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Infiltration & Assault

Dimension 0 <Zero>: City of Kikorowa:

Keima leaned against the wall outside of the business building while his concentration on his Gal Game remained unbroken.

“Nii-Sama where is this Shiro person?” asked Elsie as she turned her head everywhere in search for the boy.

“I don’t know, Zero just told us to meet him here”

“According to Zero, his abilities may be the same as yours, Nii-Sama”

“He must be a complete creep if he’s like you” Haqua added with her arms crossed.

“I for one actually want to meet this Shiro guy if he’s like me”

A young boy approached Keima slowly along with a girl in a cute dress.

“You’re Keima right?” the boy asked.

Keima peered up at the boy, “And you are?”

“I’m Shiro, I was told to meet you here… Wait! Isn’t that Love Connect?!”

“Yeah, surprisingly this city still sells Gal Games despite being under enemy control”

Shiro gave a cough and returned back to the main topic, “Anyway we should go to a less crowded place before I release the information”

“You’re right”

Keima and Elsie led Shiro and Touka back to the hidden base in the Central Library. After they arrived, Keima gathered Lelouch, CC, Suzaku and contacted those in the Temple of Zero. They sat at the meeting table with a holographic screen projected at the end of the table displaying the others at the Temple of Zero.

Shiro began to share the information, “We’ve obtained information that General Vlad is returning to the City of Zokoru in two days”

“So just who is this General Vlad?” Rentaro asked.

“He’s a dangerous creature that slaughtered hundreds, an Ogre Vampiris” Lelouch answered with a disgusted expression.

“O-Ogre Vampiris?”

“Yes, he occupied the City of Zokoru, a small medieval city in the South-East” Lelouch continued, “This is the perfect chance to take him out”

“Please allow us to do it… please allow Night Raid to carry this mission out” Akame volunteered.

“Alright, Night Raid will take out General Vlad. I shall come up with a strategy for you all by tomorrow” said Lelouch. The meeting ended.

The next day came; Lelouch contacted the Night Raid to the meeting and debriefed them of the mission plan.

“Your team will make use of a royal guard I took control of to enter the castle and prepare an ambush from within” Lelouch explained, “His weak points are the four markings on his body, you must attack them simultaneously to succeed“

“Gottcha” Tatsumi replied.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: City of Zokoru:

Night Raid arrived at the City of Zokoru and approached the rear of the castle made clearly out of stone bricks where Lelouch’s royal guard was supposed to meet up with them.

“Welcome, please follow me inside” the guard led them inside the castle, “The General isn’t back just yet”

Akame suddenly felt a presence inside the building. A person with a powerful presence was inside the castle.

That presence, that level of strength is crazy… who could it be… depending on who it is, we may have to move on to plan B as Lelouch predicted.

Akame ignored the presence for the time being and faced the team, “Alright everyone, let’s begin the mission, Lubba start setting your traps, everyone else, find a place to conceal yourself and prepare for the assassination”

The team took on their roles; Lubba walked around the castle as he avoided the guards and spread his sting wires around the castle’s corridor. He then concealed himself above the bookshelves in the small archive library.

Suddenly the castle echoed with the sound of the front doors opening.

“Welcome back Master Vlad” the servants greeted.

“I’m going back to my research; make sure no one disturbs me as usual” Vlad said as he headed up the stairs.

“Very well Master Vlad” the servants replied with a bow.

Vlad entered his room and continued his research on blood at his desk.

Leone slammed the heads of the guards together, instantly knocking them out before she carried them into a guest’s room closet.

“Geez, there’s too many guards patrolling this castle” she complained.

Bulat and Tatsumi awaited at the corners of the T-intersection of the corridor as footsteps approached them. They quickly hid themselves using Incursio’s invisibility.

The two guards continued their conversation unaware of the other two, “And so I arrested the man for stealing when he was just picking up some crates”

“That’s mean dude”

“Hahaha, what can I say, I was in a bad mood that time”

Bang! The sound of Tatsumi and Bulat’s armour making contact with the guards heads echoed through the corridor.

“Damn those guards, arresting people for doing nothing, there’ no justice here…” said Tatsumi.

Bulat placed his hand on top of Tatsumi’s head, “That’s why we’ll liberate it, just like we did to the Capital back then”

“Y-Yeah, you’re right, we’ll take this place back for sure”

“Ah! Ah!” the peasant yelled as the torturers wiped his back mercilessly, “Please! Stop! Ah!”

“Now why would we stop, when it’s so much fun”

“Hehehe, I know right, maybe we should take this to the extremes and start cuttin’ him up”

“Yeah, yeah, that would be very-“

The guards voices died into the darkness of the toture chamber as they became solid frozen.

Esdeath approached the two frozen torturers with a smile, “Yes, yes, I understand torturing is fun, that’s why I’m going enjoy torturing you two once I thaw you… hahaha...”

Mine prioritised her targets on the balconies of the castle.

“Four archers huh?”

She locked her scope onto her target and took a deep breathe. She pulled the trigger and released a silent beam through her target’s chest.

“One down three to go, I’m counting on you Shelee to back me up on those patrolling guards that saw the beam”

“You can leave them to me” said Shelee as she snipped the guards up with her Extase.

Mine quickly shot down the remaining three targets.

Suwo hurried to each of the balconies to clean up the bodies by throwing them into the nearby well.

“Well we’re done here, now we just need to make sure Vlad doesn’t escape” Mine reconfirmed the current objective, “Lelouch’s tactics are working very well. Shelee move to your designated position”

Shelee nodded and headed through the centre balcony door. She then began her secondary objective, to sweep the top floor of guards.

Akame remained hidden outside at the ledge of the window of Vlad’s room.

I better prepare for the assassination, I’m not sure if my Murasame will work on Vlad, but I have to give it a shot.

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