Akatsuki Babysitters


A child. In Akatsuki.

Who would think of such a ludicrous idea?

Sakura was watching TV in the living room while Tobi kept an eye on her from the kitchen. His eyes narrowed from behind his mask. She might be the leader's daughter, but he was still surpised that she had been able to survive for this long. Granted, she had yet to meet the more bloodthirsty members of the organization. He straightened himself and walked over to sit beside Sakura on the couch. She looked over at him and smiled.

"Hi, Tobi-san."


She cocked her head to the side and furrowed her eyebrows.

"Your voice." she said, "It's really deep. Why's it like that?"

They sat silently for a while, the noise of the current TV program being the only sound in the house. Her patience was exemplary as she stared into his one eye hole. Suddenly, she smiled again.

"It's okay, you don't haf'ta tell me. Papa said that everyone has big, big secrets that they don't want to tell no one."

She turned her head back to the TV and Tobi kept his mouth shut for another five minutes.

"Anyone." he corrected.


"Big secrets that they don't want to tell anyone."

Sakura grinned. She hopped off the couch, turned of the TV, then took hold of Tobi's hand. He flinched as she tugged at it. He allowed himself to be pulled off his seat and out of the house. They walked to the nearest hillside and sat down on the soft green grass.

"Why are we here?" asked Tobi a few minutes after looking up at the sunset.

"'Cause it's really pretty like this. Don't you think it's pretty Tobi-san?"


As he stared up at the sky, he sighed and slipped off his mask. Tobi set the mask on the ground beside him and stared at the little girl. Her eyes twinkled with awe.

"Wow~! Tobi-san, Tobi-san, you're eyes are so red!" she exclaimed, "It's like- It's like the same red that come out of people's owies!"

He didn't know if that was something a four year old should say, but he was amused nonetheless.

"Keep this a secret, would you? Don't tell anyone- not even your Papa. Especially your Papa. Do you understand, Sakura?"

She nodded, still staring into his eyes. His mouth quirked upwards and he slid his mask back over his face. He stood up and extended a hand to help Sakura to her feet. The sky had darkened to it's beautiful navy and the stars shone magnificently above them.

"What do you want to do know, Sakura?" he questioned. She puffed out her cheeks and stared down at her feet as she walked hand in hand with the older man. An idea suddenly the struck as she looked up at Tobi with a toothy grin.

"Deidara-san has clay in his room and he likes to make 'em go boom! Let's go in 'is room and make his clay go boom!"

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