Akatsuki Babysitters


"Is this your first time seeing one?"

"Yeah... it's so... pretty..."

Sakura stared up at the sky and the seven stripes of color that were draped against it. It had finished raining after a week straight, and the morning was rewarded with an absolutely magnificent rainbow. She climbed up to the roof early in the morning before anyone else woke up and stared at the rainbow until an hour later when Sasori had come up to join her.

"Have you even seen something so beautiful?" she asked with wonder-filled eyes. Sasori averted his stare, instead keeping it glued to the rainbow above him.


Sakura furrowed her brow.

"Once?" she repeated questioningly. Sasori shook his head as if trying to dismiss his previous words.

"Nevermind. It isn't important."

His eyes were sad again. They were glossed over, seemingly in regret like they were when they last watched the sunrise with Deidara. Sakura wisely left it alone and returned her attention to the rainbow overhead. The early sun was warm against her skin and shone brilliantly in the sky. Birds chirped faintly in the distance and a breeze rippled through the deep green trees.

A sudden notion bubbled in Sasori's subconscious as he looked over at Sakura. Perhaps he could ask her to finally settle the score between him and Deidara.

"What are your thoughts about art?" he asked.

"... Art?" Sakura repeated. She heard the word uttered many times at home and made the assumption that they could only be either eternal or a blast.

"Aa. Art. More specifically, what do you think is true art?"

He didn't expect her to have a real answer. She was too young to have gone and seen anything of real value, like he and Deidara had witnessed in their respective artistic excursions. Oddly enough, he saw her shoulders sag just a bit, but her smile was still plastered on her face.

"Anything you'll always remember. Maybe it'll be a story or a memory or something like that. Art that happens in a moment but lasts forever and ever!"

Sasori inclined his head.

"How so?"

"Well... well I think art is people. When people do things it's art in its own way an' if they do things you'll remember then it's called true art!"

That was certainly an... interesting way to see things. He accepted the answer with a slight nod.

"I see. And what if no one comes around to be worthwhile in your memory?"

She smiled widely at him.

"Then you gotta be patient. But I know how much you hate waiting, Sasori-san!"

He smirked and patted her head.

"You're learning well."

They lapsed back into a comfortable silence. Sakura's words mulled over in his head and considered them for a long while. He signed.

'You would've loved Sakura so much, Kaede...'

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