Akatsuki Babysitters


"Excuse you?"

Sakura laughed and ran away.

"Did you just throw a snowball at me, pint-size?! Oi, come back here!"

Hidan shook his head to get the cold snow out of his hair and chased after her. Her exuberant laughter echoed through the forest as she tried to escape from Hidan by making a dive for cover behind Kakuzu's legs. Hidan clumped together snow and threw it lightly, as to not hurt Sakura. His aim was perfect and there was nothing—

The snowball hit Kakuzu's side.

Sakura covered her mouth in an attempt to mask her laughter. Kakuzu slowly looked down at his snow covered side, looked at it for a couple of seconds, then raised his eyes to stare blankly at Hidan. The man was terrified, rooted to the spot with no intention of making any sudden movements. This was it. This was going to be Sakura's first bloodbath. Sakura was going to witness him 'die' and her parents were going to kill them thoroughly once they found out. Kakuzu raised his arm and shot his hand out towards Hidan.

But his hand completely missed, instead slamming against the tree right behind Hidan. All was still...

Until a mountain of snow fell off the branches and collapsed right atop Hidan, virtually burying him.

Sakura couldn't contain herself and exploded into laughter, clutching her sides and trying to keep herself from falling onto the ground. Hidan's horrified expression turned into a scandalized one as he stood there with his head poking out of the snow.

"Moron." Kakuzu commented languidly. Sakura kept on laughing.

"Double team? Oho. This. Is. War."

After the day had ended, the score was a staggering 53-17 with Hidan being the obvious loser. As per usual with competitions within the Akatsuki household, Hidan was now succumbed to whatever ploy Kakuzu and Sakura had in store for him. He couldn't see that going anywhere near well. But for now, the three of them had situated themselves at the hearth of the house.

The fire was warm against their skin and the were wrapped in sweaters and blankets to help keep warm. Sakura was snuggled in Hidan's lap and had drifted off to sleep some time ago. Kakuzu, for once, didn't focus on money or finances. Instead he was seated beside Hidan and was staring into the fire. He spared a glance at his partner who had his arms draped protectively around Sakura's small form.

"I thought Jashin was the only thing you cared about."

Startled, Hidan's head jerked to the side. He smirked.

"And I thought you weren't able to start up a conversation that wasn't about money, prick."

Kakuzu rolled his eyes. Hidan's smirk quickly faded as he looked down at the slumbering girl.

"I never said that Jashin was the only thing I cared about. I just... haven't found anything else just as important."

"Until now."

"Oh, like you can talk, fucker." Hidan scoffed, "What about you, huh? You just got into a snowball fight with a little girl and me. The bastard I worked with for years would have never done shit like that."

Kakuzu was silent for a few moments, mulling the notion over in his head.

"... Perhaps." he agree. Hidan choked on his spit before looking at Kakuzu with a more horrified stare than when he had first hit him with a snowball. Did... Did Kakuzu really agree with him? Just like that?

"My Kami, you're going crazy."

"Shut up."

Sakura shifted a little before settling down again. Hidan sighed.

"She's really got us wrapped around her fingers, eh?"

"Be quiet before I knock off your head and leave it to rot."

"There's the money-grubbing piece of shit I know!"

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