Anime Dimension 0

Clash Of Demons

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Plains of Zero:

“What is this place?” the boy with an eye patch asked.

“It appears that we are in some sort of plain” the butler replied.

“I know that already! What I meant was where in the world are we?! A country or what?!” the boy said angrily while he stomped on the grass.

“Yes, this is not recognisable in any place on Earth”

“Are you saying that we aren’t on Earth?”

“It appears so, that light we fell in must have transported us here”

“I see…” the boy continued to look around the plains, “I would’ve preferred being near civilisation”

“My lord, i-“

“Yes, I sense it too”

“What is another Demon doing here?”

Dimension 0 <Zero>: In the forest before the Plains of Zero:

“Akame, how much longer is it going to take for us to reach Capital City Astroth? We’ve been travelling for three hours straight” Meliodas asked.

“According to Zero’s map, it’ll just take another hour or two”

“Another hour or two?!” Diane complained while she rubbed her tired knees.

“Everyone stop” Meliodas halted the team, “There’s something out there…”

What’s a demon doing all the way out here in this dimension? No wait… there are two demons…

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Temple of Zero:

Kirito rushed into the battle damaged chamber followed by Asuna and the others.

“What happened here?” Kirito asked.

“Why are you guys here? I thought you were going to the City of Kikorowa” said Toru.

“Yeah… I’ll tell you later, but what happened?”

“Zero was here” Saber replied.

“Zero? But Zero- wait… you are you?”

“I’m Saber”

“Saber? Are you new here?”

“No”, Toru approached Kirito.


“She’s Zero”

“Zero?! But-”

“I’ll explain everything” Saber took a deep breath before she started, “The true Zero use to be a kind ruler of this dimension, but for some reason, one day he turned mad, he ruled the dimension with tyranny, attempting to take over other dimensions. I had no choice but to stance up for the people and dethrone Zero and take his place as Zero. After that, Zero started up Requiem for revenge against me”

“But didn’t Zero take over Astroth already? His throne should’ve been retaken wouldn’t it?” asked Kirito.

“No, that is not the true throne of Zero, that beam of light in the centre is the true throne, it allows the person within to control the gateway to other dimensions. If Zero takes over this temple, other dimensions will be invaded by Zero’s armies”

“But what about that sword? Couldn’t he just use it to send his armies into other dimensions?” Kirito asked.

“How did you know about Kyoukai Breaker? Never mind” Saber continued, “Kyoukai Breaker is a blade containing the dimensional light’s power. But it is very limited, I’m sure he will not waste it, at least until he uses it on me. The portals it creates last a few hours minimum and a few days maximum. Now would you mind telling me what happened out there? Weren’t you and the others supposed to be heading for Kikorowa?”

“Yeah… we kinda bumped into Zero. He used Kyoukai Breaker on us; I’m concerned whether our interference with that dimension will cause any problems”

“No need to worry about that, their memories of your existence will disappear in a day or less and who is this person? Saber looked at Sinon.

“She’s a friend from my dimension, for some reason she ended up in the dimension we were in”

Sinon approached Saber and introduced herself, “I am Sinon, nice to meet you. I expect a full explanation of what is going on later”

“Nice to meet you too, but how did you end up in that dimension?”

“After I messaged Asuna about going to meet up with her in New Aincrad… I flew into a portal… then I arrived in that wasteland” Sinon looked away hiding her embarrassed face for not being able to fly with full control.

“I’m sure I didn’t summon another portal into Dimension 2025, it might be because...”

Kirito became curious, “Because?”

“Because the dimensions are becoming unstable due to the use of Kyoukai Breaker”

“Wait you said you flew into the portal after you messaged me?” asked Asuna.


“But we entered here about four days ago”

“Yes, the time in this dimension is different to other dimensions, other dimensions are slower than Dimension 0” explained Saber.

“Where’s Arata Nii-chan?” Yui asked as she turned her head everywhere for him.

“He’s… he’s…” Lilith couldn’t bring herself to say what had happened to Arata as she held onto the anti-magical pendant given to her from Arata and prayed for his return.

Toru decided to break the bad news, “Zero got em’ with Kyoukai Breaker, if he doesn’t return in time, he’ll be trapped there forever”

“Oh no…” Yui looked down for a moment before she lifted her head once again, “Arata Nii-chan is smart, I’m sure he’ll be back soon”

All of Trinity Seven could not help but nod in agreement to what Yui said.

“If Kyoukai Breaker’s causing interference to other dimensions, we must fight back and defeat Zero as soon as possible!” suggested Kirito.

“I know, but first we must hit the City of Kikorowa as a strategic location before we hit the Capital City Astroth” Saber strategized, “But I’ll leave the solid plan to Lelouch”


Dimension 0 <Zero>: Plains of Zero:

“What are you two?” Meliodas asked with his sword drawn.

“I’m sure you can tell” said the butler, “I’m a demon”

“And the boy?”

“I too am a demon”

“I would like to warn you not to point such dangerously sharp things at my Lord” the butler warned.

“I want to avoid fighting you, just listen to what we have to say” said Meliodas.

“Enough of this, this person is a demon too right?” said the boy with an eye patch.

“Indeed my Lord” the butler continued, “What shall I do?”

“Must you ask that, he’s proving himself to be an obstacle for me Remove him. I’ll listen to what he has to say if he survives”

The butler humbly kneeled down before the boy, “Yes… my Lord”

In an instant, the butler moved in front of Meliodas and released a punch toward his stomach. Meliodas caught the punch single handed and pushed the butler several meters away from himself.

“You have nice reflexes, I’ll give you that” the butler complimented, “Not many people catch my punch”

“You too, I really felt that punch”

The two gave each other a brief smile before they continued the fight.

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