus”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?”


“Think about it Jack. Say that after you escaped Teltin would you want to be told about your family? About the life you could have had?”

There was another silence as Jack worked on her response “Shit. Yeah, I see your point. Maybe we should get them to meet after she’s finished recovering?”

“That seems fine to me”

“Talk to you later then blue”

“Take care Jack” With that the call was ended and Jack began to read through the files Lira had sent on Quatre’s activity on Omega.

Apparently Quatre had been on Omega for two years of his nineteen year life span. In that time he had made a name for himself. Turns out he was the reason Omega stopped participating in the slave trade business. Ari and himself seemed to have a hateful respect for each other.

A report on him and Aria grabbed Jacks attention. It detailed how they met and how the fought for power. Aria faced very few actually threats on Omega and so for many months the entire station was fought between Arian loyalists and opponents who wanted her to be gone and so fought for Quatre. It wasn’t until the two of them actually had a fight that the rivalry died and they began to respect one another. The report detailed that the truce was signed as Quatre stopped killing Aria’s men and she made Omega home to any slaves Quatre brought her way, she also removed Omegas support of the slave trade. Effectively removing the largest slave auction house in the galaxy. Jack was calling Aria before she knew what she was doing. It wasn’t until Aria appeared hovering above Jacks forearm that she realised she was talking to her.

“Jack. What do you want?” Aria’s tone was far from friendly.

“Monsieur Quatre” replied Jack venomously

“Oh shit… what about him, what’s he done?” replied Aria. Jack was shocked by the concern she could hear from Aria

“Nothing. Just wanted to know what you know about him. Why so worried?”

“Drop it Jack. What do you know?”

“I know that you and Quatre were on surprisingly good terms. Care to tell me about it”

There was a long silence until Aria broke it. “Alright Jack. I’ll tell you about me and him, but don’t tell him I told you or I’ll probably be killed.”

Jack got herself another bear as Aria began talking about meeting Quatre.

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