Akatsuki Babysitters


"Splash, splash, splash, splash!" Sakura sang. She jumped in every puddle in her path dressed in her lime green raincoat and navy blue rain boots, her green frog umbrella raised high over her head. Deidara followed close behind her with a clear umbrella popped open and resting easy on his shoulder.

"Oi, don't go to far ahead, hm!" he called.


She giggled at every puddle she stepped in keeping just a ways away ahead of Deidara. He couldn't help but grin at how happy she was just frolicking on the road. The two were on their way to the nearest village to restock on medicine. It turns out that Itachi's sickness had spread to the other members. Sasori, who couldn't get sick, was stuck back at the house trying to cook with a sniffling, nearly delusional Tobi telling him what to do.

Deidara and Sakura managed to keep themselves from catching the bug, and Deidara prided himself a for a few minutes after stepping out in the rain for never once getting sick in the past fifteen years. Sakura was utterly amazed.

"Ne, Deidara-san, are we almost there?" she asked, twenty minutes down the road.

"Ten more minutes, un. Why? Eager to get back home, hm?"

"I'm just a little worried. I mean, is it okay for Sasori-san to be in the kitchen with a sick Tobi telling him what to do?"

Sakura thought about it.

"I'm sure Danna'll be fine. The worst thing he can do is blow up the kitchen, hm. And I don't think he's that stupid." he said. Sakura giggled and continued to step in nearly every puddle she saw until they made it to town. The sky was pouring at this point and most people were off the streets to take refuge in their homes. The two entered the closest store they saw and quickly relished in the warm air the temporary shelter provided.

"Just medicine, un?"

"And orange juice and honey!" Sakura happily provided. Deidara set aside both umbrellas before going deeper into the store. Sakura followed close behind and clutched the sleeve of his cloak so she wouldn't get lost. Once in the medicinal aisle, Deidara crouched down to peruse through the items. Sakura took this opportunity to play with his long blonde hair. He didn't mind.

"Deidara-san, why is your hair so long?" she questioned curiously, "It goes all the way to the middle of your back!"

He picked up a pill bottle and turned it around to read the back.

"I've always had it this long, un. I like it this way. It feels... familiar." he answered.

"Have you ever thought about cutting it?"

"Hm... nah. Seems like way too much work." he admitted. He stood with a couple of pill bottles in his hand and made his way to the refrigerated section.

"Then could I cut your hair?"

She looked up at him with the most pleading face she could muster. He returned it with a teasing smirk.

"Oh? Could you handle such big responsibility, hm?" she asked. Sakura nodded furiously.

"I can!"

Deidara grinned.

"I see, hm. But maybe I'll let you when I know you can handle scissors correctly." he said. Sakura pouted, but easily relented.

"Fine. But you gotta pinky promise!" she exclaimed as she held her pinky finger out to him. He did the same, hooking his finger with hers.

"I promise."

After getting all the groceries, they walked back out into the pelting rain.

"We're back~!" Sakura called out. Her and Deidara slipped off their shoes and left their umbrellas at the door before walking towards the kitchen. Once they got there, Deidara dropped the grocery bag and Sakura's jaw unhinged.

The kitchen was absolutely obliterated.

The stove looked as if it had been exploded and the cabinets surrounding it had been charred to a crisp. Weird looking looking liquid was dripping from the ceiling and the granite counter top was cracked in half. Sasori was nowhere to be seen, and Tobi was lying motionless face down just a ways away from the whole scene. He was snoring.

"See Deidara-san! I told you! Sasori-san- THE THING ON THE CEILING IS MOVING!"

From that day forward, Sasori wasn't allowed to cook. Ever. Again.

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