Scars and Wings

Chapter 12

I woke up being carried by Gabe. Cas was unlocking an unfamiliar steel door. We walked into what looked like a hidden base.

"How long was I gone?"

Cas smiled a little. "Good, you are awake. You were gone for a little over a month."

I heard Gabe snap his fingers.



The Angels sighed and descended a set of stairs. We reached the bottom steps and the Winchester boys came stomping out.

"Gabriel, I hope you had fun on your trip because I'm going to kill you!" Dean fumed. Sam stood with his arms crossed. I smiled a little at seeing them again.

"Hey guys," I croaked. Dean and Sam noticed me and their jaws dropped.

"You could have fucking told us you were going to rescue Shay!" Sam exclaimed.

"Hell, we would've gone with you," Dean added.

"That's not the reason I put you two in a time loop. Cas came with."

The room's temperature dropped ten degrees. Cas met Dean's gaze with strong conviction.

"I wasn't going to let Gabriel go alone Dean. We got in and out with . . . minimal casualties."

I bit my lip as Gadreel's face came to mind.

"You can put me down." Gabriel complied, setting me on the ground. I unfurled my wings to keep my balance. I heard Dean and Sam breath hitch when they saw my wings.

I brushed past them. "Where can I clean up a little?"

Sam silently led me to a small room. "The bathrooms and showers are right down the hall." I nodded and headed that way.

The hot shower helped ease the pain I felt, but I couldn't help but feel the knot in my chest. I leaned against the wall and slid to the ground. I cried and cried. I couldn't get the image of Gadreel beaten and bruised out of mind.

An image of my own face, tear streaked and bloody, filled my mind. I was running. No, she was running. I was being carried by her. She kept looking over her shoulder. Finally, she stopped and looked at me. I saw her mouth move, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. Then pain, nothing but pain.

When it faded, I was curled under the streaming water.

What just happened? Lilith, what did you do?

It wasn't me. That was all you.

I shook my head. I didn't understand. I looked down at my stomach. There was a new scar that nicked the top of my binding sigil.

That was a memory, one of my memories from my first days. I turned off the water and rubbed my temple. I was looking at me. I shook away the memory for now and grabbed my towel. None of my clothes were there, so I snuck over to Dean's room and nicked some sweats and an old t-shirt.

I shuffled into what was probably that kitchen, finding all for the guys waiting for me. I sat down and reached for the chips that were across the table. Dean moved them out of my reach.

"What happened up there? And how in hell are you still alive?"

Might as well tell them.

I fiddled with the hem of the shirt I stole from Dean.


The Winchesters didn't look surprised at first, then something hit them.

"Lilith, the ex-queen of Hell, kept you alive? The demon with the taste for infants?"

Their innocence is delicious.

You are not eating babies in me.

Well luckily for you, I'm taking a liking to coffee, so no worries.

"Yeah, as she put it so gracefully, "I keep my host alive, unless I don't want to, but seeing how I can't jump ship, I had no other choice but to save your selfless, martyr ass"."

They all nodded. "Sounds like Lilith," Sam said.

Cas stands up and walks over to me. "May I see your wings? I want to see if there is anything I can do."

I bit my lip and gently unfurled them. I felt some of the joints pop, but most of the pain was completely gone. I felt Cas's fingers gently run through my feathers.

"How is this possible? Many of the feathers are regrowing already."

"Gadreel-" I swallowed. "Gadreel said the human part of me is aiding in the growth."

"That isn't true. If anything your human genes should be making the growth slower."

I shrug. "My Grace has nothing better to do?"

"More than likely." Cas sat back down and went back to his coffee. Dean pushed the chips to me and I devoured them.

I brushed some crumbs from my face. "So what is this place?"

Sam spoke up. "Dean and I got a call from some lawyer back in Lawrence saying our grandfather, Dad's dad who disappeared, had left some things to be released a week or so back. Among them was a key and a map to this place. It is like the panic room, but a hundred times more protected."

"And lot bigger," Dean added.

"No kidding. Bobby must've had a hayday." I looked around. "Speaking of which, where is the old geezer?"

"Back at his place," Dean said. "He is still trying to find a way to hide Baby Cas."

"Baby Cas?"

Cas rolled his eyes. "We have no idea what the gender is, so we can't settle on a name."

"I think it's a girl." Dean and Cas looked at me. "What? It's a woman's intuition."

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