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Dimension 0 <Zero>: Nearby village, north of Temple of Zero:

Hei electrified rows of Gastreas with his wired dagger while Tina provided support fire.

“Is there no end to these annoying insects?” asked Akame as she huffed and puffed. Gastreas surrounded her, Rentaro, Hei and Tina while Enju continued her battle further down the village not knowing that the rest of the team had been surrounded.

“Incursio!” a man leaped into the air as a familiar white armour formed on his body and landed on top of a village house, “Long time no see… Akame”

Many more appeared behind the man in white armour.

Akame recognised the figures before her, “Tatsumi, Labba, Bulat, Leone, Mine, Suwo, Shelee and… Esdeath…?”

“I’ve lost Tatsumi before, I’m not going to let that happen again in this world” said Esdeath as she wrapped her arm around Tatsumi’s left arm.

Mine automatically followed Esdeath’s lead as she too wrapped her arm around Tatsumi’s other arm, “What do you mean by that?! T-Tatsumi is… is… is… mine!”

Tatsumi sighed, “Can you two fight those bugs instead of each other?”

Esdeath glared at the huge spiders that slowly surrounded Akame, “I’ll be back Tatsumi” she released Tatsumi’s arm and drew out her sword.

“I won’t let you take all the glory” said Mine as she equipped the Pumpkin, “Now perish before the master sniper”

Esdeath leaped down and cut down the Gastreas in speeds close to light.

The power of Esdeath overwhelmed Rentaro, “That speed… she may have even surpassed Kisara…”

“Don’t lose to her, Pumpkin!” Mine leaped down and pointed the Pumpkin towards the Gastreas charging at her. Not yet… I need a bigger pinch…

As they leaped at her, she pulled the trigger and released a huge energy of light that disintegrated the Gastreas. The Gastreas that surrounded them before had perished by two girls with immense power.

Akame approached the man in white armour with a smile, “Tatsumi… why are you here?”

“I happened to be passing by with the gang so… anyway why are you here? You didn’t die did you?”

“No, of course not. I was summoned here by Zero to defeat Requiem”

“Yes that would make sense; Requiem is becoming quite a handful”

“We need to report back to Zero to see what we have to do next, care to join us?” Akame asked.

“Our goals are the same, we’ll come with you”

Enju approached the two and asked, “Hey big sis Akame, are you two like lovers?”

“No!” the two replied instantly.

“T-Tatsumi… you’re cheating on me?” asked Mine.

“Oh my, quite a harem you’ve started” Esdeath added.

“Like I said, no!” said Tatsumi.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: City of Kikorowa:

Lelouch led Suzaku and CC down the street of the city.

“This is the City of Kikorowa, it is under the control of Requiem” Lelouch explained as he watched the Requiem troops patrolling the streets.

“You’re a member of the resistance aren’t you?!” a voice came from the alleyway around the corner ahead. Suzaku rushed toward the alleyway and took cover at the corner.

“Four guards” Suzaku reported, “They’re surrounding S-Shirley!”

“Shirely?!” Lelouch was filled with rage, CC immediately held Lelouch back.

“Lelouch… your Geass… you don’t have it do you…?” Lelouch avoided eye contact with CC with an annoyed expression. CC pivoted Lelouch’s head to face her and kissed him.

“Form a contract with me once again Lelouch Vi Britannia”

“I gladly accept…”

Lelouch felt his powers returning to him. He entered the alleyway where the four continued to harass Shirley.

“Stop!” Lelouch halted the guards.

“Who the hell are you?!” asked the guards.

He raised his arm toward them, “Remember this, I am Lelouch Vi Britannia and I command you to leave this place at once and forget everything that happened”

“Yes sir” the guards saluted and left the alleyway.

“Lelouch!” Shirley cheered as she embraced him with tears in her eyes, “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you since… that day”

“Yes… I’m sorry… I couldn’t protect you that day”

“I never blamed for that day…”

Footsteps approached them from the opposite end of the alleyway.

“We better get to the hideout in the city before we stir up more trouble. Shirley come with us, you’ll be safer with us” said Lelouch.

They entered the Central Library of the city and headed to the back storage room.

“Hmm… it should be here somewhere” Lelouch searched the old bookcases for the book named ‘Retake Of The Future’.

Shirley noticed a rather dusty book and blew the dust off, “Is this it?”

Lelouch checked the book and pulled it backward. The bookcase shifted sideways and opened up a path down to the secret basement. The basement consists of several beds and a table with chairs.

“This is a nice secret base and all but isn’t this location a bit flashy?” asked Suzaku.

“The fact that it’s flashy is exactly the reason why it is chosen. The flashier the place, the least expected it will be the secret base of the resistance” Lelouch explained.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Forest outside of Temple of Zero:

“So Mine, how’d you get your Pumpkin back? It was destroyed wasn’t it?” Akame asked.

“Yeah well… when we first came to this dimension, Zero gave us our weapons back in order to defend ourselves if we ever needed to. After all this dimension does consist of two laws, one must not kill unless for self-defence and harming another resident of this world will lose your ownership of your weapon”

“But isn’t Requiem…”

“Yeah, those laws don’t apply to this dimension anymore; Requiem had taken complete control over the life crystal in the main capital Astroth. They have completely shut the life crystal down so that the laws won’t apply anymore”

“I see…”

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Temple of Zero:

“There’s quite a disturbance in the town of Riso, it will be in your field of expertise” said Zero to the figure in the shadows who wore glasses that shone brightly.

“I’ll take on the job then” replied the figure as he left the chamber with two other figures beside him.

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