Akatsuki Babysitters


He was thankful that she knew how to shut up.

Sasori was in his workshop, tinkering with a couple of puppet parts. He was completely engrossed in his work, not minding the little girl who was perusing through his seemingly endless collection. Sakura thought that these puppets were kind of creepy. They looked so... real.. but there was no way that they were. Sakura was sure of that. As she continued browsing through all the different piece of Sasori's art, she stumbled upon a painting in the far corner of the room.

It was dark, as this part of the workshop was mainly obscured by the red cloth Sasori would use to dress his puppets. There was a large canvas painted with careful strokes of a deep, subtle blue. It was dotted with yellowish-white, presumably the stars. In the midst of all the calm beauty, there was a silhouette of a small boy on the corner of the canvas, staring upwards. Underneath the painting was an engraved gold plate.

Ego solus.

Ego solus?

Sakura's brow furrowed in confusion as she walked back to Sasori's desk and tugged lightly on his shirt.

"What?" he asked, not looking up from his work.

"What does... Ego Solus... mean?"

He paused, carefully indifferent eyes locked in front of him. It was quiet for a long while, so much so that Sakura believed he wouldn't give her an answer. Just whens he was about to step away and go back to look at more of the puppets, he looked to the side.

"I, Alone."


"Ego Solus means I, Alone."

Even when his expression was as blank as ever, Sakura noticed something amiss. She took hold of his unfeeling hand and gazed up at him worriedly.

"Why are you alone, Sasori-san? You talk to Deidara-san everyday. Sometimes Itachi-san and Kakuzu-san. If you talk to lotsa people, why're you still lonely?" she asked. That was an interesting question. Maybe it was the fact that his parents died when he was young and he didn't find out until a year later. Maybe it was a fact that his grandmother had lied to him about his parents and he spent that entire time believing her. Maybe it was the fact that he had turned the only person that considered him a friend into his first human puppet.

But he'd never tell her any of that.

Sasori set down his tools and spun his chair to face her. He propped up his head with his hand and gazed down at her coolly, all traces of his previous emotion washed aside.

"Having people around you means nothing. Take a handful of random strangers and put them in a room, yourself included. Even when there are people, you know none of them. You are an isolated body surrounded by numerous other isolated bodies." he said. Sakura's eyebrows furrowed as she stood there and pondered his explanation.

"Well... what's wrong with making friends with them? That way you don't haf'ta be alone."

"And how do you propose you do such a thing? These people may as well be barbarians with no morals."

"But even barbarians have hearts, Sasori-san."

He was definitely wasn't expecting that answer. Sakura stepped closer to him and tapped the canister inserted in his chest.

"See that, Sasori-san?" she chirped, "Even though you're a puppet, you still gotta heart too!"

He stared down blankly at her grinning face before scoffing and turning his seat back around to continue working on his project. She pulled over a stool from the corner of the room and sat right beside him. She began telling him about her day- the goods and the bads and what she wanted to do later on.

... And he listened.

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