Akatsuki Babysitters


He didn't know what to do with this... kid. She was far too young to possibly know any jutsu and she wasn't old enough to understand anything about his art. But he was the only one available at the base and he was ordered to take care of her. Deidara stood up from his spot on his bed and dug around through his closet until he pulled out a clear plastic bag filled with light gray clay and brought it to what he dubbed the 'living room' of the base. A large room filled with a coffee table, a couple of old couches, and a TV.

When he walked in, he spotted Sakura lyng on the floor with her head propped up in her hand and a blank piece of paper on the ground in front of her. Overcome with curiosity, he crouched down beside her.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"... Thinkin'."

"Thinking about what, hm?"

"What to draw." she answered. "What do you like to draw, Deidara-san?"

Deidara blinked. In all the years he had been in Akatsuki, no one had ever asked him that before. It took him a while to pick out his thoughts.

"People, un. Sometimes nature."

Her mouth made an 'o' shape in understanding before her attention turned to the bag in his hands. She pushed herself off of the ground and sat cross-legged on the dull wood.

"What's that, Deidara-san?" she questioned curiously. He smirked lightly and took out part of the soil-smelling substance and placed it into Sakura's small hands.

"Clay, un. You can play withi t and mold it into whatever you want. You have the freedom to change it to whatever you please, hm. It's art. Do whatever you want with it." he said. Sakura stared down at the cool argil before smiling and molding the clay to her will.

Deidara eventually got bored of watching her and pulled out a piece of clay for himself. Expert hands took ten minutes to create a monarch butterfly that he sent fluttering about the room. For some reason, seing the butterfly being so... free... had him groing angry with each passing second.

He blew it up, sending dust across the room.

Sakura didn't look up at the explosion, but to Deidara instead.

"The butterfly was free, Deidara-san. Why did you make it go away? Did it make you sad?"

He couldn't force himself to answer the question. Sakura noticed this, set her clay back into the bag, and went back over to her sheet of paper. Deidara watched as she drew something with her crayons with utmost concentration. When she finished, she hopped onto her feet and trotted over to the blonde with a wide smile.

"Here, Deidara-san!" she exclaimed, handing him the paper, "Just for you!"

He took the paper reluctantly and gazed at the picture. There was a stick figure with scribbles of yellow on the figure's head, uneven blue circles inside the circle which he assumed were eyes, and al ine curved into what resembled a smile. Odd orange shapes sprouted from it's back.

"What's this?" he asked quietly.

"It's you, silly! You have pretty butterfly wings so you can be free too!"

Something ached in his chest as he continued to stare down at the picture. He noticed something pink on his hands in the drawing and pointed to it.

"What's that?"

"The pink thingies on your hands!"

Pink thingies...?

Deidara cracked a smile.

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