Welcome to Grissom Academy

Chapter 9

Aria was sat on her couch. As usual she had a brandy in hand while reading over reports. Omega had been quiet for a while. The Blood pack, Eclipse and Blue suns were all off helping with the war leaving Omega rather dull. Aria secretly wished for something to happen that will keep her amused, she didn’t expect this though. A new name had been brought to her attention. A Monsieur Quatre had apparently taken to killing her best guards.

Recently she had sent a team of her personal guard to find the man and bring him to her. She had expected to find the man beaten and bloody when the team returned. She was more than furious when two members of her team had returned covered in blood and told her that the rest of the team had been killed. She had been so angry she shot dead those two for their idiocy before setting up a station wide manhunt.

Her men had managed to track down this Monsieur Quatre and were waiting for her to tell them what to do. Better do this myself if I want it done properly. Thought Aria as she told her men to wait until she arrived.

When Aria met with the group of guards she was shocked to see the guards on the floor, all of whom had their throat cut. While inspecting the throat of the nearest dead guard she heard somebody approach from behind. Without a moment’s hesitation she activated her biotics and swung around her. Her fist was easily dodged however and for the first time she actually saw the person who had effectively taken control of Omega away from her.

He stood opposite her. A mass of muscle that would make a Krogan jealous. Each muscle seemingly covered in scars or tattoos. On his hip a large sword, obviously the weapon used on her guard. Dead green eyes bore into aria blue orbs with murderous intent.

“So you took the bait then” Aria was shocked by how young his voice seemed. Actually his face looked pretty young too.

“Who are you?” spat Aria with venom audible in her voice

“I'm the man who’s killed over half your guard. Honestly I would have thought they would have been tougher if protecting you”

“Who says I need protection”

“Aria T’loak. Born on Thessia. A run away at the age of 92, 11 years old if human.” Quatre began to circle Aria as she stood stiff at the knowledge he knew. No one knew about her. No one ever would “Found herself in the slums of Illium. ‘Course you are an asari and so you can’t be going hungry on Illim no can you. So you were found and taken in by a wealthy asari family. You were cared for, fed well and loved. That was until you ran away from them too.”

“Where are you going with this?” Aria unfolded her arms and drowned herself in blue flame. Whoever this man is I’m going to kill him

“I’m curious. Most people who end up in such crime are there because there stupid, or unlucky. But you… you got there all by yourself.”

“Enough!” snapped Aria “tell me what you want”

Quatre let out a menacing chuckle as he replied “My dear Aria. I thought all of you blue whores had such patience. But I digress; what I want is for Omega to stop dealing in the slave business.”

“Ha. Are you crazy? I can’t do that”

“I thought you were Omega, you can do whatever you want. Plus, well… if you don’t pull Omega from the salve service then I will kill you, slowly and painfully. Hell I doubt Omega would even care if you were replaced”

Aria flew towards him before he could continue. Her fists raised and glowing blue. In the blink of an eye she was within inches of his throat. However before she could grab his neck she found lying on the ground. Staring up at the tattooed man as he drew the large sword.

Aria got to her feet and stared at her assailant as he circled her. Sword shining in the light as he grinned viciously at her. There was something in his eye that terrified Aria in a way she hadn’t felt since she began ruling Omega.

“Well now… let’s see if you’re as good as you claim” Snarled Quatre as he let towards her, sword brought down on her head. She lept to the left and let loose a shockwave that would have sent a YMIR mech flying. The shockwave didn’t connect however as Quatre flew over her head. Glowing white with power.

“He flew?” asked Jack unbelievingly, interrupting Aria’s tale

“Yes. He jumped off of a nearby crate and then used his biotics to glide overhead.”

“Alright then, so what happened next? More flying…”

“No. Next he beat the shit out of me and left me in a puddle of blood”

“What?” replied Jack, shock at how Aria admitted to being beaten by another and so casually.

“Only reason I survived is by overloading a crate of explosives. Held him off long enough for my men to get to me before I passed out”

“And you’re okay with that?”

Aria shrugged before replying “Well there isn’t anyone who has fought him and lived other than me. Plus I don’t want to kill him, call me crazy but I kind of respect him. Even if he does hate all things asari.”

“Yeah well. He has been a slave to different asari for his entire life.”

“Fair enough. I don’t think he hates me though, in fact I think he respects me as much as I do him.”

“So that’s why Omega doesn’t buy or sell slaves no more”


“So if he’s such a bad ass what am I supposed to teach him?”

“Not my problem Jack… but if you want my advice. Help him, He’s a lot like you were before Shepard don’t you think and he needs help. Even if he won’t accept it”

“Alright, thanks you big softy”

“Oh shut it Jack.” With that the conversation was ended and Jack downed the rest of her third bear.

Quatre was sitting in the communal lounge when Jack found him. He was lying on a sofa reading a omni book when Jack began to speak.

“Scars” said Jack with a nod of her head

“Paints” replied Quatre returning the gesture

“What you reading?”

“Some shit about a man trying to get home. Called the Odyssey or something. Book collection is really shit here by the way”

“Well most don’t read books in the biotics wing too busy focusing on the whole training thing. Those who do read like the Lawson’s bring their own books”

“So Oriana had some good books”


“Might have to go check them out some time”

“Oh really” replied Jack as she sat down on the armrest of the sofa. “Been wanting to ask about you and her by the way”

“Have you really” replied Quatre a he went from the lying down position to sitting in order to make room for Jack.

“Yeah. You wanna tell me what’s going on between the two of you?”

“Not really Jack, I’d rather you just mind your own business”

“Don’t start on me Quatre, I like you and you can piss off the cheerleader in a way that almost makes me proud. But you still know the rules of you staying here right. You’ve got to get all friendly if you want to stay”

“Yeah yeah. I remember the ultimatum. Alright then paints, why not spar with me and then I’ll get all friendly with you” Quatre’s eyes widened when he saw the smirk that appeared on Jacks face. “Oh uh…. Not uh. Not like that… dammit!”

Jack let out an amused chuckle at the flustered look on Quatre’s face “Relax scars. Anyway just wanted to tell you that two of the new student will be arriving tonight, brothers actually. Kaylee wants you to meet them before you go to sleep”

“Fine. Now back to the important question” replied Quatre as he regained his composure

“And that is?”

“Will you spar with me?”

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