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Sister's Return

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Outside Vlad’s Castle:

“You won’t hit me, just give it up” said Meliodas as he dodged all the incoming punches from Vlad with ease.

“This boy… that strength is really something else” Akame whispered to herself as she continued to watch in silence from the destroyed window. She looked to the bushes below on her left and saw Lubba and Shelee. They looked at Akame who gave them hand signals to gather up the group and prepare to leave.

The two nodded back and left the area in search of the others.

“I think I should finish this up now, Elizabeth may be in danger” said Meliodas.

“You think you can defeat me? Unless you get all four of my weak points, you can’t kill me” Vlad replied.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to kill you, I need you alive long enough to tell me where Elizabeth is”

“You think you can beat me single handed?” asked Vlad with a furious tone as he continued to swing his claws at Meliodas.

Meliodas took a step back and punched Vlad’s stomach with which looked like only half his strength. Vlad immediately fell to the floor, holding onto his stomach in pain.

“That wasn’t even my full strength now tell me where Elizabeth is or…” Meliodas stopped and clenched his fist hard.

Vlad after taking such a powerful blow, changed his attitude, “S-She’s at the City of Kikorowa, under the watch of General Hendrickson”

“Hendrickson?!” Meliodas exclaimed in rage, “Akame, he’s all yours”

Akame nodded and leaped down the window, and approached Vlad who kneeled on his knees, looking helplessly at Akame.

“I will end this quickly” she said as she drew out Murasame, “One slice, certain death”

She prepared to swing her sword to sever his head clean from his body. She swung her sword with precision, but suddenly another metal blade clashed with her Murasame just before the blade entered the neck.

Akame’s eyes widened as she looked up at the girl who stopped her finishing blow.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Forest outside of Temple of Zero (2 days ago):

Akame continued to walk down the forest pathway towards the Temple of Zero with the rest of the Night Raid team as they talked about the things they did when they entered Dimension 0.

“Say Tatsumi?” said Akame.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“Have you guys seen Kurome anywhere?”

Tatsumi gave a moment’s hesitation before he gave her an answer, “S-She’s going fine…”

“I see… I’m guessing she’s off wondering off somewhere”

“Y-Yeah, she’s probably doing that right now”

Akame nodded, “But I do wish she would see me at some point here…”

“I-I’m sure you will…”

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Outside Vlad’s Castle:

“Kurome?” said the frozen Akame.

“Hello… Onee San…” she replied before she pushed Akame away and summoned five of her undead after Akame.

Akame sliced though the undead one by one, “Kurome stop this!”

Kurome pressed a finger against her fight ear, “Target found, retrieving now”

She helped Vlad back onto his feet and threw a smoke bomb on the ground. Akame rushed to their previous position, but they had disappeared, both Kurome and Vlad.

Tatsumi who had been watching from the distance approached Akame, “Akame…”

“Why…? Why…? Why didn’t you tell about Kurome…?” asked Akame with tears spilling from her eyes.

Tatsumi looked into Akame’s eyes, “This was only a rumour so I didn’t know until just then. She was one of Zero’s personal bodyguards back in the Capital City Astroth. When Astroth was attacked by Requiem, one of her bodyguards sacrificed herself to help Zero escape. We believed that it was Kurome”

“I have to fight Kurome once again…?”

“If we can defeat her, I’m sure Zero can do something about it!” said Tatsumi, trying to cheer up the depressed Akame.

“I’ll try…”

“A knight with a strong goal set in mind will surely prevail” said Meliodas as he approached them.

“Ah! It’s you!” shouted Tatsumi as he pointed at Meliodas, “You knocked me and Bro out!”

“Yo, I’m sorry. I thought you were Vlad’s goons” he apologised while rubbing the back of his head.

“We should meet up with you group too Meliodas, we should work together” suggested Akame.

“Hmph. We should. Come with me” Meliodas led Akame and her team to the storage warehouse just outside the City of Zokoru.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Outside the City of Kokoru:

“Captain…!” Diane expressed as she began to pound Meliodas with her large fists, “You came back with another three girls! What would Elizabeth think of this?!”

The members of Night Raid watched in pain. After a moments time, she started to calm down and stopped the pounding.

“Now then Captain, explain now” the giant demanded.

“They will assist us in rescuing Elizabeth from Hendrickson” said Meliodas.

“Hendrickson’s back?” asked King.

“Yeah, and he’s got Elizabeth with him”

“You’re kidding me!” Diane slammed her fist into the ground filled with rage.

“Don’t worry Diane, I promise, we will get Elizabeth back and defeat Hendrickson once again” said Meliodas as he retrieved his sword from Gowther.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Kokoru Requiem Underground Bunker:

Vlad kneeled in the centre of the room, his hands tied behind his back.

“What did you do Vlad?” Kurome asked with annoyance.

“I-I told them where Elizabeth is”

“You fool! You realise that the only reason our men can’t die is because we harvest her powers right?!”

“I sorry!”

“I should kill you right now!” Kurome lifted her blade against Vlad’s head.

“Wait” a voice entered the room from the front door.

Kurome immediately sheathed her sword back in and greeted the man.

“Thank you Master, I assure you, nothing like that will happen again”

“Kurome, untie him” the man ordered.

Kurome untied Vlad and returned to the man’s side.

“Now… if something like that ever happens again, I assure you, death will be waiting for you”

Vlad nodded and left the room with his entire body shaking in fear.

“What will we do? Zero will-“

The man cut in furiously, “Don’t call that wretched woman Zero! She stole my throne and everything! It’s time for revenge”

“Yes Master Zero…”

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