Akatsuki Babysitters


He took her to the greenhouse because she wanted to look at the roses, and he had no complaints. He had to tend to the rest of the flowers there anyways. Sakura marveled at all the types of flowers she saw and gaped at all the beautiful colors. She spent minutes just gazing at each individual flower, admiring its beauty before moving onto the next. Zetsu was thoroughly intrigued, to say the least.

It was common knowledge that he was the type of person who liked to observe unique people. Why unique people? Because they were just so hard to come across these days. The people he come across on a daily basis were all the same deep down inside: jaded and striving to survive. Those types of people were only interesting at first, but they'd bore him a few seconds later. But there was something so different about children compared to everyone else. Especially in Sakura's case.

Most children might be interested in a surplus of flowers for a short amount of time, but about half an hour had passed and Sakura was still staring intently at a cluster freesias like she was trying to figure out all their secrets. He just didn't understand.

"What are you so curious about?" he asked, "Are flowers really that interesting?"

"Of course they're interesting, Zetsu-san. First they start out as a little tiny seed. With a bit o'water, lotsa sunshine, and some time, they become something pretty." she answered without looking up from her musings.

"Yet they die even quicker."

"Well, that just means you have to appreciate them even more, ne?"

Zetsu blinked. After a few more minutes of further insepection, Sakura looked away from the freesias and walked up to him.

"Zetsu-san, it's okay to be scared, right?" she asked quietly. All the shine from her eyes had faded in that moment, causing the older man to look down at her in surprise.

"... That depends. What are you afraid of?"

Sakura looked down at her feet and clasped her hands behind her back. She was reluctant about what she was about to say- that much was clear. When she looked back up at Zetsu for the second time, her eyes were brimming with unshed tears. In all her time here, he had never seen her at a loss for so much hope.

"Zetsu-san, if you were going to die soon, would you be scared too?"



She had clung onto his waist and buried her head in his abdomen. He patted her head akwardly, making her cling onto him tighter.

"Death is... not something I would be afraid of. I've seen it too many times for me to worry about. Besides, everything has its end eventually. You can't stopit even if you tried."


Zetsu raised an eyebrow at her.

"... That's what Papa said to Mama after I went to the doctor's yesterday..."

"And why were you at the doctors?"

She shut her mouth again and was silent for the next few seconds. She answered with a small, broken whisper that made Zetsu's eyes grow wide- then even wider with the follow up.

"Zetsu-san... promise me you won't tell anyone... please."

With a painfully blank face, he answered.

"I promise."

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