Akatsuki Babysitters


A couple of miles from the Akatsuki House was Murasaki Lake. It was large and filled with clear waters that froze completely solid during the winter time. Because of this, the few people who knew about this lake took it upon themselves to use it to its fullest extent. One of these people, in fact, was Hidan.

Sakura was seated on a large rock where her legs could swing off the edge. She was bundled up in her puffy red jacket, dark green scarf, and the pink mittens Papa gave to her. Hidan had also kindly taken the liberty of wrapping her up in his cloak through her fierce protests. she told him he would get sick, and he laughed while saying that he wouldn't.

Now, she sat there in wonder. It was already dark outside so Hidan had set up lights around the lake using his chakra. He asked her what color she wanted. She couldn't make a decision.

Lit up with pink, orange, blue, green, and purple hues, Sakura watched as Hidan glided across the frozen lake on skates. Hidan was so... graceful that she just couldn't believe her eyes. Then again, she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw him wear glasses for the first time.

"Hidan-san, you're so cool~!" she shouted. Hidan grinned at her as he performed a few more spins and flips.

"Are you sure you don't wanna try it out?" he called, "I can teach ya', y'know!"

"Eh, I'm not too good at balancin', Hidan-san. I just wanna watch."

"You positive?"

"Un!" she chirped. Hidan chuckled lightly at her little 'un' and continued skating on the thick ice. Unconsciously, he conducted a couple more tricks, his eyes growing more and more blank by each passing second. Sakura noticed this and furrowed her brow. He was sad again. But luckily, she was smart enough to take raspberries and edamame from her desert.

She hopped off the rock and started pushing the snow around her into a pile. That pile soon turned into a large sphere. Content with it's shape, she turned to look at more of the snow around her.

By the time Hidan snapped out of his trance, a good thirty minutes had flown by. He sighed and turned to see what Sakura was up to. She herself was no where in sight, but what he saw on the edge of the lake...

He couldn't help himself from smiling as he said, "Heh, now what the hell is that?"

He glided until he was at the bank and took of his skates as he looked over Sakura's work of art. Sakura appeared soon enough with a cluster of sticks in her arms.

"Oh! Hidan-san, you're done already?" she asked. She put down her sticks and held up the Akatsuki cloak for Hidan to take. He took it gratefully.

"Yeah. So what's all of this?" he questioned, motioning to the two snowmen— or what he thought was snowmen— standing innocently in the snow.

"Look at it reeaal close, Hidan-san! The tall one has the raspberries for eyes and the short one has the-the edamame beans for eyes! You see, Hidan-san? It's us! And I made it 'cause, you know, I thought it make you smile! And it did, din' it?!" she babbled on excitedly. She put the sticks on the snowmen and stepped backwards to admire her work. Hidan stood there with a fist to his mouth, concealing the amused smile that grew wider on his face.

"C'mon, kid. Let's get back. Your mom'll kill me if we get back late."

"But you can't die!"

"Well... never mind. Bottom line, I don't want to get your mom angry. She's f- very scary when she's angry, seriously."

Sakura grabbed onto Hidan's hand and the two walked back to the base.

"Ah! Wait!"

At the sudden stroke of memory, Sakura ran back to the snowmen. She took the scarf off her person and wrapped it around the taller snowman's neck before running back to Hidan.

"Okay, let's go home!"

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