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Dimension 0 <Zero>:

The morning came, and the group of seven headed towards the beam of light.

Minutes later, they arrived at the source of the beam. The beam was shot from the top of a ruined temple. The group entered the temple and approached the centre of the temple. As they approached the centre room footsteps echoed behind them.

“Everyone be prepared” said Akame as she drew her sword. The others followed and readied themselves.

Three figures appeared from the darkness with their arms up. Two males and one female.

“We’re not here to fight” said one of the male, “Please, put your weapons down”

The group lowered their weapons but remained in high alert.

“Now if you’ll follow me” continued the male as he opened the door to the chamber and entered. The group followed the mysterious man into the chamber to see high technological machinery everywhere and a figure hovered in the beam of light that shot through the ceiling of the chamber.

Rentaro was speechless, “He’s…”

“He is Zero” said the man, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lelouch Vi Britannia and the two over there is Suzaku and CC”

The group followed the lead and introduced themselves.

“More will be joining us soon” said the figure in the light.

“I suppose he means us” said an unknown voice from behind. Everyone turned to see another group standing at the doorway.

They then introduced themselves one by one. Arata, Lilith, Selina, Levi, Mira, Arin, Yui, Akio, Astil Manuscript, Ilias Fragment, Chaika, Toru, Fredrica, Akari, Hei, Eren, Mikasa and Armin.

With everyone present, Zero began to explain the situation.

“I am Zero, guardian of Dimension 0. You have all been summoned here from different dimensions to fight the evil that roams this dimension. They call themselves Requiem. This is Dimension 0; it’s supposed to be the second life of all the dead from all the dimensions. In this world we simply cannot die, but it was all thanks to one small dimension within this dimension to make that happen, Dimension 00. The open pathway between Dimension 0 to Dimension 00 is what makes that happen. But Requiem had taken control of the pathway and shut it down. With that it means that death here will be actual death. Requiem took advantage of this fact to control the people of this dimension to join their forces. Building an army large enough to invade other dimensions. You are all strong warriors from your dimension, which is why we must borrow your strength to defeat Requiem. Many others will be summoned as well; you may even clash with them at some point, but please do explain the situation and try to have them join you” Zero finished off.

A holographic screen appeared before the figure, the screen showed a village being attacked by titans.

Eren gritted his teeth, “Titans… why are they…”

“They were summoned by Requiem to attack this dimension” Zero explained, “There will be more enemies from other dimensions, so be careful”

“Alright, let’s go” said Kirito as he slid the two scabbards back onto his back.

“Yui stay here”

“But Mama…”

“I need you to monitor from here too, gather more information as well”

“Yes Mama…”

Kirito, Asuna, Eren and Mikasa arrived at the village swarmed with titans. The villagers screamed and cried for help as the titans continued to eat them.

“There’s so many” said Kirito as he equipped his swords.

“These are nothing, just 3-6 meter class titans and there are enough buildings around to use the 3D-Maneuver Gear” Eren added, “Oh yeah one more thing, their weakness is at the neck. You must cut deep enough to kill them”

“The neck huh?”

Eren and Mikasa manoeuvred between the buildings as they slayed the titans one by one. Kirito and Asuna flew around the village with their wings until they got a clear view of the tian’s neck and struck the titan down in seconds.

“Another one down, I think that’s all of them” said Kirito as he sheathed his swords back into his scabbards.

Eren noticed a strange titan on its way towards Kirito and Asuna, “Kirito! An Abnormal’s coming!”

“Abnormal?” but as Asuna turned to face the titan, she realised that the titan was already looking down on her, ready to strike.

“Asuna!” Kirito cried as he rushed over to her. Suddenly holes were appearing on the titan’s chest, the holes formed the shape of an ‘X’, the attack stun the titan and the last blow was dealt on the neck.

The titan fell and began to evaporate into gas.

Asuna stared blankly at the fallen titan, “That attack move was… was…”

A shadow appeared from within the gas. The shape of the shadow was familiar, a girl walked out with a single black long sword, black wings, black armour and lastly beautiful black long hair.

“Yep, that was Mother’s Rosario” said the girl, “It’s been a while hasn’t it, Asuna?”

“Y-Yuuki…” Asuna mumbled with tears in her eyes as she rushed to Yuuki and hugged her.

“Friend of yours?” Eren asked Kirito.

“Y-Yeah. She’s the greatest swordsman we’ve ever met. She was known as Absolute Sword” he replied.

“Eren, the villages have all evacuated to their hideout in the mountain there” Mikasa reported pointing to the mountain ahead.

“I didn’t expect to see you here Asuna, I mean this is the dimension of the dead after all…” Yuuki said with a confused look.

“W-Well I certainly didn’t die; we were summoned here by Zero to stop a crisis sort of thing” said Asuna.

“For Zero to summon others from other dimensions… this must be getting out of hand”

“We’ve decided to put a stop to Requiem and save this dimension. Now that I’ve met you again, I’ll definitely save this dimension so that you can live here happily”

Yuuki covered her smile and her eyes flooded with tears, “Asuna…”

Meanwhile, Akame, Renatro, Enju, Tina and Hei was sent to another village overrun by Spider type Gastreas.

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