Anime Dimension 0

Truth Of Zero

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Temple of Zero:

Zero now stood at the entrance to the temple.

“Men, move in” Zero commanded.

They walked through the dark corridors of the temple and soon arrived at the door to the main chamber. With one mighty kick, Zero kicked the door open and looked at the figure in the light.

Toru, Fredrica, Chaika, Akari, Arata and the Trinity Seven were what remained in the temple. They immediately turned their sights to the figure at the doorway.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it? King Authur, or should I call you servant class Saber of Dimension 4724” said Zero.

“Zero, what are you doing here?”

“Zero?” Toru and the others whispered amongst themselves, “What does that mean?”

“I have come to reclaim what is mine” said Zero.

“You tyrannic King, you shall not take the throne”

“The throne is rightfully mine! You stole my throne you dirty thief!”

“You were a ruler full of greed; you shall not take back your throne”

“I’m afraid you leave me no choice, I’m going to have to fight you”

“Same here, I don’t plan on giving up, my King’s pride will be damaged” Saber walked out of the light and formed a sword with a golden hilt, “Me and Excalibur shall defeat you!”

“Kyoukai Breaker!”

“H-Hee! Zero’s a girl?!” exclaimed the surprised Arata.

“Arata, now’s not the time to think about such things, we still have enemies before us” said Lilith.

“Could it be that you’re getting jealous of Arata thinking of another woman?” asked Levi.

“It’s hard being a wife being cheated on” said Arin.

Saber and Zero both clashed with extraordinary speed and strength. Saber slashed with no hesitation, her strikes become faster and faster. Zero blocked the attacks with precision.

“Disappear you annoying bug!” Zero’s slash released a wave of energy toward Saber, “Disappear into an unknown dimension”

“Zero watch out!” Arata leaped into Saber and pushed her away. The wave of energy hit Arata, a bright light was released but as it faded, Arata was nowhere to be found.

“Arata!” Lilith yelled in grief. The other girls cried for the disappeared Arata while they continued the battle.

“What did you do to Arata?!” Saber shouted at Zero who laughed, “Answer me!”

“I merely sent him to another dimension; he’ll be trapped there forever”

“No way…” Lilith kneeled onto the floor, tears dripped endlessly to the ground.

“But… if he can find the dimensional hole I had ripped, he can return, but only within three hours. Say goodbye!” Zero continued to laugh while he dodged Saber’s moves.

“Bring him back!” Saber yelled furiously.

Suddenly a strike came from behind Zero, cutting Zero’s robe.

“Darn it I missed” said the blonde boy with a blade on his mechanical arm.

“Brother, I told you to wait up” an armoured suit appeared from the chamber entrance.

“You’re just too slow Al” said the boy.

Zero turned to face the boy, “Such height, you, must be the legendary Full Metal Alchemist, Edward Elric of Dimension 5213”

“Don’t figure me out because of my height!” Edward yelled in annoyance, “Al let’s get that bastard”

Edward placed his hands together and touched the floor, a cage rose up around Zero. Al followed Edward’s lead and touched the cage, electrifying the cage.

“I shall let you all await your good news… or the bad news, I’ll take my leave now” Zero and his troops left the chamber, his laughter heard until it died in the corridor.

All of Trinity Seven wept for Arata who has not yet returned. Saber continued to check the time, every minute, every second.

Dimension 8808 <Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!>: Delude, quarterfinals:

“I call upon the flames of darkness to gift me with the weapons I desire. May the weapons of darkness be bestowed upon my hands!”

A dark mist surrounded Dark Flame Master’s hands; soon two beautiful black swords appeared in each hand. The blades were black containing the dark energy within and the handles wrapped in bandages with seemed to have sealed off the true power of the blades.

“So you’re a dual wielder too huh?” said Kirito with a grin as he drew out his two swords.

As their swords clashed with immense power, a shockwave was sent in all directions, shifting the sand around them.

“Dark Flame Master!” Mori Summer called out as she prepared herself for a healing spell for Dark Flame Master.

“Oh no you don’t…” a shot fired from a long distance penetrated Mori Summer’s stomach. Light surrounded her and disappeared a few minutes along with her.

“What was that?” Asuna looked around, carefully assessing everything around her.

Soon another shot hit Mjollnir Hammer, she soon disappeared too.

“A sniper? But there’s only the four of us. Yui, what’s going on?”

“I’ll check right away Mama” she placed her hands onto her head and concentrated.

Yui opened her eyes slowly, “This is… these states are…”

“Yo Asuna” a girl in a hooded cloak approached Asuna.

“You are…”

“Oh come on Asuna, you don’t recognise me?” she took off her hood, she had short beautiful blue hair just like her eyes.

“Sinon?!” Asuna exclaimed, “How’d you get here?”

“Well, a portal appeared as I was flying to New Aincrad, so I kinda flew into it. Next thing I know was that I ended up here”

“I see, but why would a portal randomly appear in our dimension? Never mind, perhaps Zero can make sense of it”


“Long story”

“I see, tell me all about it after we win”


As Kirito defended himself from Dark Flame Master’s attacks, he caught a glimpse of a light similar to the dimensional portal on the second floor of the ruined building a few metres beside him.

“Could that be?” the portal like light began to shrink in size, smaller and smaller by the minute, “Asuna! Get everyone else and follow me! Hurry, we don’t have much time left!”

Asuna immediately regrouped with Yuuki, Yui and Sinon, and led them toward Kirito who continued his fight.

“I’m sorry I have to leave this fight like this but there’s other things I must do”


Kirito pushed Dark Flame Master away from his with all his strength and ran inside the ruined building with Asuna and the others. They reached the stairway and hurried up; they could hear the footsteps of the other team behind them as they chased after them.

They arrived at the second floor and directed their sights to the small light that’s about to disappear.

“We don’t have time for another fight, everyone quick into the portal!”

Dark Flame Master too entered the second floor and saw the light, “That’s…”

“I’m sorry Dark Flame Master, but we must go now, if we could, I would’ve like to finish our fight” Kirito apologised before he leaped into the portal.

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