Scars and Wings

Chapter 10

A sharp jolt made my lungs fill with air. My back arched off of the ground with the sudden intake. I coughed and saw stars fill my vision instead of darkness. The sparklies cleared and an unfamiliar face hovered over mine. I sat up suddenly, nearly causing our heads to collide. I scuttled back against the wall and screamed, but nothing came out. I tried again. Silence.

"Your vocal cords were crushed. It will take time to heal them." I looked at the stranger, panicked. I wrapped my wings around me like a shield.

"Well, you are welcome."

Memories came crashing back into my mind. Uriel had brought me within a millimeter of my life, smiling as I struggled to breath. If I survived, that meant that Uriel might come back to finish the job. I needed to get out. I peeked through the feathers, taking in my surroundings. The stranger and I were in some sort of prison cell. I saw no door to speak of, no obvious way of escape.

"It is no use. I have been locked in these cells for millennia. The only way out is to be let out."

I gave him a determined look. I wasn't going to give up.

You should listen to the Angel, darling.

I jumped in surprise at Lilith's voice. Lilith?

No, Santa Claus. Of course it's me, you dimwit!

But how? If I died, then shouldn't you be gone?

Almost died. How do you think you survived that asshole's death grip? I can keep my host alive, unless I don't want to, but seeing how I can't jump ship, I had no other choice but to save your selfless, martyr ass!

I glanced at the Angel sitting a few feet from me. He looked like he had fallen asleep.

Can you fix my voice?

I said I can keep my host alive, I said nothing about keeping it in one piece. Our roommate is the only one who can fix your voice.

The other prisoner's face came in the flash of a memory. It was gone before I could see it clearly.

My cellmate sighed and stood. "Well, I should tell the guards that you are awake."

Fear clawed at my heart. I quickly grabbed his arm and shook my head. I wanted to stay dead for a little while longer. I let my fear show and the Angel's gaze softened.

"Alright, just for a little while."

I sighed and crawled back to my corner. In the silence, I started to draw in the dust. The symbols came easily since I had been drawing them for months.

"Shalom. Castiel. Dean. Friends of yours?"

I circled Cas and Dean's names and nodded. I pointed to mine and laid a hand on my chest.

"Your name?" I nod. "The Hebrew word for "peace be with you". A good choice on your parents' part."

I shrugged and started doodling again. My mind drifted to my Grace. Maybe if I could find a way to release it, the energy may destroy enough of the cell and I might be able escape. My binding sigil lay in the dust before long.

"Where did you see that?" my cellmate asked, suspicion in his voice.

I look up in surprise. I widen my eyes and gesture to it.

"Yes, I have seen it before. It was drawn in blood on Lucifer and his followers before they were cast out to bind their Grace for a short while. Where did you see it?"

I pulled up the hem of my shirt to reveal the sigil in question. I motioned to my wings, hoping he would understand they were at one point bound too.

The Angel looked at me astonished. "Your Grace was permanently bound. When?"

I cradled my arms and rocked them back and forth. Pain raced through my body causing it to shudder. The sigil binding my Grace burned like a hot brand. Memories flashed across my eyes. They were going too fast I couldn't see any of them. My mind started reeling and the darkness came back.

A cool hand lay on my forehead. "Calm, little one. Calm, let it pass."

I took deep shuddering breaths, the memories started to fade. My vision cleared. Something wasn't right. That had never happened before. I looked up, terrified, at the Angel next to me.

"I think your Grace just tried to reach out to the power in Heaven. All Angels draw their power from Heaven, apparently the bound Graces as well."

"Well, look who is awake." I shot upright and stared at Uriel. He was grinning a vicious, hungry smile that looked like a predator eyeing its prey. "Now, how did you survive? I would like to know before I permanently snuff the life out of you."

I snorted and grinned. I pointed at him then my throat and made a crushing motion.

Great idea! Let's taunt the powder keg Angel and see if he doesn't beat us to an inch of our lives again.

I did my best not to roll my eyes.

Uriel snarled. "Make it talk."

My cellmate shook his head. "Fixing a voice is just as sensitive as fixing an eardrum. It will take time. Think about that before you try and strangle one of our own."

Uriel became stoic. "It isn't one of us. It’s an abomination."

My face twisted at the term. If I had my voice I would tell him to go fuck himself and kiss my ass.

I'm rubbing off on you, Lilith said dreamily.

More like Dean, not you, Lilith.

I looked over at my cellmate, but he wasn't looking at me.

"Good," Uriel said with satisfaction, "now that everything is in the open, fix its voice, Gadreel, so we can figure out how to kill it and wipe it's filth from existence."

Uriel left, leaving a tense silence behind. I didn't look at Gadreel, I couldn't. He was now another person that would look down on me with disgust, and I couldn't take that anymore.

A gentle hand rested on my head. I looked up with tear-filled eyes to see Gadreel looking at me with empathy.

"You have no need to fear me."

I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to think, I was so scared Gadreel smiled slightly as I curled up further.

"I don't blame you for not believing me. You kind doesn't look kindly upon mine nor the other way around. This jail makes us all equal. n here, we are just Gadreel and Shalom."

This made me smile a little. Gadreel reminded me Cas, just a little less formal. I touch my throat with a question in my eyes.

"Don't worry, you will speak again." I smiled and wiped my tears off.

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