Anime Dimension 0

Sin Of Wrath

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Vlad’s Castle dungeon:

“This is the worst” the blonde haired boy complained to himself, “losing consciousness because of some stupid gas”

The boy was chained from each of his limbs to the ground of the ritual circle, surrounded by five demonic syphons constantly draining him of his strength.

A shadow approached the boy, “I got to say, I’m impressed, normally three syphons are enough to a demon to this state but you… you need five”

“Are you surprised old man?”

“No, no, no. Not at all. Just as expected of the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, Meliodas”

“But just to let you know, I could leave whenever I want”

“What?!...” the man took a moment’s time to recollect himself, “Hahaha. Good luck doing so. I, the great Doctor D have calculated everything to make sure you would not escape”

“Hmm… I guess it’s time, I get started then” said Meliodas as he released a small smile.

This presence I sense… it’s from a strong killer…

By lifting both his arms up, he released his two arms by snapping the chains. He then broke the chains on his legs.

Doctor D began to tremble in fear, “I-Impossible! Five syphons should be more than enough to keep you down”

“Well, that’s clearly a no, anyway bye” said Meliodas before he walked up the stairs with a wave.

“What’s our next step Bro?” Tatsumi asked while he walked down the corridor with Bulat.

“Um… patrolling the first floor, taking out the guards as we see them and rounding up the maids so that they won’t get hurt”

“Right-“ Tatsumi stopped with Bulat as the wall at the end of the corridor exploded before their eyes.

“W-What was that?!” asked Tatsumi as he and Bulat prepared themselves for a fight, “Incusio!”

“Oh, hey there” say a figure in the smoke from the explosion, “Would you two be so kind to tell me where Vlad is?”

“What do you want with Vlad?” Bulat asked.

“Oh nothing really, but please don’t get in my way”

“Really now…” Tatsumi summoned his lance and charge toward the figure.

Meanwhile, Akame continued to scout Vlad through the window.

The target is inside but I need to change my way of approach, the window limits my entry space. Looks like I have no choice but to go around front.

Akame moved across the ledge of the castle until she eventually reached a balcony of the room in the opposite side of the castle and entered from there.

Dammit I have to get back to the target and eliminate him before he moves.

As she entered the hallway, a voice called from behind, “Yo, would you kindly tell me where Vlad is?”

Akame turned around to see a young boy with golden-like blonde hair. I didn’t even sense his presence, this boy… just who is he? But perhaps it was only my imagination.

“Kid you need to get out of here, it’s dangerous” Akame warmed the boy.

“I need to find Vlad, if I have to fight you to know I will do so” said the young boy.

“Fight me?-“ the boy immediately disappeared and reappeared behind Akame. She instantly reacted with a block with her sheathed Murasame. The impact of the blow pushed her back a few metres down the hallway.

This strength… how…?

“I didn’t even use my full strength yet”

That wasn’t even his full strength?!

“I’m sorry but for someone who attacked me out of nowhere, you sure demand a lot” said Akame as she prepared to draw her sword.

“Do you know who you’re dealing with? The Seven Deadly Sins, Wrath of the Dragon. Dragon’s Wrath, Meliodas”


“I need to find Vlad and have him tell me where my friend Elizabeth is, as Vlad goon you probably wouldn’t understand”

“Vlad’s goon? You’re wrong there” Akame replied as she sheathed her sword back.


“I’m Akame. My team and I came here to eliminate Vlad, we are nowhere near his goons”

“Oh, then why didn’t you say so?”

Akame sighed at the fact that he was the one who threw the first punch.

“A-Anyway, I guess we could work together”

“I guess…” Meliodas looked away, “Gowther, you hear that?”

“Loud and clear captain” Gowther replied.

“Have the team wait for us at the storage warehouse”

“No problem captain”

“Who were you talking to just now?” Akame asked as she stared at him as if he was crazy.

“Gowther, he’s a telepath. That aside we should get going”

“Right, Vlad is on the other side of the castle at the moment” Akame suddenly felt a weird feeling from behind. As she looked back, she saw Meliodas’ hand on her butt.

She immediately unsheathed Murasame, “Do that again and I’ll cut your hands off”

“Yes Ma’am…” Meliodas replied sarcastically.

They rushed their way to the other side while taking down some guards on the way. They now stood in front of the door at separated them from Vlad.

“Vlad’s behind this door, we should-“ before Akame finished, Meliodas kicked the door open. A man sat at desk focused on his work.

“Haven’t you people learned to knock instead of just barging into someone’s room?”

“I’m sorry but we’re in a hurry, just tell me where you hid Elizabeth so that the woman behind me could finish you off”

“Funny… how about I kill both of you” said Vlad as he stood from his chair.

Meliodas gave him a mischievous smile, “We’ll see about that” just as he finished, he vanished once again and reappeared in front of Vlad before he landed a heavy kick onto Vlad’s stomach which sent the man to fly out the window.

“Meliodas, we need to hit him on all four of his weak spots”

“Weak spots?”

“Yeah, the marking on his body and one on his tongue”

“I don’t need those things” said Meliodas as he jumped out the window to follow Vlad.

Vlad’s eyes were filled with rage, “I shall kill you two!” he declared as he began his transformation into an Ogre Vampiris.

Akame watch from above as Meliodas wasted no time, he charge up and punched Vlad down onto the floor.

“Just give up”


Vlad gave Meliodas a swing of his claws, leaving a claw mark on the front of his shirt.

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