Akatsuki Babysitters


"I'm really surprised that you can do stuff like this, Tobi-san. First cooking, now this? You're like a magician or something! But a shady magician." Sakura said. Tobi scowled.

"Why are you always doubting me?!" he said, "And why am I the shady one?!"

His mask was strewn aside at the far end of the kitchen counter as he worked on his most recent project. Sakura was seated on one of the stools, watching me cheerily.

"'Cause you usually don't do this. I didn't even come up with this idea to play!"

"I'm making bubbles!" he cried indignantly.

"And you can cook too which makes you more shady!"

Tobi's eye twitched as he finished making a pipe cleaner ring. He shut his bubbled solution in a jar and gave it to Sakura.

"Like a shady person would make a bubbles for a little girl." he commented. They were about to leave when Tobi heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen. Without another thought, he dove across the counter, grabbed his mask, and crashed onto the floor. Itachi stepped in a second later to see a heap of Tobi on the ground and a little Sakura giggling on the stool.

"Hi, Itachi-san!"

"Hello, Sakura."

He inclined his head towards the girl in greeting before casting a skeptical eye to his fellow Akatsuki member.

" I see that you're taking care of Sakura appropriately." he noted dryly. Tobi laughed nervously and popped back up onto his feet, his mask hanging crooked over his face.

"Ahaha... I just... I just slipped and now I'm gonna go outside with Sakura-chan, bye bye!"

He paced past Itachi and picked up a snickering Sakura.

"Shady~!" she sang. Tobi broke into a run down the hall.

Sakura giggled the entire way outside and was only set down when they arrived at the large tree on the hill. Tobi tossed off his mask and collapsed against the trunk with a tired sigh before he glared at Sakura accusingly.

"You're real giggly today, aren't you?"

Sakura said nothing and smiled as she sat down and unscrewed her jar. The breeze around them was restless, whipping Sakura's hair around her shoulders. She ignored it and dipped the pipe cleaner ring into the bubble solution and blew.

"Woah~! A lotta bubbles came out! You're a super shady magician!"

He gave up trying to defend himself at this point. As Sakura blew bubbles and watched them drift away in the wind, Tobi drew himself into his own thoughts. She used to be the future of the Akatsuki. She would've been the one to take the reigns of the organization after her father. But that wasn't going to happen now.

"Sakura, what do you think of true peace? A world where no one fights and everyone lives in harmony?"

Sakura scrunched up her face and continued blowing her bubbles.

"It'd be nice, but..."

"But?" Tobi ventured.

"But then I wouldn't be able to fight over the last dango stick with Itachi-san."

He chuckled quietly.

"Besides, I don't think life's gonna be life if bad things don't happen. I don't like bad things happening to me, but... but I keep telling myself that I'll be better from it. If a lotta bad things happen, then the happy things that come after would be even better."

Tobi's eyes shined.

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