Anime Dimension 0

The Gathering

Dimension 0 <Zero>:

Kirito led the way as Asuna and Yui followed behind. It was starting to get dark, they had being hunting and walking all day. Despite they couldn’t use sword skills to assist them; they came naturally to their weapons as they knew all the sword skill movements.

“Do you see anything yet Kirito?” Asuna asked.

“No, not yet…” replied Kirito

They continued to walk through the forest until suddenly a shadow figure dashed out from nowhere and attempted to slash Kirito. He immediately blocked the attack before it successfully landed.

“Who are you?” Kirito asked in high alert.

“Who are you? Answer me now or you’ll regret it” replied the woman who too is on her guard.

“Kirito, just answer her, we want to avoid a fight” suggested Asuna.

“Kirito? I’m Akame”


“Are you an enemy or friend?” Akame asked.

“F-Friend, we don’t want to fight you” Kirito continued.

Akame looked at the mysteriously dark figure up and down when she suddenly noticed a small pixie on Asuna’s shoulder.

“S-So cute…” she sheathed her sword and rushed over to Yui, and began looked at her closely.

“S-She’s called Yui, our daughter” said Asuna.

“Your daughter?” as she asked, her stomach grumbled.

“Are you hungry?” Kirito asked the now embarrassed Akame who gave nodded, “I see, we’ve caught a few animals on the way here, would you like to have some?”

Her eyes sparkled as she gave hard nods. She was completely different; it was hard to believe that she attacked them with killing intent a few moments ago.

They surrounded the campfire and ate their meat which tasted like pork.

“Asuna’s cooking really is the best” Kirito complimented.

“Your cooking is just as good as Suwo’s” said Akame as she stuffed the pork into her mouth.

“Suwo?” Asuna repeated.

“N-Nevermind-” she immediately unsheathed her sword and went on her guard in sync with Kirito.

“Who’s there?!” Kirito asked as she gripped his two swords.

Bang! Bang! Two shot were fired at Kirito. He focused his sight onto the bullets which seemed pure black. Two bullets, I can do this…

With two slashes, Kirito smoothly cut through the black bullets and faced the source of the shots. Suddenly a small girl leaped out of the bushes and directed her kick at Akame.

“Akame! Watch out!” Kirito warned as his opponent appeared before him. He aimed the two black pistols at Kirito and fired.

Akame guarded herself with her sword and pushed the girl away. I don’t want to kill children if possible…

She flipped her sword over as she decided to use the back of the sword instead of the blade.

“Why are you attacking us?” Kirito asked as he deflected the bullets fired.

Trying to act all friendly and innocent huh? These skills must be from someone with experience of killing someone.


A shot was fired from the opposite side of bushes. Kirito just managed to catch a glimpse of the sniper round before he dodged it.

Suddenly an unusual shriek echoed around them, large footsteps were headed towards them faster and faster. A giant spider came out of the woods and targeted the man.

“A Gastrea?!” the man immediately diverted his attention to the spider and fired his black rounds at it. Doing large amounts of damage to the spider.

“Damn it, I’m out of rounds…” the spider took the chance to launch its fangs towards the man.

“Watch out!” Kirito shouted as he blocked the two fangs with his two swords, “Asuna!”

“Star Splash!” Asuna stabbed the spider multiple times with her rapier and backed away as Kirito prepared himself to use his attack.

“Star Burst Stream!”

Moments later, the spider was down and the two had ceased their attacks upon each other. They all sat at the campfire filled with questions.

“It appears that we’re on the same side, thank you for saving me back there” said the man as he let out his hand, “I’m Rentaro”

“No problem, I’m Kirito” Kirito replied as he shook his hand, “That there is my wife Asuna and my daughter Yui”

“Oi oi, wife? But you’re around sixteen aren’t you? Having a wife and a daughter already”

Of course, we aren’t. At least yet” said Asuna, “We’re husband and wife in game and she is our daughter”

“Oh I see…” said Rentaro with a relieved sigh.

“What’s wrong Rentaro? Afraid that a person younger than you has gotten married while you haven’t? Why don’t you just marry me then?” asked the girl.

“No way Enju”

“Rentaro’s marrying me” said the girl named Tina.

“No way”

“Why…?” they asked in unison.

“He’s got quite a harem going on now doesn’t he?” Kirito whispered to Asuna.

“Yeah, but I wonder who has the same popularity huh?” Asuna whispered back with an anguish smile.

“N-No, I’m not like that”

Rentaro continued the conversation as he took another bite out of the pork, “But anyway in game? Are you saying we’re inside a game?”

“No, Yui said that we’re not inside any sort of game. But strangely we have our equipment on” said Kirito.

“That is strange. Oh, did you guys get sucked into a portal like we did?”

“I was” said Akame, “There was a cry for help too”

“I did hear something like that when I was falling through the portal.

“Yes there was a portal but we weren’t sucked in, we kinda just walked into it thinking it was a game event” said Kirito embarrassingly.

Rentaro averted his eyes, “I-I see…”

A beam of light suddenly shot into the sky north of their current location.

“That beam…” Rentaro mumbled.

“Yeah, it must be to summon us” said Kirito.

“We’ll head there first thing in the morning” suggested Akame.

“Agreed” said Rentaro.

“In that case I’ll take night watch” said Akame.

“Are you sure?” asked Asuna, “I wouldn’t mind-“

“I’ve been trained as an assassin, I’ll be fine” said Akame trying to relieve the group.

“If you say so” Asuna continued.

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