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Dimension 0 <Zero>: Temple Of Zero:

Asuna approached the small girl in a white dress, “Yui, we’re heading out for the City of Kikorowa for our next mission now, are you ready to go?”

The small girl nodded happily, “Yeah, Mama, Papa”

Kirito gave Yui’s head a pat, “We’ll be back in no time, say goodbye to everyone else okay?”

“Have a safe trip” Zero prayed for the couple’s journey.

Everyone else present also joined in, “Yeah come back soon, we’ll miss Yui chan”

“Are you really ready for this, Yui chan?” asked Yuuki with a smile as she kneeled down to Yui.

“I am, we’ll save this Dimension together, Yuuki nee”

“Oh, I love the sound of that!” exclaimed Yuuki excitedly, “When we get to the city can I borrow Yui chan for an hour or so?”

“Oh come on Yuuki, and we should be on our way” said Asuna.

“Yeah, yeah”

They waved goodbye to the others in the temple before beginning their trip to the City of Kikorowa.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Kokoru Requiem Underground Bunker (5 hours ago):

“Kurome, are the men ready?” Zero asked.

“Yes, Master Zero, they are ready to march”

“Good, we’re going to pay my good friend a visit” Zero prepared his Kyoukai Breaker; a Kitana surrounded by a dark mist, “Men! We march to the Temple of Zero!”

The men cheered as they hungered to slaughter.

Dimension 0 <Zero>: Outside of the forest (Present time):

Kirito continued to walk as Yui sat happily above his head humming a song.

“We need to travel at least another three to four hours to reach the City of Kikorowa” said Asuna walking with Yuuki behind Kirito.

“Man, we really need teleportation crystals” Kirito complained with a sigh.

“This isn’t SAO and exercise is good for you” said Asuna putting her hands on her waist.

Kirito suddenly felt a killing intent from a few metres left in the bushes and trees, “Duck!”

He unsheathed his swords and cut a few bullets in half, his eyes looked around like a predator hunting for its prey.

After hiding Yui in the bushes, Yuuki and Asuna joined Kirito in battle.

“Bullets won’t be enough for you to defeat us” said Kirito with confidence.

The hidden soldiers appeared from the bushes and trees, equipped with swords, maces, axes and hammers.

“If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get” said Yuuki as she charged into the group of soldiers.

She swiftly made her way through the soldiers like a flow of water. Her sword hit the enemy with every dodge she made.

“I see you haven’t lost your edge huh?” complimented Asuna, “But so haven’t I”

Asuna used her main skills, ‘Quadruple Pain’ and ‘Star Splash’. The soldiers that appeared had been decreased to around twenty.

“Make way” the soldiers shifted aside for a figure in black robes, “I shall deal with them”

“I like your choice of colour but I’m afraid your robe will be torn up after this” Kirito mocked.

Yui immediately rushed toward Kirito when she realised who the figure was.

The figure released a smile and swung Kyoukai Breaker at the four, creating a temporary hole in the Dimension, sucking Kirito and the others in with tremendous force.

Unable to resist any longer, they fell into the hole of the Dimension…

“Papa… Papa… wake up, Papa…” a girl called out.

Kirito opened his eyes; Yui entered his field of vision. They were in a wasteland with destroyed buildings surrounded him. Asuna lied in front of him along with Yuuki.

He crawled over to Asuna and started to shake her awake, “Come on Asuna, get up”

The girl opened her eyes and stared at the yellow sky above, confused of where she was.

“Kirito… where are we?”

“Not sure but look at the top left corner”

Asuna looked at the top left corner of her sight and saw numbers, “Is that…”

“That’s a HP bar, meaning we’re in a game”

“A game?! But how? We wouldn’t even have a console to connect to”

“That’s was worries me, if we die here, it might actually mean we die”

“Then it’s just like…”

“Yes, it’s just like SAO; we have to find out what type of game this is first”

“Right, but how will we get out?”

“There must be some kind of limit that sword will reach, you can’t keep another character in another Dimension for too long a time, that’s what I reckon at least”

“But what if there’s a time limit instead”

“A time limit?”

“Yeah, a time limit for the hole in the Dimension to close”

“That may also be true”

Yuuki also began to wake up during the discussion, “Morning…” she said while she rubbed her tired eyes.

“We need to get moving either way, if the time limit is true then we will be in big trouble”

A feminine voice suddenly echoed in the wasteland, “Enemy spotted, Avalon Smasher!”

Kirito immediately dived for Asuna and Yuuki before the blast directly hit them.

“We’ll have to fight back” he drew his swords and charged towards the source of the blast. Yuuki and Asuna scanned the area for any other attackers.

“You sure have guts to play the tournament with only four people” said another female voice, “Direct Impact!”

Asuna and Yuuki looked up to a blonde girl in twin tails equipped with a large golden hammer.

“Dodge Yuuki!” they both leaped out of the way of the girl.

“That was close…”

Dimension 8808 <Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!>: Delude, quarterfinals:

“Machine gun!” a boy appeared behind the girl that shot the first blast.

Kirito strafed left and right to avoid the firing range of the boy.

“Playing GGO is surely useful for times like these, I only wish Sinon was here to help” Kirito whispered to himself.

Dimension 8808 <Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!>: Delude, West of the battlefield:

A hooded figure walked up the dusty hill with a sniper rifle on its back, “So you’re here too huh? Kirito…”

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