Scars and Wings

Chapter 11

As Gadreel fixed my voice, we found other ways to talk. I drew what I could and wrote out the rest. Gadreel liked my stories of home. I told him what I could about Sam, Dean and Cas.

"You wrote Dean and Castiel's names in Enochian, yet you write Sam's name in English."

I told him that I have their names carved into my back and we still have not found out why.

I paused and bit my lip.

Why are you here?

Gadreel froze and became very serious. "I made a mistake that resulted in disaster. I have been atoning for it here, although I fear it will never be enough."

I could hear the pain and suffering in his voice. I reached out and touched his shoulder. Gadreel placed his hand on top of mine. I leaned forward and rested my head on top of our hands.

We didn't realize it, but our relationship was growing beyond being friends. We were both broken outcasts that found some comfort in each other.

"I have had enough of this." Gadreel and I jumped up. Uriel stood in front of the cell, disgust in his eyes. "I'm taking it now."

"But her voice-"

"I don't care, I will find what I'm looking for by digging around inside of it. Words could be lies, but hard evidence cannot be falsified."

The door opened and I pressed up against the back wall. Gadreel tried to put himself between Uriel and me, but he was thrown up against the wall. Uriel picked me up and dragged me out by my hair. I tried to yell, but no sound came out. I kicked and struggled, trying to loosen the Angel's hold. We passed so many Angels that just stood and stared.

Uriel finally pulled me into a room with chains. Three of the walls were clear allowing Angels to look in and watch. Uriel locked a set of manacles around my wrists and pulled them until I hung off the ground. I felt like a freak on display.

Please help me.

Can't, honey. Any pain that Uriel inflicts on us will be felt by both of us and unless you want them to know I'm here, I will staying on the down low. Put me away, will you? Uriel can't find any traces of me if I'm in that box of yours.

Great, thanks.

Lilith got locked away just in time for the first blow to land. Uriel beat the shit out of me for a warm up, then he took out a knife and made a long slit on my arm. I silently screamed as my blood ran down my arm to the ground. Uriel caught some in a bowl and took it to the table against a wall. I couldn't see what he was doing, but it obviously didn't work because the bowl got thrown across the room.

I felt my wings being lifted I tried to see what was happen, then I saw a hook go through my feathers. I silently screamed again and shook as the other wing was impaled. I was a sobbing mess now. I was covered in blood, sweat, tears, snot and spit.

"Maybe a little pain will make that voice of yours work." Uriel grabbed my chin and forced me to look up. He was smiling a predatory grin. "This is going to be fun."

Hours later, I was thrown back into the jail cell. My wings were a bloody, mangled mess. Uriel thought it would be fun to start pulling out feathers. I passed out from pain by the tenth feather. I woke up to find myself being dragged along the floor, leaving a trail of blood in my wake.

On the ground, I couldn't move. I cried and shook from the pain was radiating from my torn and bloody body. Gadreel cursed in Enochian and picked me up. I contorted in pain as his arms brushed against my wings. He brushed my hair away from my face, relieving some of my pain. When Gadreel looked closer at my wings, he saw the damage Uriel had done. I felt him tense up, then pull me closer. A pair of dull grey, black speckled wings appeared and wrapped around us.

I felt some sort of warm flow from him to me. Little by little my pain went away. I felt my eyes drift shut, and I fell into a deep, healing sleep.

I woke up to find Gadreel still cradling me, but he had long since fallen asleep. He was pale and clearly exhausted. He must have put everything he had into stopping my pain.

He has changed so much.

What do you mean?

He is putting the needs of another before his own. In the old days, he was so arrogant. He didn't even bother to give anyone the time of day all because God had given him the job of guarding the entrance of Eden.

Wow. What did he do that got him thrown down here?

It was what he didn't do that got him thrown down here. He didn't stop Lucifer in the form of the serpent from entering.

Do you mean that...?

Yes, because he didn't do his job, mankind fell.

I gazed up at the Angel who held me. The actions of this Angel had caused so much pain. If he had done his job, so many people would still be alive.

I shook away the anger. I wouldn't see him like that. He had stopped my pain and healed my wounds. I would never see him as the Angel who caused the fall of mankind. He was Gadreel, my friend.

I closed my eyes.

How do you know all this about Gadreel?

Who do you think drew him away from the gate?

I bit my lip. That would mean that he'd have a grudge against Lilith.

I rested my hand against his chest, savoring the feel of his Grace. It thrummed like a second heartbeat.

I turned to ease an ache in my left wing. I caught a glimpse of it and nearly started crying.

"Am I hurting you?"

I shook my head. I must have woke Gadreel with my moving around. I reached out and touched one of my wings. Some of the feathers were bloodstained and many were missing.

Gadreel cradled my head against his chest. "It is cruel punishment to mangle a fellow Angel's wings, it takes decades to grown back the feathers completely, but I think you have to thank the human side of you because they are already growing back."

I sniffed and looked closer at my wings. Sure enough, I could see little tips of new feathers showing. I hummed my happiness and sat up. My head swam causing me to fall over. Gadreel caught me and steadied me. He stood up and set me on my feet. The room didn't tilt at weird angles this time.

I then realized how close we were. Gadreel was a good head taller than me, making me just the perfect height to fit under his chin. I looked up and meet his hazel eyes. They were beautiful. I felt myself rise up onto my toes and Gadreel leaned down.

A wall shattering quake made us stumble apart. I heard alarms and bells go off.

"Someone order a jailbreak?"

I grinned like a fool when I saw Gabriel standing in front of the cell with a sloppy grin on his face. The door flew open and I jumped out and hugged the Archangel.

"Told ya we would find you."

I cocked my head. We? I looked around and saw Cas look around the corner. My jaw dropped. He couldn't be up here! What about the baby?

I looked Gabe with a killing glare and pointed at Cas.

"I couldn't stop him from coming, though a few hours ago he completely passed out and didn't wake up for until a while ago. When Dean finds a way out of the time loop I put him in, I will be back on his hit list."

I snorted and rolled my eyes.

"We must leave," Cas said, "It won't be long until the guards come to check on things here."

I nod and turn around. I go back into the cell and take Gadreel's hand. I pull him out of the cell. Castiel and Gabriel looked at me like I was crazy.

"You do realize who you are towing, right?" Gabe asked, eyeing Gadreel. I glared at the Archangel and motion for them get going.

Our small group started running. Gabriel lead us through twists and turns to what looked to be an elevator. Cas hit the button. Gabriel stared at me.

"Why haven't you graced us with your usual words of appreciation, Shay?"

I stuck my tongue out at him. Gadreel spoke up for me. "Uriel crushed her voice before he brought her here. I haven't been able to repair it completely yet." I smiled at him, then I was thrown against a wall.

"You aren't going anywhere," Uriel snarled at me. Uriel's forearm pressed into my throat cutting off my air, then he was gone. I fell to the ground coughing. I looked up to see Gadreel wrestling with Uriel. He landed a hard punch to the black Angel's jaw. He turned around for a split second.

"Get her out of here!" Gadreel ordered before he went back to subduing Uriel. I shook my head. I wasn't going to leave him behind.

I rushed forward to help only to be met by another Angel with her blade draw. She slashed at me. I almost made it, but I wasn't quick enough. I felt the blade slice through the skin on my stomach. Another blade impaled itself in the Angel's chest. Her eyes glowed and she screamed.

I continued to push towards Gadreel, but a pair of arms clamped around mine and started pulling me back. Gadreel wasn't doing so well, Uriel hardly had a mark on him, while Gadreel was bruised and bloody. My friend was knocked to the ground.

"Gadreel!" I screamed.

He looked up, and I thought I saw the ghost of a smile. The first sound to come from my broken voice was his name. I screamed Gadreel's name again and again, struggling against the arms that held me.

Gadreel motioned for whoever was holding me to go. "Get her somewhere safe! I will hold them off!"

I pulled into the elevator and I saw Cas hit a button causing the doors to close. I tried to get back, but the doors closed and Gadreel was gone.

I screamed and kicked. "Take me back! We have to save him!"

Gabriel held me tighter. "There isn't anything we can do, Shay!"

As the truth set in, I started crying and went completely limp. Cas, seeing it was safe to approach, came and took me from Gabe. I gripped the tan trench coat tightly and cried. A pair of fingers brushed my forehead and darkness took me.
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