Anime Dimension 0

Zero's Surprise Attack

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Temple of Zero:

The remaining people in the temple prepared themselves for their march to the City of Kikorowa. Saber decided to stay behind to guard the Dimensional Light.

“Have a safe trip” Saber saw the group out of the temple.

They gave Saber a salute along with a smile before they left for the City of Kikorowa to regroup with Lelouch for further instructions.

They stood outside the forest and checked the map for any resting locations and danger zones.

“How long will it take us to reach the City of Kikorowa?” Arata asked as if his stamina was getting low.

“Probably another three to four hours” Kirito replied honestly, “You aren’t out of stamina already are you? We just left the forest”

“N-No… I’m not out of stamina, it’s so high up I can walk for days”

“Sure, sure”

“Actually we wouldn’t really need three to four hours” said Edward as he flicked the branches off Al.

“What do you mean by that?” Kirito asked. Edward pointed at the trees behind them.

“I can get us a carriage, just cut down some trees”

Kirito and Arata had no reason not to try Edward’s method. They began to cut down some of the trees. Moments later, Kirito and Arata piled up around six logs. Edward approached the pile of logs, placed his hands together and touched the pile. The logs glows in a bright light before it turned into a wooden carriage.

Arata’s eyes widened, “How did you… Is that magic?”

“It’s called alchemy” Edward explained, “But it requires mana to be operated, since we don’t have horses”

Lilith took a glance at the carriage, “Mana huh? We can fix that problem”

They hopped into the carriage, Lilith sat in the driver’s seat and placed her hands onto the wheel. She could feel the suction of her mana to the carriage.

Arata stood up high and tall in the carriage and yelled with his spirit, “Here we come! City of Kikorowa!”

They travelled toward the City of Kikorowa.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Plains of Zero:

Meliodas and the butler huffed and puffed as they regained their breath.

“Enough Sebastian, he did well to have survived this long. I will listen to what they have to say”

The butler bowed and stepped aside for the boy to approach Meliodas, “So, tell me, what’s happening around here”

“I assume you’re from another dimension just like us” said Meliodas as she sheathed away his sword.

“Another dimension?!”

“Yes, you have arrived at Dimension 0, the dimension for all the dead”

“All the dead… but that means…” the boy’s mind came up with only one thing, his parents.

“I’m sorry I never did get your name, I’m Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins, you?”

“I’m Ciel Phantomhive and he is my butler Sebastian”

“We are currently headed to the Capital City Astroth to save Princess Elizabeth and stop Requiem while we’re at it, care to join us?”

“What’s in it for us?”

Tatsumi took a step forward and held a fist, “A reward?! You expect a reward?! If this dimension falls, your dimension will also fall to the mercy of Requiem”

“That dimension does not matter to me anymore, I am no longer human” said Ciel as he averted his eye.

Meliodas smiled, “That’s not true”

“How so? I’m a demon now”

“You still have the heart of a human”

“And how do you know that?”

“You were thinking of your parents when I told you this dimension was for the dead”

“Sebastian, can demons read minds now?”

“I don’t believe so my Lord”

“Then how is he-“

“Gowther told me, he’s the one here that can read minds”

“How rude, trespassing other people’s privacy”

Gowther stood beside Meliodas, “I do apologise but what Meliodas said is true isn’t it?”

Ciel became silent for a moment before he finally said, “Fine we’ll come along, just quit the mind reading”

Meliodas point to the end of the plain “Deal, the Capital City Astroth is past the forest on the other side of this plain”

He stomped away toward the forest on the other side of the plain while the rest followed behind.

“You are soft for a demon” said Sebastian as he walked by Meliodas.

Meliodas smiled and whispered to himself, “I don’t want to hear that from you”

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Temple of Zero:

Saber kicked away some of the rubble from the battle before. A wind suddenly blew though the gaps of the door into Saber’s face.

She heads over to her sword Excalibur and drew the blade, “I know you’re there Zero”

The doors of the chamber opened, Zero stood before her, “Your skills impress me Saber, too bad I want you dead”

“I won’t be killed by the likes of you”

Zero gave out a laugh and drew Kyoukai Breaker from his scabbard.

Saber dashed up to Zero and slashed Excalibur from above, but Zero blocked the attack and kicked her stomach, causing her to move back a few steps. Zero prepared his blade aimed at Saber’s heart.

Zero’s sudden charge cracked the floor he stood upon as he appeared a few centimetres in front of Saber. She placed Excalibur flat at your heart’s location and blocked the pierce of Zero’s blade.

Saber stabbed Excalibur into the ground and breathed heavily as her injuries from the previous battle was not yet healed.

“This is the end for you Saber…” Zero took a swing with Kyoukai Breaker, cutting the dimension’s boundary.

Saber held onto Excalibur tightly but her grip became looser and looser by the minute. Soon she was sucked away into the dimension’s hole.

“Finally, the throne is once again mine!”

Zero stepped into the Dimensional Light, the skies of the once peaceful dimension turned bright red as if blood was spilt onto the sky. He then summoned dimensional portals for his armies back in Astroth. The armies marched away through the dimensional portals and invaded other dimensions.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: 1km away from City of Kikorowa:

Toru looked at the sky, his jaw wide open, “W-What’s going on?!”

Arata too could not believe his eyes, “Could it be that… Zero was waiting for us to leave Saber alone and then he…”

Asuna held Yui tight as she tried to cover the sky from her.

Kirito gritted his teeth, “Yes most likely, I hope the people of their own dimensions can put up a fight long enough for us to solve this…”

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